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Wednesday, December 3, at 6: SurDoc is over here: D ssn2 dia romantis, perhatian, menghargai, seru, lucu, dan baik banget! Wktu trs brjlan, tmbah bgug mw gmn. Get full details at: Wednesday, November 5, at 4: Click here to watch very short video about our company.

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For more information- http: In the meantime my account had been upgrade to fully paid status. Comfortably from your home office! When my bank contacted them they reacted immediately. Mereka ini tenggelam dalam keseronokan dan glamour etc.

Run by real bottom feeders. Impossible to get a refund. Though supposedly it is easy. Download came with Malware. Data is stored encrypted, the use Google Cloud Storage. Also backup is Unlimited, the sync folder service they offer is just a small part of the service. The actual proper backup side is unlimited. The storage is not unlimited. Exactly what happened to me, Herb. When I called them out on it, they completely ignored me and still have not answered my questions!

Products seem decent when I tried them. However, their upsells and shady practices made me swear them off completely. My PC Backup and Advanced system Protector and have suddenly appeared on my laptop with no action by me. But bloody hell they keep throwing up messages that stay on screen blocking normal use.

Try following these steps: They claim it was past the 30 day money back guarantee period. I have never seen a company that would not refund an unused portion of something.

Do you know of any recourse? Where is the company located? Maybe a formal complaint can be initiated? It was well past the 30 day guarantee. Although they sent me an email I still have it , saying that my account was cancelled, a year later they attempted to slip a renewal through PayPal. Again, I disputed it with my credit card company and PayPal, received the refund, then blocked them on PayPal.

Be persistent, but there is no way to contact the company except by email which is useless. Also, be sure to uninstall the software from your system and then delete the files left behind which is most everything. Wow Kathy, They are a class act! They say they are now refunding, still waiting for that one to happen….

They also set up all your credit card payments with automatic renewals as a subscription and you have to contact your credit card company to cancel it. Even when you end the subscription with them, they will very clearly tell you I have emails , that they do not revoke the payment requirements, and it is up to the user to cancel future payments.

You will get harassed daily for upgrades. All of which will be unnecessary. Finally, after the initial satisfaction guarantee period ends, you will get a message that you have insufficient space in your backup, even though their own dashboard shows otherwise I had 80GB still available.

It simply refused to back up any more until I paid for an additional license. Their call center said to ignore the message, something I did before when receiving the same prompt, but after 60 days you could not ignore it. The Parent company is http: They are so unethical that I actually worry about my data on their servers.

I made the point of deleting everything before canceling, but still, I am able to log in and see that I can reinstate my account, and that their dashboard shows I have GB stored on their cloud servers -after I deleted them. Can you tell me how you deleted them pls cos Im on Win 8. I get error message when I try! John In South Africa. John, I was unable remove my data from their site. So if I log in, even with my cancelled subscription, my data is still there.

This is very concerning to me. That part was easy in Mac. I am not sure if you are referring to this point, or the point regarding data. Hi there, I ended up with Zipcloud downloaded automatically by accident when I downloaded another application. I thought it was part of this app so I entered my email and password etc.

Eventually I managed to delete the app and let the free trial run out but I really want my data deleted! Can someone please help me if they know how to get it removed?? They would not even confirm that they would delete my data after I quit the service. My two-month experience with ZipCloud: Imagine my surprise when this link came up after I googled if justcloud and zipcloud were the same company.

I wish you would address which services allow mapped drives or NAS. This is important to me and I have had a very hard time finding services that do. I just signed up for ZipCloud because they do. I hope that I am not going to be sorry. I just migrated from SOS because their service stopped working after a computer glitch and their support was lousy. Thanks for the suggestion. Thank you so much for the information.

These guys are really something. On their website rhey state that there is an unlimmited money back guarantee. But there is not. I requested to cancel my subscription and to give me my money back. They keep on pointing to the terms and conditions and ignore their own statements about the money back guarantee. I was so stupid as to get a 3year subscription at a discount. Then there is the bad backup features on iOS devices- it does not work right, constantly hangs.

On OS X the backup ptogram is an irritating piece of software, because the program window is always shown after startup. I am inHolland, so I guess I cannot do anything substantial about all this. I can probably say goodbeye to my money. But I will cancel, I hate this company.

AVOID like the plague…please…. That is great news, because I signed in thinking they were icloud from apple and backed up all my files with them then. Then I got an email from Gabriel and I realized that it was not apple. Their cloud popped up on my computer, I thought it was apple software. I hope you are right. It required one to purchase a three month subscription to MyPCBackup. A click on that link brought me back to the original three step process to sign up for MyPCBackup.

This is quite concerning because its software is now loaded on my computer- and now the site, presumably, has all my info. Unfortunately Just Cloud was being promoted in the C-Panel of a hosting company I recently signed up with. Initially I only wanted a small amount of cloud storage just to try out. Apparently the offer that appeared to be special had a sting in its very long tail; comprising of additional services that were not a scrap of good to me. As soon as I found what they had done I cancelled the service but no notice was taken of my cancellation.

Guess what, yes your right no sign of the refund and my chasing up mail was ignored. I contacted my Bank and they in turn arranged a refund, at least a happy ending. A bit of poetic nonsense I must admit, which I hope you will excuse me for using it.

Regardless, it is true again, thank you Geoff. Thanks for the kind words,Terry. Zipcloud is a ripoff. I lost over photos after a crash.

I was told by them it was my responsibility to check that the files were successfully backed up! They did not respond when I asked how they proposed I do that. They just sent another excuse form letter.

It took 3 days for the restore because of the slow speed and numerous crashes. The file do not get restored to where they were backed up from. Only people who never has to restore ALL their files would think this works. I deleted the software and tried MyPC Backup a few days later not realising they were the same company. I have just emailed them with a cancellation notice and asked for all money to be returned.

Not that I expect them to do anything. I have a Cloud Services 1 year subscription. Does anyone know if they are any good? No mention of incresing after 1st month. Con men springs to mind.

I have had a similar experience. The system is intricately designed to rope you in to add-ons at cost and inflate your storage artificially eg. If you delete a folder that contains sub-folders in My Documents on your computer it will not decrease your quota — you need to manually delete folders from the bottom up to do this which is of course laborious.

They dragged things out with repeat offers for freebees and discounts and then, when they finally confirmed, they also notified that there will be no refund. Here is the wording of their email: We apologized for the inconvenience but you agreed on our Terms and Condition regarding refunds which is stated below. I have managed to contact them by phone this time Philippines call center and threatened that I will lodge formal complaints following which they sent me a written undertaking to refund.

Will update on this. From my practical experience stay away from any company that does not have strong phone support. If you take the example of Zipcloud they have a lousy email support where they would respond as an when they feel like. Well get the full blast here: MyPC backup have just too many upsells almost everything. Once you skip it, they pop out another feature, you skip the offer again they will upsell you again for like times! This really pisses me off!

Is like their ads is everywhere when you log in to your account. I personally recommend Mediafire or dropbox. Regards, Alexander Ang Wealth. I also like how easy Dropbox is. Thanks for the response. Compare with Dropbox and Mediafire, I would personally recommend Dropbox. Mediafire gives you more spaces 10GB for free. But they will post ads around your folder that makes it annoying too lol.. My question is did you ever get to work for MyflexJob.

It would keep telling me that this program is infected and AVG would override the my decision everytime. If you did work for this company did they allow you to download another program instead so you could start work? Thanks for you time. Once you sign up, is a degree total change stories. This is what happen when you successfully sign up with MyFlexJob. If you are not careful and cancel your credit card before that, you will be charged accordingly. Who are these people telling if I do not backup my files they may be deleted…..

If they delete my files I will take them to court…. And you can believe that to be true……. Jeff, you are SO right on. I just got the shock of my life with their upsell email, ran a google on the Co and I found your article. Thank you, here is what I wrote back to the Company.

Get my files off of your system! When I reviewed my account, this company started to request that I have to auto-renew my account within 10 days. I TRIED to de-activate this auto-renewal according to their instructions but of no avail, hence I have no other recourse but to declare my Credit Card lost!

I paid for unlimited backup with mypcbackup. I asked them to cancel my subscription and Reid my money. In a prompt reply they offered to help me with my problem. I related that I would prefer to cancel. They immediately and helpfully closed my account and refounces my money. Thanks for sharing Patrick. I realize everyone is going to have a different experience.

I use hubic along with expand drive on my mbp. The owner has a nice white Ferrari parked in front of the premises in question on the Google maps… The company is certainly in breach of a number of regulatory and of privacy as well as business [practice. Coercive unfair business yes.

IPPr violation, yes, Theft is provable that they beyond the specific level of doubt are obliged under statutory legislation to refund. They are a network of companies. I will; not comment on speculation. If you would like to refer the series of complaints I will assist the authorities in going the right way. That there are no effective immediate remedial bodies is also a very misleading matter indicating the offshore nature of the operation, The complaints body is US and not local Havant, Hants that by virtue of suspected criminal offences as well as companies offences where there is the injury to the corporeal body itself same consumer council and the ombudsman who can have quite sharp teeth, especially when the corporate veil, privily nonsense is overcome.

I take a no nonsense approach as a Private Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agent on a regular basis. For the agent watching please inform your superior that inquiries are likely to progress further. There are a number of institutions that will rightly involve in the breach of statutory provisions on data privacy. They appear to lease server space and are not in direct or physical control and nave no binding provision the ISP.

Its more perhaps a question of information being shredded to save on charges. Access they do have to your storage. Denial of access they will do; sale of anything they will do as they state.

There is also the enclose and defeat switches on te presentation, purposeful identification with existing and trusted providers et al. The nonsense they say are their powers are pure fiction. The court determines such, whether inferior at magistracy or in terms of complex and high worth crime, the superior courts.

There is a question I believe also that all proprieties will be seized as well as any prison term. The law is there to protect — learn how to use it. Good luck to you all and sod off you nasty selfish piece of panderer user garbage wolf and leave our people alone. Half a mind to have a chat with a friend, who prefers to not be identified… But he or they will not stop until someone who has injury will stand and fight and go all the way, maybe tall the way to Holloway… Hon.

Kisarl, ACCS — jeankisarl at gmail dot com. Matt Bianco is not alone! Within 5 minutes I received this: We can confirm we have now removed you from our mailing list. The mailing address I received on one of their emails is: I was trying to download WinZip and Zipcloud was inside the zip file.

That means no winzip, instead it was essentially a Trojan horse of some kind. Who knows what else was in that download.

Someone has figured out how to sell and overbill people who are too lazy to buy an external hard drive. Unless you absolutely need to, keep your data safe on your own external hard drives. As soon as your data is online it may as well be public for anyone to see. I contacted and told them to stop sending me this stuff and although I flagged them in Gmail as spam their emails still get through.

Finally I started responding with vulgar emails which they admonish me for but still pitch the freaken service. I made a password for this service but they said that I already had one. I thought, well, maybe somewhere in the past ….. Okay, that is clear! Worst mistake I made! Using cloud storage comparison sites, my pc backup had good reviews and i bought a 1 year subscription and downloaded it. Its now 4 months later and i now know what scammers they are. I dont want to renew in 8 months time when my 1 year is up.

I have already selected to turn off auto renew in the subscription and billing section. Does anyone know if this option actually works or does my pc backup still take the money anyway?

I dont want to have to change my credit card number as an alternative option, it may affect my credit score. All it takes is a simple phone call with your bank to start the process. No need to change your credit card number. I was evaluating cloud storage providers and noticed real similarities. I determined there must be a common wholesaler at least underneath them. Your article has enlightened me!

They are simply ignoring my request for the cancellation of the account. I sent them 5 emails and never got the answer. Can I sue them? I got my money back through the charge back. I have been their client for three months and was trying to get from them a fully operational backup without success. They stopped answering my emails when I wanted a refund. They really make it difficult to get your money back. When my bank contacted them they reacted immediately. