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#1 bismark2222: guys stop throwing shots at James, you could see that he was in a rush, as you can see that he was probs late as nobody was walking behind him as much as the others, or maybe he'd been doing so many interviews in the past hour and they just ask the same questions, so of course he will get tired. don't hate. liza did amazing in this thou, honeslty the best youtube interview ive seen

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#5 Diell: Argentina V ch Lionel Messi V ch

#6 sviin: 7:00 mins, we hear that in India people just want a job, but in other societies, people are more free to follow their inclinations. What does this mean exactly? Once we have all our basic needs met, we focus on sensual pleasures and the desires of our heart? Human nature may well be depraved after all. Given enough opportunity, there is no limit to the ungodliness of man.

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#9 Medvednikov: i don't have a problem with people asking for donations or if people want to donate to a content provider. my issue with corsi is that he jumped on a full ship capitalizing on its momentum and started promoting himself over everything else. he pushed his book every single time i saw him live and now that Q has called someone out, he's taken as many new followers as he can, and run away. now he's trying to delegitimize the Q he used for months and all the people he leached off of in the Q soapbox. i may be missing something but corsi stinks.

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#23 ivan26257: great video, i wonder does IQ have anything to do with ambition? I know lots of people who are what would be called blue collar workers who have no desire to do anything more. I dont say this to put them down or anything nor to i say this to puff myself up but i look at that type of work and i just would go insane doing that kind of work for a life time. not because it is hard, ive done some really hard stuff in the military. rather i couldn't imagine doing it my entire life and being content with no upward mobility. so it makes me wonder, generally speaking does a lower IQ correlate to a general lack of ambition?

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a girl and a boy naked
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