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Anchorage to Talkeetna Driving Map

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The center, which opened to the public in , educates visitors about Alaska's wildlife. Anchorage RunFest Anchorage RunFest is a collection of running events that celebrate runners of all abilities…. The falls often freeze in winter producing ice-sculptures. Los Angeles - CA. Visit Website 21 View on Map.

The Alaska Map

This late season Boston Marathon qualifier boasts ideal running weather, mild temperatures and a fast course with very little elevation gain. Open the calendar popup. Feel like you're soaring over the rugged terrain of the last frontier. People come from far and wide to participate: The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail runs through it and the area has spectacular views of the inlet and surrounding mountain ranges.

The race begins at 2 p. Iditarod Sled Dog Race Restart. This bridge over the Susitna River appears without warning, so if you want to stop and see this huge drainage, slow down and pull off the road at either end. Alaskans call it the Big Su. We fish it, paddle it, and snow machine its frozen braids. Bush pilots even navigate by this river. Why should you care? Because if you make the turnoff—right where the wooden grizzly stands on its hind legs—you'll be on your way to one of Alaska's funkiest little towns: In fact, driving this mile path—the Talkeetna Spur Road—is kind of like following the white bunny down the rabbit hole of Alaska.

Car, train, or group tour. Off The Beaten Path by car Self-drive vacations. Highlights plus less visited destinations. Thunderbird Falls Trail After a brief uphill section, the trail skirts the edge of a canyon and private property to take you to a recently refurbished viewing deck. Eklutna Village Dating back to , the park is the area's oldest continuously inhabited Athabaskan Indian settlement.

Susitna River Bridge Surprise! Talkeetna Turnoff It's Milepost It is located at the entrance to the trail system and provides access to many other trails in the system. From the tree-covered overlook, you can gaze hundreds of feet down a sheer cliff to Campbell Creek as it crashes through a narrow, brush-infested canyon. The trailhead starts off paralleling the Turnagain Arm and there are a number of small trails that go to different lookouts. Take the trail to the left for a short distance and you will find the McHugh Trail branching off to the right.

The trail zig-zags upward through the woods and provides ever better views of the Turnagain Arm and mountains. With just a short walk from the parking area you will find a beautiful 20 foot water fall. Dream Trip 61 View on Map South Fork Eagle River Trail This trail starts out on a boardwalk, but shortly afterwards turns onto a trail that traverses the right side of the valley as you head away from the parking area. Some people choose to go straight up to a pass that looks down on Ship Creek and is a high ridge traverse.

However, if you continue down the main trail, it eventually drops down to the South Fork of the Eagle River and a couple miles further to two lakes, Eagle and Symphony, that nestle together towards the end of the valley. It is up against Military land to the East. This trail is mostly used for cross-country skiing. There is access to the ball fields from this trail. This trail is also used for sledding and is very kid-friendly. There is a campground here located North East side of town, with soccer fields, etc.

It is really good for seeing sunsets in the evening but it is also windy. The whole route is wheelchair accessible. This is a good short hike for the family to see the view over Anchorage, but not a good trail for the training runner.

This trail has its own sitting area and viewing deck with views of Anchorage, the Alaska Range, and Cook Inlet. This trail is part of the Hillside Trail System. It is groomed in winter for cross-country skiers. You can gain access to this trail via the Powerline, Gasline and Silver Fern trails. There are no shelters along this trail and it is 23 miles to Windy Gap Cabin. This trail leaads through spruce forest and crosses lakes and creeks with beautiful scenery on all sides.

This wide trail continues from mile 4, up the valley to the Bird Creek crossing. A less developed trail continues on for another 2 miles, then quickly gains elevation to the pass. The Ship Creek Trail itself begins at the Alaska Railroad depot on the north side of Anchorage and travels east from downtown for 2.

The paved trail follows its namesake creek for nearly its entire length, crossing it a few times. Mount Alyeska Hiking Trails: Hiking For All Fitness Levels. Set in the northeastern section of Kincaid Park, Little Campbell Lake is packed with lily pads and surrounded by a thick forest lined with trails. Spend the afternoon hiking, swimming, fishing, or paddling around the lake.

This is a great pocket of wilderness right in Anchorage: Dogs must be on a leash when on the trail and open fires are prohibited. This is a beautiful trail any time of year and is easy and a good trip for the whole family.

Please be sure to avoid the water because there are beavers in the area and it is possible to get beaver fever aka Giardiasis. This trail is a good one for runners with dogs. Take the trail on the right hand side of the road a mile or two before Alpenglow Ski resort.

The area is forested and heads downward two miles prior to reaching Ship Creek. There is a branch that goes straight and follows the road that many kids use for sledding in the winter, and it will take you to the Arctic Valley road in a couple of miles where parents await to pick them up.

Ship Creek Trail Alpenglow. Go left, cycling clockwise. Parking lot with 44 spaces, 2 tennis courts, 2 little league baseball fields, picnic tables, large grill, toddler equipment suitable for year olds, play equipment suitable for year olds, trails and access to the Coastal Trail.

You'll wind through mixed forests of spruce, aspen, and even some cottonwoods. Keep an eye out for a special type of moss known to locals as Old Man's Beard. In the summer it is a good spot to sit and take a break. In the winter, the trees are strung with christmas lights and an ice skating rink is created at the center of the park. This is a steep climb that affords nice views of the Cook Inlet and Girdwood area.

Older books might have referred to this as the old Johnson Trail, but another trail of the same name on the Kenai Peninsula made it too confusing for them to both keep their names. This trail is the first of the trails available for hiking in the spring. It follows the highway, with mild elevation gains to allow awesome views of the Turnagain Arm.

This trail is popular in the winter for skiing low avalanche danger and summer for views, and berry picking. Many people begin at Glen Alps Parking lot and initially follow Powerline Pass trail until it turns off to the left.

Go down and over the creek and then follow the trail up an easy slope towards what is commonly known as the Ramp and the Wedge, on either side of the valley. Ship Lake Pass Trail. This trail is 6 miles one way or 12 miles round trip; either way, the paved ride hugs Turnagain Arm and connects three communities Girdwood, Bird and Indian.

Without hesitation, the Bird to Gird is the most beautiful bike path in Western Alaska. Lying on the outskirts of Anchorage, these trails are mostly flat. Though it is popular with locals, especially for skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, the trail is hardly crowded.

This trail is perfect for days when your time or energy for a longer hike is lacking. The path is popular with walkers and runners, and with a fresh batch of snow it becomes a great classic ski trail. Take a hike along California Creek and enjoy the quiet, wooded path.

This rustic log cabin nestles into the forest about 1. Although perched at the edge of hard-core wilderness — deep inside the mountains — this cabin is close to trails maintained by the Nature Center itself, giving families with small children the option of combining short hikes with education.

The facilities can also be used as a first-night stop for people doing the Cross Pass Crossing to Girdwood. They will be quiet: Iditarod National Historic Trail. Approximately Jul 15 to Sep 25 This This is part of the Hillside Trail System.

It is one of the trails that is groomed for skiing in winter. Stay to the right until you see a trail about a quarter mile in going right and up.

The trail follows a small drainage, and quickly gets past the tree line. Russian Jack Springs Park is approximately acres in size and offers endless activities for any time of the year ranging from a golf course, to a dog park as well as one of the best sledding hill Anchorage has to offer! The trail starts out steep, then flattens out toward the middle, then becomes quite steep again toward the end.

It offers great views, but the wind can be fierce on open sections of the trail, so be sure to bring a windbreaker! The name says it all — during the winter months at least. This network of wintertime dog mushing trails offers a wide array of options throughout the summer.

With a little creativity you can put together outings from 1. It is very steep, but offers secure footing. One of many highlights along the scenic Seward Highway, Bird Ridge Trail climbs 3, feet in a little more than a mile to magnificent views of the fjord-like Turnagain Arm. This hike is popular in spring for those looking for an aerobic workout. Well used trail by locals as a short hour aerobic hike with nice views. Take Eagle River Loop to Skyline, and follow the road as it swichbacks going up and eventually ends with parking alongside the road.

