What type of gay guy are you

what type of gay guy are you
My name is Melanie, 28 years: I am a romantic person but that does not mean that I like reading tearing novels and boring soap-operas. I just want my life to be interesting and exciting. I like optimistic people who smiles even when something is going wrong. That is what I am always trying to be. I like to travel and I want my soul mate to share my hobby. Also I like to listen to music, watching movies, dancing and swimming..


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DESCRIPTION: So we are done with role playing. Anyway question two what's your popularity status? Also just to tell you why are you asking me out I'm only a little bit attractive while your a hunk with a nice beard. They are the ones who live for partying and hooking up in clubs..

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Do You Know What Type Of Gay Are You? - ProProfs Quiz

The adonis gay is obsessed with his physical appearance. The Club Hopper You know how at middle school dances there was always that gross, sweaty couple making out in front of everyone? Ok final role playing question. November 8, November 8, Connor Doherty. A hot dude moves across the street from where you live. Yea i'm gay, loud, taken but don't care, and if you got a problem with that i will have felicia on your ass bye felicia.

What kind of gay guy are you?.

what type of gay guy are you
My name is Andrea, 19.: And what about you?

To say that these gays are trashy would be an overstatement. What Stereotyped Gay Are You?.

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He spends almost all of his time in the gym and he takes pride in his washboard abs and bulging biceps. It was nice, now I'm going to read a book or sit alone listening to music or drawing..

  • Apr 2, - There are many different types of GAY men in the world. What type are you? Take the quiz to find out where you fit in amongst the tops, bottoms and versati Damn, heres my chance to get this real man! Too bad ladies he.
  • Dec 5, - this is a quiz to see what type of gay are you! There are How many str8 guy friends do you have/ srt8 girl friends for lesbian? A. A handful. B.
  • Answer honestly and we will find out . Take this quiz! How important is physical fitness to a gay guy How often do you go to the gym? Would you use steroids?

Click here if you have any questions. What mythical creature protects you? Now I go either way so we will work out just fine. Are you a publisher? You can change this and find out more in our Cookie Policy. You can switch between them and you can be more than one. Help translate this item.

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