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One way to identify a Bakelite button is to run hot water over it and then smell it. At first, buttons consisted of white metal, usually with a rose in the centre. But I'm not sure what they are.

Bakelite Buttons

Although the button will feel very smooth, If you look at it with a magnifying glass it should have very tiny small holes all over it. I have a box of buttons from old clothes. Its been a while since you commented and I apologize that I am just now getting back to you. Part of Firmin Group. I've forgotten my password. Though it made great buttons there was one downside to Celluoid plastic. Cast shanks cut threads, damage the cloth of the uniform, and force the button to sit on an odd angle.

Aug 30, 6. The wool on the older Peas is denser and flatter- less fuzzy. Aug 30, 7. Anyone know of a good place to look for older Pea Coats? Am I about to be directed to ebay again? Aug 30, 8. You guys are great, thanks! Here are more details of my coat: It's your standard pea coat design -- double breasted, single vent. There are six buttons visible on the front, with another button hidden under each collar. The color is navy of course, and the buttons look black to me.

It's a beauty and in excellent condition! The handwarmer pockets are lined in a tan corduroy. I've heard from a few sources that this was only done in the 40's.

Here is the "inner" button, with a low pocket underneath, located on your left hip if you're wearing the coat. The tag is located just below the right inside breast pocket.

It's white cloth with black lettering, yellowed with age. The text is faded, but I can make out most of it: Around the edges, hand written in blue ink are the owner's name and at the bottom is: B33 37 07 Co. Aug 30, 9. Cordury may be later than the 40's Sep 6, How do the fit on these older militray peacoasts run?

Would a 36 be a true 36? Sep 7, Hello, I may be able to offer some sound advice in dating a pea coat. I have two WWII pea coats. Both have the corduroy pockets and I also have been told that the corduroy pocket lining has been continued into years after the war. So, how to find out if your pea coat is a war time relic?

Well, there is only one way that I know can not be dispelled. Manufactured by Navy Clothing Factory. It will also have an anchor in the upper right and left hand corners.

There will also be a few lines at the bottom for name and rank. These are the labels that you? Just as a side note, if you find navy trousers of the 13 button kind, to know they?

If there is no zipper, that means its post This is a post war label. I'll post a war time label soon. That's exactly the kind of info I've been trying to find. Posted 22 April - Posted 26 April - Posted 28 September - There were also distinctive buttons for some of the various US Army transportation organizations.

Pictured are some examples of some of these organizations: Posted 16 April - Posted 29 December - Many thanks for interesting material. Posted 30 December - Sorry for posting in an old topic which is very informative , but from your posts it seems that all post buttons that are not the federal pattern were not official? For example, here is a NJ National Guard button which I am having a difficult time pinning down with respect to date. Posted 02 January - Posted 11 January - By the way, in Albert's book, this button is reference number NJ 17B.

Per Albert's book, reference number NA B. Appears to be a smaller size, maybe around 18mm, therefore "vest" size. It appears to have an abbreviated Waterbury backmark due to lack of space ; usually would have some variation of "Waterbury Conn" as part of the backmark to help further date the button. Search Advanced Search section: View New Content U. Militaria Forum Forums Members More. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Prev Page 2 of 3 1 2 3 Next.

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dating us navy buttons

Have fun going through them! Thank you so much!

dating us navy buttons

CC- Try gently rubbing with a soft cloth to clean and polish the surface. Because our Buttons are Custom made, they cannot be returned. These buttons were made from a variety of pure metals and alloys.

dating us navy buttons

The coat's inner markings by themselves don't reveal much of anything. Does anyone have any idea what dating us navy buttons might really be made of or dating us navy buttons age? Being as careless as I am about my apparel, I cannot even remember the color of the shirt, much less of that missing button. Some places said if it is a button made entirely of metal it is okay to wash off with mild detergent but make sure to dry completely as some of these can rust. Also a datibg of buttons not navyy cards. Vegetable Ivory speed dating eth be a warm orange color.