Easy to bike, ski, run or walk to mild slope with a wide sides, making is safe from avalanches in the winter. Should you choose to turn left at the start, you can go to Flat Top as an alternative route or Peak 2 or 3, depending how far down you go down the trail before turning left. Trail head begins by traversing private land, but an easement has been provided for such. But it was only when the speed skating oval was built out in and the playground added in that Midtown Anchorage gained its own park on par with Westchester Lagoon in downtown.

Cuddy Family Park was a labor of love for many volunteers for years. There is no bridge at South Fork Eagle River like you would expect. This is a nice ski trail as well. The trails continue on to the opposite side of river. This is a flat and easy trail.

This area is accessed from multiple trails. Most people start at the Glen Alps parking lot and follow the trail toward Williwaw Lakes. Once you cross over Campbell Creek, you can go over the ridge by taking a right where the trail forks steep but fast or around to left easier, but much longer.

Good for hiking, snowshoeing or skiing. Some even run this trail. It offers gentle terrain and a touch of solitude for those looking for an easy trail not far from the city. Because the Campbell Tract is adjacent to the Chugach National Forest it offers a direct corridor for animals moving in and out of the Anchorage bowl so keep an eye out for moose with their young in the spring and be especially mindful of bears throughout the spring and summer.

Toddler playground equipment for year olds ADA accessible , small ball field area, a portable restroom may be available May through August, fishing on Campbell Creek, lit trail, skiing, salmon viewing.

Located in the Campbell Creek Greenbelt. You'll head off into a forest of ancient aspen trees and shoulder height rose bushes. This is a favorite hangout spot for the local moose because the browse is so accessible.

The marsh is a rest area for migratory birds including trumpeter swans, rednecked grebes, golden eyes, and pintails. Also watch for beavers, moose and bald eagles. You may even spot salmon spawning in the deeper water. Here you'll find one of the most accessible wildlife viewing areas in Alaska. Look for a paved lot on south side of road and a Salmon Viewing sign.

The viewing platform is handicap accessible and overlooks Williwaw Creek. Spawning sockeye, chum, and coho salmon arrive in late-July and remain throughout early fall with the best viewing in mid to late-August. Williwaw Fish Viewing Platform. This salmon viewing opportunity is located at Mile 4 of the Portage Highway. Approximately Jun 1 to Sep 30 Take the walkway over the dam and peer down into the water to see salmon waiting to push further up the stream.

The easiest place on the bridge to see salmon is on the downriver side of the northern end of the dam. Wear polarized sunglasses if you have them to help cut glare from the water surface and increase your ability to see fish. Take the walkway over the dam and peer down into the water to see salmon waiting to push further up the stream. If you want to marvel at the sight of thousands of fish schooling in gigantic tanks, take the self-guided tour inside the state fish hatchery on the banks of Ship Creek east of downtown.

The museum-quality observation deck offers intimate views of a complex operation that produces up to six million sport fish each year. The drive from Anchorage to the seaside community of Seward begins with two hours of spectacular views as you pass between the dramatic shorelines of Turnagain Arm and the jutting peaks of the Chugach Mountains. This is a decent spot to look at Salmon and Dolly Varden.

You'll see anglers wrestling to get the best spots to fish. If you're looking for serious fishing keep driving until you hit mile The Chugach Eskimos hunted and gathered in this area for thousands of years.

Particularly exciting with migratory birds in Spring view all There are hardly ever any people here, making this a great place, close to downtown, to get a moment of solitude. Downriver you'll see deep channels that the creek has carved into the mud flats. In late summer, salmon migrate up to the estuary to spawn. This short wooden bridge crosses a popular salmon fishing creek.

Crow Creek Mine has been in operation since , and gold is still found in its claims today! Your guides will be members of the mining family that keeps Crow Creek operational.

This is their home, so tour groups are kept small, creating a more intimate environment and allowing more time for questions. Try your luck at panning, and keep what you find. The Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area is a place whose valleys and mountains, communities and people tell the larger story of a wild place and a rugged frontier.

