Redwood drive in theatre and swap meet

redwood drive in theatre and swap meet
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Joe Bob Briggs - Last Drive-In Theater, 2-24-1996

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DESCRIPTION: And you can bring your own food and beverages. I came with my wife and kids to watch despicable me and not rob the place. No chance to even explain the situation..

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Redwood Drive-In Theatre - 21 tips from visitors

Great for taking the family out for a night. I just want to say how great the manager of this place is. Especially for those of us who show up early to get a good spot and try to be considerat e of where we park See More. Price is amazing with a 2 movie feature. Also the snack bar had very little options. I came with my wife and kids to watch despicable me and not rob the place. And I say that as someone w

Redwood Drive-In Theatre.

redwood drive in theatre and swap meet
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First time there last night for the movie, i haven't been to a drive-in in probly 20 years..

  • For someone coming from out of town and very unfamiliar with this area, it's very easy to enter through the exit. Great for taking the family out for a night..
  • Sorry, you’re not allowed to access this page.
  • Redwood Drive-In Theatre S Redwood Rd, West Valley City, UT -

We live the the movies, but all the smoke is terrible..

  • Welcome to the Redwood Drive In Theatre website, a multiple screen drive-in and upcoming attractions, pictures, snack bar menu, and swap meet information.‎Swap Meet · ‎Swap Meet Vendor Info · ‎Movies Coming Soon to · ‎Coupons.
  • Welcome to the Redwood Drive In Theatre website, a multiple screen drive-in and upcoming attractions, pictures, snack bar menu, and swap meet information.
  • The Swap Meet is open Saturdays and Sundays year round! Starting April 21st we will operate on summer hours. The buyers gate will open at 7am and the.

But all in all we love to come here with Lori Gibbs September 11, ME and my family are Black. Not to mention being able to bring all the food ans snacks you want from anywhere. Big screens, lots of room, and a beautiful sky. I grew up going to drive-in's living in Midwest and had fond memories, because the double feature had a tradition in between. Kjersti goodrich-sorenson May 12,

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