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Vlad wants you to teach the guy a lesson. This is your new save point. We're all fucked or We're all screwed. Also, the law office calls and sets up an appointment time—expect it to be on the next day. Get on the train and enjoy the sights.


Go by Frankfort Ave. This car can only be found sitting in the northeastern-most part of the final island. After your first date with Michelle, try to take it further when dropping her off at home. You can also find a wind turbine from the game. After the conversation, walk over to the computers and activate the terminal.

If your car is smashed or just ruined just type the health cheat when you are in your car. It will repair your car to full health. Go to a TW Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.

Press up to bring your cellphone up, then press up again. Be careful when using these cheats, as some of them will disable certain achievements. If they do, you'll be notified when you activate them, so don't save your game. Health And Weapons Call: Zit Song Identifier - If you hear a cool song on the radio, dial this number to get a message with the name of the artist and song.

Emergency Services - Dial this number and you'll be able to summon police, fire department or an ambulance with your phone. You can view a map of all cheats and unlockables in the game by going to this in-game website: When you are required to access a police computer, there is no need to risk arrest or death to acquire it.

Just spawn a FIB Buffalo car. It is the game's version of the FBI's car, it comes with a siren and police computer and is pretty fast too considering how big it is. Type the following into your phone: When an area is blocked off, park as far back as you can from the blocked off area, facing a gap in the blockade.

Pull up your phone, and type in this number: Keep phone up, and drive as fast as you can through the blockade. Immediately you will be chased by the police. With your phone up, click on the lose wanted level cheat. Voila, you are free to do whatever you want. Many of the cheats are the same for Lost and Damned as in the normal GTA, you just have to re-enter them so they are on your phone.

When one of your friends calls to invite you somewhere, but you're in the middle of something and can't go, answer yes to go with them. As soon as you hang up, call back and cancel.

You won't lose any friendship points. First go to the coast anywhere available in the beginning of the game. Then spawn a Jetmax boat and start driving. Once far enough around you should gain 6 stars. Keep driving and no matter what don't stop. Once 5 minutes is up you will recieve 40 gamer points for the achievement "One Man Army".

Use a helicopter to get on a skyscraper preferably a really tall one for more fun and spawn a motorcycle. Drive of it off the roof. At first you'll be like "Oh no!

I lose like four-thousand cash! If you land with both wheels on the ground don't worry you can maneuver around in the air you'll take zero to little damage and you can start riding the second you land! When driving in a LCPD cruiser you can change the way the siren sounds by clicking down on the left thumbstick. All you need to do is wait until you unlock Algonquin but before you unlock Alderny. Go to the Helitour and steal a Helicopter. Fly over the still locked island of Alderny to received a six star wanted level.

After that, just fly around the perimeter of the map for five minutes outrunning the cops. If you fly right you don't even to get shot at. There are a few different ways to escape low wanted levels. Enter any mission marker, not date markers. When in a police vehicle, activate any of the vigilante or most wanted mission. Get outside of the radar zone and successfully call a friend.

Helpful if you get out of the zone but the cops are still closing in. First you will go to the strip club and a girl will ask you for a dance by this she means a lap dance. Go with her and take the dance. She will do it by herself first, when she is done shell ask you if you want another. Say yes and she will do another except a little more provocative. Once she has finished she will ask you one more time if you want another dance. Say yes one last time and she will call in another stripper and they will go at it.

After killing the guy in the gun shop, all you have to do to shop there again is change clothes. He won't recognize you anymore and let you buy stuff. This is an easier way to survive 5 minutes on a 6 star wanted level to unlock the "One Man Army" Achievement. Get a cop car. Park it by your safehouse, save.

Load that save to lose the wanted level. Go to the bridge on the far left of the map, that links the islands together. Reverse the cop car into the far left gap until you get a 6 star wanted level. With a cop car you can fit in the gap so that you save time by just driving forward as soon as you get the 6 star wanted level. Now set your way point marker to the bottom-right corner of the top-right island on the map. There are also pillars here that you can use for cover.

So, on your way there, keep your distance from the cops, if they get far behind though, slow down, it is better to wait for them to catch you up slightly instead of moving quickly towards the next set of cops in front.

The gun salesman in Broker has a D. You can kill him and take it. It will also get some bodyguards with shotguns to come after you. Head to Easton on the second island. At the Grand Easton Terminal go up the staircase in front. Keep going around that floor until you see a small pond. Keep going past it. You shall then see a turn going left. Go left and you will be in between the tall building and the small one. At the end of the passageway there will be a dead end.

Turn and you will see a glowing orange garbage can. There behind it is an M-4 assault rifle. To get this Carbine Rifle you will need a helicopter, boat, or swim. You will need to get to Happiness Island and get inside the first door of the Statue of Happiness. There will be a security guard with a Carbine Rifle. Kill him with your pistol and pick the Rifle up. If you're tired of always typing in the cheat phone numbers, just go into your phone menu it says phonebook, messages, etc.

Steal a armored truck and blow it up. There should be about a thousand dollars or more laying around the vehicle.

To find this site you will need a helicopter. Fly towards the tallest building it looks like the empire state building. As you get closer, jump out on to the ledge, and hop down to the lower floor small fall , and u will see a lot of telescopes and tourists walking around.

Make sure you go close enough so that you can see where to jump out. When you get a taxi somewhere, just before you reach your destination hold L1 and you will smash the window and scare the taxi driver away. This will only work if you have a gun. All you have to do is burnout hold L and R at the same time. The trunk contains the body of Manny and his cameraman. You must drive along the marked route to reach the doctor.

You will also be crossing the toll bridge. Reach the marked location and give the bodies and the car over to the doctor. After the mission you speak with Elizabeta and receive your cash reward. Pay a visit to Brucie after completing your "internet date" and find him doing his usual shirtless workout routine.

Lenny the mechanic suggests paying Steve a visit. Take Brucie along the marked route over to Willis. Get inside the Comet. Brucie wants to show off the new digs. Time for a street race! Follow the marked route to the race start. The competitors are already waiting at the starting line. When you reach the marker, the countdown begins.

To complete the mission you must finish the race in first place. So incapacitating the Comet is bad news. Avoid getting jostled at the beginning of the race. Your primary goal should be to just remain among the leaders and keep them in sight.

Concentrate on following the checkpoints and the course. Drive through the finish line in first place to complete the mission. On the way home, you and Brucie bond. Complete this mission and now you can call Brucie and set up other street races. Also, Brucie may call you to hang out. Playboy X introduces you to "his town" and all the tiny ants that live in it. You could cut the tension with a knife.

Get into the car and you automatically retrieve a host of weapons, ammunition, and grenades. Playboy mentions that there are three lookouts at the construction site. You should take out these lookouts with your sniper rifle. Target and eliminate the lookouts with your sniper. Playboy gets on a window washer platform. Join him and use the controls to raise the platform to the rooftop.

The lookouts are positioned high on cranes. You can note their approximate position by looking at the red targets on the mini-map. One of the lookouts is very close to the edge of the roof, so look down when trying to find him. Eliminate each lookout with a headshot.

If you want to take the time, you will be able to find other enemies inside the construction site. Use the sniper rifle to eliminate as many of these targets as you can find. Descend the rooftop on the platform. Cross the road into the construction site. Work your way to the target and eliminate all enemies in your path.

Grab their discarded ammunition. Cross the construction yard and find a ramp to the upper floor. Prepare to come under fire as you near the top. Eliminate the guards protecting the union leader here. Work your way to the target and take him out. Playboy X helps find the next union leader: The next union leader is just around the next left corner. You can actually take him out using the sniper rifle. Take him down and any other guards blocking the path.

Move toward where you eliminated the third union leader and go left. This area is totally cluttered with enemies. Take cover and use grenades to level the playing field. Work carefully toward the target and avoid taking shots from multiple enemies. Continue toward the last leader marked on the mini-map. You may find him running away from your position. Catch up and take him out to complete the mission. Some guys have been calling Playboy a snitch. But in fact, that same guy is the one with the loose lips.

This rat hangs out near the courts. Instead, you get a camera: The location is close. Grab a vehicle and drive over to the basketball courts. Move to the marker to trigger the cut scene. Walk over to the fence surrounding the basketball court. Onscreen instructions tell you how to use the camera phone. Open your cell phone and select the camera. Zoom onto the three gang members in the middle of the court and take a photo.

Send it to Playboy X and wait for him to call back. Quickly arm your sniper rifle—hopefully you have ammunition left over from the construction site mission—and shoot Marlon. Get him on the ground or eliminate him as quickly as possible. Taking down Marlon at the court is the optimum way to end the mission. As soon as Marlon dies, the mission completes in success and any remaining gang members cease fire.

Dwayne feels tainted—no one wants to hang out anymore, not his girlfriend, Playboy, no one. He actually thinks his girlfriend is hanging with Jayvon now—and Dwayne thinks Jayvon is the one who snitched. Eliminate Cherise or let her live? As soon as you arrive, the problems begin. Deciding to allow her to live just means leaving the scene and going after Jayvon.

If you do decide to let her live, your compassion will be rewarded when Cherise appears as a friend later in the game. Jayvon grabs a motorcycle and takes off. You can join him on a bike by looking along the street to the right of the arcade.

Follow the red target on the mini-map. Slow him down so you can take him out. The motorcycle chases can be challenging because one false move and you might get thrown off. Look for an opportunity to get close perhaps Jayvon gets stuck in traffic or has a rough time around a turn and start firing at close-range. Pick up the money and you automatically call Dwayne. Park and get out of your vehicle. Approach Dwayne and finish the mission. At some point during your missions with Dwayne and Playboy X, Mallorie calls and tells you that Roman has been kidnapped.

The mission automatically begins at this point; your mini-map marks the location of the warehouse. Grab a vehicle and drive along the marked route and find the warehouse where Roman is being held. As you approach the marked entrance, search the area for an AK There are many guards inside.

You begin the battle behind cover near the warehouse entrance. Note that there is a health kit over on this left side. Shoot the barrel to cause a big explosion that could take out a few guards and thin the ground floor. Stick behind cover and eliminate each guard in turn. If you have a line of sight on any guards on the second floor, take aim. Work your way to the left toward the health kit. When you enter the ground floor, take cover behind the pillars and clear any remaining guards from the floor.

Scan all areas of the second floor and shoot any guards exposed into view. Go to the far right area of the ground floor and ascend the stairs to the second floor. Work your way across the second floor; hang to the left side. Eliminate any guards you may have missed before. When you reach the flight of stairs that leads to the third floor, grab the body armor on the ground nearby. Ascend the stairs to the third floor. There are more guards here. Work slowly toward the end of the hall.

Take cover, eliminate any guards within view, and then push forward to the next piece of cover. Start up the staircase to the fourth floor.

Save Roman by being quick and accurate. A single headshot with an assault rifle will terminate the kidnapper and free Roman. Follow Roman out of the warehouse. When you reach the ground, get into the nearby vehicle and drive Roman to safety.

Follow the marked route back to the Bohan safehouse. Not long after the mission, expect a call from Roman with information about your new safehouse in Algonquin. Dwayne is still being a mope. He tells you about the Triangle Club—when Dwayne went to prison, some gangsters took it. You decide to help. Grab a vehicle and follow the marked route to the marked location: Pull into the parking lot and note the onscreen notification: Keep your weapons in your pocket as you pass by the doorman.

Take out the three strip club managers. Locate the managers by listening in on conversations. Listen to the conversations inside the club to find out who the managers are.

Plus, the various bouncers inside the club pull out their own weapons. Go through the lobby and into the establishment. Spot two guys in front of you. Walk up to the two men and listen to their conversation—apparently Jose is counting money.

Sounds like a manager! Turn around and spot the door to the right of the exit door; this door is marked staff only. Equip your baseball bat or knife and attack. Return to the club. Cross the main room toward the jukebox in the corner. Javier is marked as another manager. Go through the exit door ahead and into the opposite side of the club. If you attempt to go into the private room, the guard is alerted and guns come out.

You need to figure out a way to kill both Javier and Jesus in the quickest method possible. You could toss a grenade into the private room then go gun down Javier. Or you could take a sniper rifle to Javier while standing near the private room then turn around and gun down Jesus and his guard.

Drive to the question mark located in Castle Gardens in the southern section of the map. It turns out McReary is being blackmailed by someone and wants your help. Get into a vehicle and proceed toward north to Lancaster and find the viewpoint. Keep him talking until you identify him. Walk down to the bottom area of the overlook. Most of the area residents are hanging down here so it will be easier to spot the blackmailer.

Gun him down from behind. All the commotion has likely alerted the local authorities. Sprint to a vehicle and get inside. Drive away from the scene and get out of the flashing wanted zone. Deliver the storage device to complete the mission. You need to get close to Tom Goldberg. Use the Internet to get an interview at the law firm. Once inside, approach the computer terminals and log on.

Click on the "Web" to get to your homepage. You will be called ASAP with further details. Also, the law office calls and sets up an appointment time—expect it to be on the next day. You have plenty of time to prepare! The interview appointment is added to your organizer; as you near the appointment time, reminders will be sent.

To get into the law firm you must look the part of an aspiring lawyer going to a job interview. Head over to a clothing shop and purchase your favorite looking suit. The interview location appears as an "i" on your map; head over there when the time nears and head inside. Time to buy a new suit! Stand up, equip your pistol, and target Goldberg. Tom Goldberg must die to complete the mission. You can shoot him down with your pistol or take a quieter route by just pummeling him with a baseball bat.

The latter creates less commotion in the law office. If you choose to shoot Goldberg, expect chaos to ensue. The cops are alerted and the security officers inside the firm pull out their weapons and proceed to the office.

It might be easier to just run! Proceed back toward reception and find the staircase down. Eliminate any significant threats. As you work your way toward the front doors here, grab a health kit off of the desk to offset any damage sustained from making a run for it. Follow the marked route to the alley next to the LCPD station. Approach the marker to deliver the files to McReary. McReary continues to clean up loose ends.

McReary needs help dealt with and employs your help. Drive a vehicle to the marked location, the projects in East Holland. Upon arrival, you automatically call McReary. Walk forward into the projects and ignore the insults. Keep your weapons concealed for now. Spot the overhead sign marking the direction to the stairwell.

Start up the stairs and pull out your favorite weapon assault rifle or sub machinegun works best. There are several enemy guards along each walkway and stairwell to deal with.

Move slowly and target each guard before advancing to the next area. Follow the walkways to each stairwell and continue to ascend to the upper floors. Make sure you grab the health kits that are positioned close to the stairwells. Clarence continues to run away leaving scores of his guards blocking your path.

Proceed up the stairs and reach the roof. Discover additional enemies on the roof and eliminate them. Approach to trigger the cut scene. Shooting up the projects has created a two-star wanted level. Get down off of the building and grab a vehicle. Drive away from the scene and escape the flashing zone to lower your wanted level. The marker is at the fountain. Surprise, surprise—McReary has another guy for you to kill. For this mission, McReary has left you a sniper rifle in a car. Get into the car to recover the sniper rifle.

That phone provides a big clue on how to lure the target near the window. When you arrive, you call Francis. You need to go into the opposite building and onto the roof to get a shot at the target.

Exit onto the roof and approach the marked location. The cut scene offers a not-so-subtle hint on the best method to lure the dealer to the window and into your line of fire. Get off the roof and descend the stairs inside the apartment building. Reach the bottom to contact McReary and complete the mission. Head there and meet with Michelle—actually Karen—outside the building.

He has an offer for you: The mission is to find everything you can about a man named Oleg. You break inside and find a laptop computer. Click on the "Web" then the "Check Email" button. There are three emails; the most important is the one from Vasily in regards to "Meet me". Read the email and find that it talks about a meeting outside a jewelry shop off Tulsa Street. Wait in the car and spot the rendezvous. This is a really fast chase! Concentrate on keeping up with Oleg.

Continue to follow Oleg and keep his marked vehicle in your sight. Visit your friendly neighborhood blackmailer again. They have another mission for you: You need to find someone for them. Your contact will send you a picture of the target. Read the message when it arrives. Wait for the text message from U. Open your cell phone and read the message to receive a photograph of your target.

Search the police database by photo. You need a cop car. You can steal one from a police station or you can dial , have a cop come investigate the situation, and then steal that cop car. You may need to lose a wanted level before continuing with the mission. You automatically connect to your wireless device. Drive the cop car to the hangout marked on the map.

As you get close, you automatically call U. Paper for an update. Check the mini-map and discover that the hangout is cluttered with bad guys. Instead, move into the area across the street and notice that you can see a lot of the bad guys from this position.

You can eliminate many of the guards from long-range. You can still be hit so move around accordingly to avoid enemy fire. Eliminate every guard you can see before changing plans. Cross the street and find the ramp on the right side.

Go up to the next floor, eliminating any remaining enemies you may have missed. Grab the discarded weapons for ammunition. Locate the ladder on the right side. Ascend and, once again, terminate any guards you may have missed and gather the dropped weapons for ammunition.

Eventually there will be only one red target on your map: Walk around to the back of that building and look up. Move backward from the building until you can spot his head. Eliminate Dimayev with a headshot and complete the mission. Drive over to U. Paper to begin this mission. Snag a vehicle and start driving along the marked route to Civilization Plaza.

Your contact at U. Paper calls soon after your departure with a mission update. When you near the plaza, a helicopter will take off. You must follow the helicopter until it lands. When the chopper is one the ground, steal it and take it to the airport in Dukes.

As you near the marked location in Civilization Plaza, you see the helicopter take off. The helicopter basically moves south and then to the west before it finally lands at a pier on the western side of the island.

Follow the chopper on main roads. As the helicopter begins to turn westward, turn down appropriate streets and continue to keep the helicopter in view. Wait for the helicopter to land. Keep your distance and take note of the guards at the entrance to the pier. Once the marked chopper turns from red to blue on your mini-map, get out of your vehicle. Equip a weapon and eliminate the enemies guarding the entrance to the pier. There are additional guards behind cover on the left side of the helicopter.

Clear the area and board the helicopter. Even a wanted level is lost easily. Pilot the chopper across the islands to the Dukes airport. As you near the airport, begin your descend. Land the helicopter next to the cargo yard on the southern side of the airport. After you land, you call U. Not long after you complete the helicopter theft in Dust Off, you get another call from your contact at U. The chopper is prepped and ready to go!

In this task you need to shoot down another helicopter. Your pal Jacob will be riding shotgun and manning the onboard rocket launcher. Take a vehicle and drive it over to the salvage yard. Follow the marked route and find Jacob there waiting for you inside the helicopter. Climb onboard the helicopter. Take off and fly south toward the marked target chopper.

Along the way, Jacob tells you that the enemy chopper must be destroyed where there are no people. You must wait for the enemy chopper to fly over water before you take a shot. Keep the marked red target chopper in view and follow it through the city. Eventually the enemy chopper moves close to a bridge and then proceeds on the opposite side toward the open water.

Cut it off by flying straight for the water. Get close and move to the right of the target chopper to give Jacob a shot. Line up your helicopter at the same height as the target. Keep your helicopter to the right so that Jacob can get a shot.

Move to the right side of the enemy chopper. When you get in position, Jacob takes shots with the rocket launcher. Fly the helicopter to the landing zone. Land the helicopter near the Fishmarket at the marked landing pad. You pay a visit to your acquaintance Playboy X, who gives you a big bloated speech. Despite all the ramblings, the speech is actually about Dwayne. Dwayne has to go. And in typical fashion, Playboy wants you to do it. You leave the apartment, which completes the first part of the task.

He proposes that you go after Playboy for him. Time to decide who lives and who dies. Once both parties have proposed killing the other, a red "X" and a red "D" appear on your map. You can decide who lives and who dies. There are more advantages to getting rid of Playboy X. First, Dwayne becomes a friend if you eliminate Playboy. Get friendly with Dwayne and you earn a special benefit: Dwayne will have backup assist you on missions.

You find him inside with four of his bodyguards. Eliminate the four bodyguards then pursue Playboy onto the roof. Descend the fire escape and chase Playboy. When you reach the streets, Playboy calls more guards, this time driving a vehicle. Stick to the right, ignore the vehicle, and follow Playboy into an alley. Find him trying to get inside a building. Gun down Playboy, which completes the mission.

Targeting and eliminating Dwayne is easier and not as wise in the long run because of the lost friendship. Drive over to the marked location and find Dwayne and a bodyguard inside his place. Eliminate both parties to complete the task. Packie McReary makes contact and offers a job. Grab a vehicle and pick up Packie. Drive along the marked route to the harbor at Fishmarket South.

Once you reach the marked location, exit the car and follow Packie into the harbor. Packie does his best Lara Croft imitation—he climbs over lumber, grabs the billboard railing, and shimmies to the other side. Follow the onscreen instructions and his movements. Pull up onto the roof and rendezvous with Packie. A cut scene reveals the arrival of the boat.

The deal is going down. There are plenty of enemies below but the rooftop offers an excellent height advantage and line of fire. A sniper rifle can also be a nice ambush weapon against several of the enemies.

Arm a pistol or assault rifle for long-range accuracy. Clear out as many guards as you can see; there are others inside the garage. Approach the garage carefully and take cover by the entrance. Eliminate the guards waiting inside. Make your way to the office on the left side and find a much welcome health kit. Clearing the area triggers the next objective. Listen to the dialogue: Follow the onscreen instructions to toss the grenades out of the van.

Concentrate on your driving. The mission ends as soon as you reach the marked lockup—even if you have a wanted level and a bunch of enemies still on your tail. Pay Packie a visit and discover him handing out weapons to his crew. The plans are to hit a mafia-controlled waste management plant. Hillary Clinton layers a scarf, shawl Ski lift from hell! The terrifying moment a At least it's not United! Now Southwest Airlines comes Donald Trump Jr and wife The moment darts player nicknamed The Boss Woman who was viciously beaten by baseball player ex in Drunk estate agent, 27, who flew into a rage and smashed Engineer on Florida bridge project called Duke of Devonshire spends Father, son and a friend are charged in 'worst case' of Heartbreaking moment horse breaks its leg at Cheltenham Comments Share what you think.

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Iamges: dating websites on grand theft auto 5

dating websites on grand theft auto 5

Get in a police car, and turn on the sirens. He drew upon his earlier involvement with a gang and trafficking drugs in his portrayal of Franklin.

dating websites on grand theft auto 5

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dating websites on grand theft auto 5

The diner is near your old safehouse. Eliminate a couple cops across the room. Pull into the parking lot and note the onscreen notification: The Football Factory Sunday Driver. Drive over to U. Try not to damage this car.