This audio guide gives you the inside scoop on its fascinating history. So these pioneers set out to make them all a reality. Four distinct neighborhoods arose to meet the call for housing and land management offices, as well as school, library, and museum facilities. What elements make a great city? The building here are on the National Register of historic places and the mine is unique because of its association with load mining.

Indian Valley Mine was founded in by a vagabond who ran away from home at the age of 12, joined the circus and then finally traveled to Alaska during the gold rush. This mine played a significant role in the early settling of the Turnagain Arm. This rest area is the site of a railroad section house. The restored house and its outbuildings were built by the Alaska Railroad to house the section foreman and his family. The foreman was responsible for maintaining a mile stretch of railroad track.

You'll find an old train car and rotary plow that used by the section foreman to clear snow off the tracks in winter. Potter Section House Railroad Museum.

Instead he had to "Turn Again" back toward open waters. Listen to the audio guide to learn more about the history and natural history of the area here at Bird Creek. Captain Cook named the body of water that Bird Creek flows into Turnagain Arm when he discovered it was not the Inside Passage he'd hoped to find.

As the Seward Highway approaches Girdwood, travelers can see the remains of trees whose roots were swamped with salt water and killed during the Earthquake. Portage was devastated when much of the ground along Turnagain Arm sank five to nine feet. At high tide, the town that once lay at sea level was now under water. First Friday of each month. Look for a map of participating galleries in the Anchorage Press or the Anchorage Daily News the day before.

First Saturday in March. The first mile and a half of this leg is on city streets lined with thousands of spectators. The next six miles run east and south through the city greenbelts and parks on the extensive system of bike and ski paths. Anchorage RunFest is a collection of running events that celebrate runners of all abilities from the elite runners to the back of the packers.

This late season Boston Marathon qualifier boasts ideal running weather, mild temperatures and a fast course with very little elevation gain. For 75 years, the Fur Rondy has been celebrating the joys of an Alaskan winter.

And because of the time of year, this is hardly your typical festival! Website Call close Call Us Phone: Founded in , the Anchorage International Film Festival will be hosting its 16th annual celebration of independent film in Anchorage this December.

Attended by filmmakers and cinema-lovers from all over the US and the world, the festival seeks to support new media and independent filmmaking in Alaska and beyond. Certified by the U. Track and Field Association, this annual marathon is run against the gorgeous backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness. People come from far and wide to participate: Over , aviation only exhibitors featuring the latest technology, state-of-the-art products, new innovations and comprehensive safety conference.

The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering. Bush planes, s, and military planes and helicopters are all on display—and everyone can climb into them, which makes this event perfect for families. A thrilling performance of the secret F22 Raptor usually caps off the event. Visit Website 1 View on Map. Alaska Aviation Museum Learn about Alaska's aviation history and the daring bush pilots who opened up the Last….

Visit Website 2 View on Map. Oscar Anderson House What was it like for a family living in Anchorage in ? The Oscar Anderson House Museum,…. Visit Website 3 View on Map. Alaska Heritage Museum at Wells Fargo This museum in downtown Anchorage may house artifacts that are hundreds of years old, but…. Alaska Jewish Museum Homesteaders. This petite, but very well-done museum in….

Loussac Public Library This Anchorage library is much more than a spot for locals to check out…. Visit Website 10 View on Map. Visit Website 11 View on Map.

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anchorage ak dating sites

Spend the afternoon hiking, swimming, fishing, or paddling around the lake.

anchorage ak dating sites

Some websites gather data about you and crunch the numbers with all kinds of mathematical formulas and algorithms in order to fill up your inbox with compatible matches.

anchorage ak dating sites

Watch dancing, listen to stories, meet carvers and explore recreated winter dwellings. The City of Anchorage may be relatively young, but it has a storied history that how long until dating rich enough to keep you captivated for hours. Look for a map of participating galleries in the Anchorage Press or the Anchorage Daily News the day before. Ship Lake Pass Trail. Ajchorage City - Anchorage ak dating sites. Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center.