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Stressing The Difference Between Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes: Why Do We Care?

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Published by Bantam Doubleday Dell, View a small sample of the product at www. The excitement of diabetes camp will be contagious. And he writes about how much fun he had at diabetes camp.

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When Michael Olson was 12, his brother Steven was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Published by the authors, Published by Barrons, This is an attractive, very well done cartoon presentation of the basics of normal glucose metabolism and type 1 diabetes. After the incident in Lloyds I spoke to a representative from their head office about my objections with their campaign.

Subtitled A Workbook on Diabetes for Children , this page paperback book was revised in and is a superb teaching tool for professional diabetes educators and parents alike. Children will learn all about diabetes from Cindy and Mike, two kids who also have diabetes. Simple biology lessons teach children about the pancreas and the function of insulin, so they understand why they must perform blood tests and take insulin injections.

Full of drawing, matching, fill-in-the-blank and word search activities, this book provides a fun way to teach children about diabetes. For more information, visit www. Order directly from Julie Gamber Jade's mom at Jade was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was in third grade. This colorful book, filled with Jade's drawings and photographs, tells her story in her words.

She writes about being diagnosed, going to the hospital, and living with diabetes, including a fun vacation her family took to Jamaica one month after she was diagnosed. The book is about being a kid with diabetes, but being a kid first, as it should be. The drawings and photos are great I especially liked the drawing of how she feels when she's low!

Profits from the book are donated to cure research. Friendly pictures with lots of color are used to tell the story of Lara, a little girl with diabetes. Lara tells all the things she does that regular kids do -- run, swim, dance -- and she talks about her insulin pump and doing blood tests. If you have a young child with diabetes, Lara's story will help them understand that they're not the only kid in the world with diabetes. Published by Critters Inc. Lacie is a lizard with diabetes who uses an insulin pump.

In this colorfully illustrated book, kids with diabetes will follow Lacie and her friends as they do what kids do -- run, swim, eat, and play.

Lacie explains what having diabetes means and how her insulin pump helps her to stay healthy. For younger kids with diabetes, Lacie can help them understand what diabetes is and what wearing an insulin pump is all about. The publisher, Critters Inc. Published by the author and available through Lulu. The car has to be changed to a manual transmission and needed a special additive to run again e. For parents of young kids with diabetes, The Little Red Sports Car offers a gentle explanation for what has happened to their body.

It's a very easy read and is colorfully illustrated. Foozbah to learn about digestion and diabetes. Originally a book, A Magic Ride is now an minute DVD with colorful illustrations of food and guts will entertain kids and teach them about why insulin is so important, no matter how you get it. The narrative is very well done, and younger kids will probably ask watch it over and over because they'll like the rhymes. This is a great resource for younger kids with type 1 diabetes.

Illustrated by Judy Bullock. Matthew is a polar bear who is diagnosed with diabetes right before an important ice jumping contest. He visits the doctor and nurse -- both walruses -- and learns about diabetes and the need to do blood tests and take insulin shots. He doesn't like to do his own shots, but learns to do so right before he has to compete in the contest.

The confidence he gains by doing his own shot helps him win the day. The book is colorfully illustrated, but many of the words might be too difficult for younger kids to read by themselves. Older kids, age nine or so and older, should have no problem. Author Owen Coleman has Type 1 diabetes. A portion of the book's proceeds will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Children Living with Diabetes by Thomas Bergman. Published by Gareth Stevens , Children Living with Diabetes follows ten-year-old Jonny, a boy from Stockholm, Sweden, from home to diabetes camp and back. Exceptional black-and-white photographs capture the daily drama of living with diabetes, including blood test, insulin injections and insulin reactions.

The excitement of diabetes camp will be contagious. This book is highly recommended. Order Meeting the Challenge: Children Living with Diabetes from Amazon. Published by Author House, Order Mommy, What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Written by a grandmother for her grandson with diabetes, the book is colorfully illustrated by the author and very easy to read. Kids in second or third grade should be able to read the book themselves. Readers will learn the basics of diabetes care, including why counting carbs and taking insulin is necessary for kids with Type 1 diabetes.

My Own Type 1 Diabetes Book would also make an excellent addition to libraries at schools and day care centers. Best of all, the book is free! Just download the PDF file and print it on your color printer.

Illustrated by Kathy Parkinson. Published by Health Press, Drawer , Sante Fe, New Mexico Twelve-year-old James tells us about his ten-year-old sister Rose, who has diabetes. He tells us about diabetes, and about how scared he was for Rose when she was diagnosed. He was also afraid that he'd catch diabetes. James presents the point of view of the other kids in a family with diabetes, which is refreshing and original. Rose also tells her story, about staying in the hospital, learning to care for her diabetes, and what it means to her to have diabetes.

In the end, she says "My job is to stay as healthy as I can right now, so that someday, when there's a cure for diabetes, I'll be ready! My Sister Rose Has Diabetes is colorfully illustrated and well written. Young kids will enjoy having the story read to them, while kids in second or third grade and older will easily be able to read it on their own.

Book ISBN 28 pages. This is an attractive, very well done cartoon presentation of the basics of normal glucose metabolism and type 1 diabetes. Syringes are also illustrated; no reference is made to pumps, which are rare in Australia at this time.

The book includes, without elaboration, a single sentence about eating "healthy food"; exercise is listed as an important part of management. There is good information about symptoms and treatment of lows. Use of medical identification is stressed. Possible causes of highs are discussed, and ketones are very briefly mentioned. A team approach to management physician, educator, dietitian is presented.

This is an excellent resource for newly diagnosed 6 year olds, classmates and teachers, or anyone wanting an easily understood explanation of type 1 diabetes. View a small sample of the product at www. To order, contact Angie Middlehurst at angiem diabetesnsw.

Canadian author Nikki Tate darws on her experience as a mother of a young girl with diabetes in her novel "Return to Skoki Lake. This is an excellent novel for pre-teens and older, especially those who are newly diagnosed and for those who love horses.

Illustrated by Terry Ravenelli. Published by JayJo Books , Rufus Comes Home is a story about a young boy named Brian who is diagnosed with diabetes. His mother buys a teddy bear and sews patches on the bear in the same spots where Brian gets his insulin shots and blood tests. Brian names the bear Rufus. Through Rufus, Brian learns to come to terms with his diabetes.

Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes was created by Carol Cramer, whose son Brian was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November at the age of three.

Proceeds from the sale of both the bear and the book benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Order Rufus Come Home from Amazon. Illustrated by Joanne H. Published by Magination Press, The author's daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with diabetes six weeks before her fourth birthday. Sarah and Puffle recounts how frustrated children often get managing their diabetes. Facing a visit to her cousins who live on a farm, Sarah can't help but feel left out because she has diabetes.

Tired of the demands of diabetes, she runs off to the sheep pen and falls asleep and dreams of a talking sheep named Puffle that helps her come to terms with having diabetes. This is an excellent book for second graders and up, who will find the writing challenging and the story all to close too home.

Order Sarah and Puffle from Amazon. Illustrated by Glenn Lucas. Published by Dream Publishing Co. The page illustrated book it also has a companion coloring book is light on diabetes information and long on rhyming, which can help young kids who are newly diagnosed to understand better what having diabetes means. Sillwee Wobbert would be appropriate for school aged kids and younger. Published by Aladdin Books, Fear of insulin injections and anger at diagnosis are two of the emotions of an adolescent girl in Willo Davis Roberts' Sugar Isn't Everything.

Roberts' novel details the summer Amy Long began to exhibit the most prominent symptoms of diabetes: When she finally ends up in the hospital, Amy is startled by her diagnosis, fears doing her own injections, is concerned about the perceived stigma of wearing her medical identification bracelet, and is distressed at not being able to eat her favorite chocolate foods. With the help of her older brother, Amy learns to cope better and even helps out a teenage boy with diabetes.

Though with proper meal planning and carbohydrate counting people with diabetes can eat chocolate foods, Sugar Isn't Everything is still an excellent novel that deals with the emotional aspects of diabetes. Highly recommended for kids ages nine to Order Sugar Isn't Everything from Amazon.

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Apple Watch Series 3: Diabetes can damage your nerves and lead to a condition called diabetic neuropathy. This is common in the feet.

Small cuts, especially on the bottom of your feet, can quickly turn into severe ulcers and infections. If you happen to notice any foot injuries, let your doctor know right away.

Type 1 diabetes can be managed with proper treatment, like taking insulin, having a healthy diet, and getting exercise. People who manage their diabetes can live a healthy life. The key to avoiding an energy crash in the afternoon is to make sure your lunch contains these four key ingredients - like this recipe.

Do you know the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? We'll explain how these conditions are similar and how they are unique. To some people with diabetes, testing is an inconvenience. To others, it's stressful. Testing anxiety can get so extreme that some avoid tests…. Dating can be complicated with a condition like diabetes.

Here are some tips to improve your dating experience. Natalie Balmain creates clothing designed for women with type 1 diabetes. She's changing the way we approach fashion and chronic conditions. While type 1 diabetes is far less common than type 2, the latter is more commonly diagnosed in adults. So, what are the odds of type 2 leading to type….

Having a parent with type 1 diabetes might seem normal in a child's eyes, but can affect their life in many ways. Here's one woman's story. After one of their YouTube videos went viral, this dad and son are helping other families thrive with autism. Botox is an injection of one of several forms of botulinum toxin. It's a popular way to treat wrinkles, but is this poisonous material actually safe…. This is what logging off from social media for 65 weeks taught me about friendship and how much value we place on online interactions.

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dating a type 1 diabetes

He is quite upset that he has to stop playing football with the team until his blood sugars stabilize. This is common in the feet. ISBN hardcover or paperback.

dating a type 1 diabetes

Published by Aladdin Books, Her mother remembers how she felt about Halloween when she was a child; it's not just the candy, but the whole experience that made it so enjoyable.

dating a type 1 diabetes

Books for Kids and Teens With Type 1. Order Return to Skoki Lake from Amazon. Sensationalist splashes like these only need one tiny word and a single digit number to become more accurate and less damaging. The best Android handset out there: Illustrated by Thom Buttner. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: The Best Year of My Life tells the true story of Caitlin Block, a young girl who was diagnosed with diabetes when she was in dating a type 1 diabetes grade.