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Women complain about "quality" men not emailing them. We understand that you have requested to close your account but have not completed all installation payments. Jan Armstrong El Paso, Texas. I love your Christmas quilt and am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work! While our members may request closure of their accounts at any time, if there is an outstanding balance owed, eHarmony is under no obligation grant the request. Model House of Commons Replies:

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Tell someone about it by clicking a button below. I was getting a lot of emails from year olds so I finally had to set a limit. Do you think putting up some different pics would help? I'm really glad you found it useful and hope that you can add to the helpful comments soon. I live in Los Angeles. It appears that my Texting rate has increased a little. Even the guys that I think are serious and would like to see again will call me or text me after the first date asking about sex.

Likewise with political threads. If you want to claim the right are a bunch of incestuous child molesting cannibals your free speech is important. Dare to disagree and you are just a doo-doo stirring trouble maker.

I have tried connectingsingles. They have forums and blogs that have users that use profanity and rudeness in comments to other website users, reports to the website go unanswered, most of the website users are there for the forums and blogs and not looking for a mate. I will never use this website again because of the abusive behavior in the forums and blogs that the moderators of the website overlook even after they are reported that are in clear violation of forum, blogs and terms of service.

KimberlyAnne April 1st, Useless. Replied to randy randy I was deeply disappointed with the site known as Connectingsingles. There are some very rude and lewd posters there. It is a breeding ground for scammers and fake profiles. This site has members who have been there since "The Ark" who belittle and torment new members, they do this with impunity. The moderators allow it. I think it is a racist site, with many threads against people who have a belief in God. It is Anti Muslim.

In fact it seems to be geared for American members and shows favouritism towards "far right" thinking. The likes of Bodog , Condog at al are ruining what could be a good site. Nudity abounds there, with pictures on show for hours at a time before the moderators take action.

If I was asked to recommend a site for singles, I wouldn't feel I was doing a service by leading people to that site , Plentyoffish , match1 etc are good site where the moderators take action if infringements occur. Connecting singles discriminates on the basis of religion. Being a Muslim and an Indian I had a huge dose of abuse, conspiracy scammers, humiliation when I posted on the blogs.

No Indian posts anything on the blogs without getting a barrage of mockery abuse, and insults. And that is a shame. I used to be a regular member but at every post or poetry I posted, I was belittled. Then a white woman started a whispering campaign against me, and I was thrown out. I am still stunned. I am not used to being treated like a second class citizen.

Connecting singles exemplifies the worst that can be inside of a human being. The members are inhuman with inflated egos extremely offensive and horribly unclean yuck! Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I can't afford to PAY to join a dating site especially with the prices they charge.

I wish I knew of one where the nerdier girls hang out. Yeah, I like nerdy girls better than the socialite, party girl type. They seem more down to earth, and more like me. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? You get what you pay for on POF you get nothing. Only girls on there who might be interested would be the bigger girls. Most are not even single. There is Okcupid or Zoosk that are free.

You will see them on here months still looking. I know some women will get laid until something better comes along. This is how it is on dating sites. The women in the forums are only here for attention only. My opinion of POF is that the men have enormous expectations. All seeking the Playboy centerfold even though they themselves are less than perfect. I do like that the sites owner Markus keeps a tight rein on things. That he has blocked older men from contacting too young women.

As he said "There is never any reason for a 50 year old man to message an 18 year old girl. Nothing like this one. Site also has filters set up to automatically delete profiles when certain activity occurs. This is what scammers do so you'll get deleted too.

It's okay but not as superior as they claim to be otherwise we'd all be married by now. You can be 45 I believe to sign up. I do like this site and the men I've met there. I'd still be on it but I've battled cancer the past year so dating is on the back burner for now. But I do recommend this site. Some sites are worth paying for just to see how it works for you.

The worst to me is EHarmony. You have no control, answer a boat load of questions that are interpreted WRONG so the matches are not compatible at all. Members can set the age limit they wish to be contacted by.

I was getting a lot of emails from year olds so I finally had to set a limit. Seriously, when women my age get emails from men your age it's for one reason and we both know why. Markus's rule change was directed at men contacting too young of women. He never said anything about blocking women from contacting younger men. So again, it is us women who have set that filter to avoid getting contacted by men who are too young. Got news for ya You cannot compare all men of the world to dating sites.

I could care less. I like exposing bitter deluded unhappy women all alone who have resorted to forums as entertainment with no social life.

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better dating site than pof

This is not directed at anyone in particular.

better dating site than pof

The problem with the dating sites, at least the free ones, is that: This is what scammers do so you'll get deleted too.

better dating site than pof

Newest first Oldest first Most helpful first. You've better dating site than pof your on line home my friend! I am new to all this and i would love free pakistani dating service meet someone to share the rest of my life time withI havent try any dating site before but i would love to meet someone closer to my ageI am 70yrs and better dating site than pof would love to hear from you if you are rean. We ask that you please take a moment to review the Cancellation Policy outlined in our Terms and Conditions of Service. I could care less. I have honestly never read such overwhelmingly good content like this. Witchaywoman April 1st,