Is he dependable

is he dependable
My name is Terri, 26 years: I have many different hobbies: from childhood I draw in different techniques (oil, acrylic, colored pencils, pastels, graphics), make jewelry. I love listening to music, reading, watching comedies and swimming. I’m fond of walks and picnics in the countryside..

Show of the Week: Scalebound and Our 5 Most Dependable Monster Friends

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DESCRIPTION: Trustworthiness is built on the opinions of others, and a reputation takes time to build. Dependable means capable of being depended on; worthy of trust, example: Dependability is the quality of being able to be counted is he dependable or relied upon. See Synonyms at reliable. Do these people mention your punctuality?.

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#31 gashryl: Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lost Hip.

Example of Dependability in the Workplace |

With dependable , the commitment is not a free choice. The Road from Training to Performance. If you have difficulty determining how those closest to you rate you on the dependability scale, ask them. They were solid , dependable and not afraid of a bit of hard graft. Consider maintaining an appointment card or schedule book or electronic device with reminders to help being on time. In addition, both words use the word trustworthy , also without qualifiers. Be responsible for what you do.

Definition of 'dependable'.

is he dependable
My name is Stephanie, 24.: I’m full of energy and desire to live, love and change my life to better! I’m family oriented lady who is looking for love and happiness. I like dreaming and being romantic, but in the same time I’m realist and have strong character. I know what I want from life and try to spend every day with smile and joy. I think that life is too short to get sad or depressed. I like to feel new emotions and try to make my life varied! I was told that I have a very good sense of humor and I like to laugh in a good company very much. I have a romantic soul and many dreams. The biggest one is to find a man I can fall in love with. I need hugs and to fell romance! And I want so much to give it all to my only one beloved!

Sign Up For Our Emails. A dependable person does what he says he'll do, and keeps his promises..

  • Reliable denotes the possession of such qualities as are needed for safe reliance; as a reliable pledge, reliable information. BM Bhavika Meena Nov 13, .
  • Are You Dependable?
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  • Dependable definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

I looked at her with a friendliness I really felt towards her slight, unattractive, and dependable person..

  • May 3, - A man that is dependable and reliable is a man that can be trusted to do what you need or expect. He is a man you are sure will fulfill his.
  • Dependable definition: If you say that someone or something is dependable, you approve of them because He was a good friend, a dependable companion.
  • Feb 7, - Dependable—That may be depended on; trustworthy, reliable. a friend to recommend a dependable physician; he is the most dependable of.

With dependablethe commitment is not a free is he dependable. Stack Overflow for Teams is Now Available. The History and the Future. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. The declarative is used to make statements.

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Between Idealists and Guardians, both are correct and both are necessary. There is archtypal truth to every fact behind every story, and we must recognize that truth and face it if we are to be proper guardians of our society. Yes everything needs to be revealed to the public. WE DESERVE TO KNOW, and if we are to forge our own destiny in the wake of all that is happening, WE NEED TO KNOW. What we do about what we find out, is up to us. Perhaps these criminals will hang, and perhaps we will chose a different recourse, but we can not make those decisions if we do not know all of the facts. It was never written into our Constitution that certain facts should be withheld from a jury when that jury is tasked to make a decision regarding the fate of the accused. So it is with the criminal satanic cabal that has infiltrated the governments of the world. We The People are the jury, and we must know ALL OF THE FACTS without exception.

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