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The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human

dating habits of the earthbound human

Billy attempts to find Jenny by calling every "J. Single Woman Seeks Good Man: The Wise Old Woman.

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Armand 20 December I'd love to see more of her in funny roles. Anyone who knows what procreation is and who has a good sense of humor would definitely enjoy this movie. Top films made in Open Mouth, Insert Foot: The human male prefers stories about many people dying quickly.

Yes, it is stupid; yes, it is full of cliches; yes, it is predictable A guy and a girl are observed by an alien scientist. All the stages of a relationship, from the meeting point until the first baby is conceived, through the eyes and with the comments of an extraterestrial. As if they were the humans and they were making a documentary for Discovery Channels, and we are just an inferior species. Fun is released from every line of the voice over. You will laugh a lot, and after all that's all that matters.

Ashlee-3 5 July I caught this movie late one night on cable and am so glad I did. It take an outside look on human relationships to show us just how odd we really are. I recommend this for anyone looking for an incredibly cute comedy. This film left me smiling. JulietV 26 October But once I got into it, it was actually a really good movie!

Apart from some scenes that made it look like a bad Woody Allen picture okay, I find all of his films bad, it was really funny. Carmen Electra surprised me -- she's a pretty good actress in this movie. Rection ElKabong-3 30 May This is a whimsical look at the human race through the eyes of an alien studying human beings and their mating rituals, much as a scientist might study the same behavior in chimps or zebras.

The film is especially enjoyable if you're an aficionado of those nature pieces on the Discovery channel. The observer focuses on a young couple from their meeting at a bar, through their dating and sexual experimentation, to their marrying and having a child together. Carmen Electra looks stunning as the female of the pair, the male is played by some nameless swinging dick I don't remember.

I'm no expert, but I really liked this film and so did my wife, a most unusual occurrence. I recommend it to anyone with a rather dry sense of humor and a taste for the subtle. You won't see anybody smashed in the face with a pie If I had to refer people to one underrated film of the last 20 or so years, this would be it.

Take a chance and see it if you have a high I. Not mentioning any names here. The first true mockumentary I have ever seen and truly a must see for all sci fi fans! Genuinely funny, witty, light with several non too explicit sex scenes. Plus a couple of nude scenes for Carmen Electra. This film depicts the continuation of the human species through an alien point of view and is, in it's own way, pure genius.

Aliens have made a somewhat National Discovery-like documentary about our race and how we perform all sorts of rituals, from picking up a female to conception and birth. These include several assumptions, observations and overall misinterpretations of what exactly is going on as your average documentary has. The screen play has several "re-recurring" links throughout the movie to keep experienced viewers interested but does not quite go "in depth" plot and character development-wise.

Overall, well suited for a generally pleasant, non-too complex movie, in my humble opinion. Armand 20 December Dana Day 27 April The aliens who are observing the human mating couple judge that humans are remarkable in that they have not gone extinct in spite of their extremely complex and difficult mating rituals.

Since humans have proved themselves to be so resilient, and have thrived as a race, against incredible odds, then they should be left alone, allowed to live and the planet should not be destroyed by the aliens. This spoof documentary explores the process of beginning a relationship between Jenny and Billy. But it uses really descriptive words for instance instead of "paper", they use "piece of parchment" and instead of "meat" the narrator says "the flesh of dead carcasses" or something like that.

The narrator does a very good job. I really liked the film and thought it was so funny. There were so many laugh out loud bits for instance the bit with the superman and when Billy was ringing loads of Jenny's to find her. I was so glad that she didn't have the abortion. I was also happy that he was finally able to tell her he loved her.

I saw the film last summer when I was away and we thought we'd watch it Co it looked so interesting and I'm glad I did.

I watched it last night again. I was so tired but glad I stayed up to watch it. Its definitely not the best film I've seen but it still is very good. In general this movie is just "ok" but there are a few absolutely hysterical moments. My favorite are the representations of how different contraceptives work that are done by men on a track dressed as sperm. The spermicide and pill are two funny ones in particular. Towards the end of the movie, the Male drives past them as they film and wonders what is going on.

While it is just one moment, it made the whole movie worth while. Carmen Electra doesn't hurt either. I would like to state my opinion on this "minimum of ten lines of text to post a comment" policy.

You won't be disappointed with this purchase. You will laugh a lot. This is how they should teach sex ed, more entertaining and comfortable. Gone is the awkward silences between parents and child, just watch the movie with them and explain anything they don't understand. Buy extras, you'll love it and loan it out, they'll love it and keep it lol One of my most favorite movies.

Ragnarok DVD, The Wise Old Woman they try to buy condoms from. Turns out she's an alien. He tries to drag her off when he runs into her while she's on a date with Billy, which leads to Billy gets one punch in on Mike, but is then utterly annihilated by Mike and his friend Tony, both obvious bodybuilders and Mike a trained fighter. But that leads to Jenny then protects Billy by kicking them in the balls.

The credits are just black and white names, but the characters are described as they are in the film, i. Billy gets a number from the hottest girl in the club, then leaves it in his suit that he sends to the dry cleaners. All that's left is shreds. After Billy falls into the sand while trying for a kiss, he asks if it's too late to mention how romantic the stars are. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: One of the cutaway 'sperm running up against a barrier' jokes is shown being filmed in the background of a later scene, much to the confusion of Billy.

In the mid-Ninties, Carmen Electra was about as high up on the hot scale as any actress. Set solidly in an era before cell phones and online dating, but with big, beige computers. Open Mouth, Insert Foot: When Billy loses Jenny's number, his best friend tries to console him by telling him that because she was so hot, she probably gave him a fake number. Jenny's father is constantly, and conspicuously, showing off his firearm collection to Billy.

It's so loud in the club, Jenny can't hear Billy's compliment on her dancing. So he tries to mime it and ends up humping air. She then throws a drink in his face.

Iamges: dating habits of the earthbound human

dating habits of the earthbound human

I would like to state my opinion on this "minimum of ten lines of text to post a comment" policy. A top film nonetheless.

dating habits of the earthbound human

What an original concept!

dating habits of the earthbound human

Billy tries to hbits Jenny how much he wants her by holding off going to the bathroom. Edit Details Official Sites: Give it a watch!! I watched this at about 1: Remove the elements of modern custom and an act which hasn't changed in over 50, years I'm guessing this number is all that remains. Rated M for Manly: