Dating a smith and wesson model 41

dating a smith and wesson model 41
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Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 41: Guns & Gear

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DESCRIPTION: No idea who posted it. Army AMU in 68 - Visit murphydog photo album..

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can anyone help me date a very old s&w model 41 - Forum

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have struggled for years with the idea of spending that much on a rimfire, but it looks like I'm finally going to do it next month. Thanks, Ken Attached Thumbnails. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. What is the year of manufacture? The time now is Would guess your SN is or above - or later.

S&W 41 experts - I finally found the PERFECT model - questions.

dating a smith and wesson model 41
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Great looking Model 41, would be a first year gun. Posted using Outdoor Hub Campfire..

  • I don't know how this system works for adding pictures. I'm guessing my was made around then..
  • Age of my S&W model 41
  • s&w model 41 serial numbers
  • Smith & Wesson Model 41 Information - Forums

It was prototyped in As always, Thank you..

  • Does anyone happen to have a listing of the manufacturer serial number and dates for the 41's for 1st year of production thru '77? "Here is a Summary of S&W M41 Dates of Manufacture from this Thread: Serial #___ Date of 41 - Born on date / value - Smith & Wesson Forum.
  • Aug 15, - Appreciate any help to determine the year my Model 41 was manufactured, serial #xx. Join Date: Aug Posts: 6. Liked: 0 times  Model need help with serial number.
  • i recently bought a model 41 that i knew was old but ive been trying to figure out what year it was made but the only info i can can find on the.

Thanks Aussie, I was suspecting the box wasn't original from other sites I looked at last night. So 70xxx would be ? No idea who posted it. If I recall, the only version not mentioned below was the aluminum slide, "light' or "lightweight". Bruce MFeb 20, Visit sw photo album.

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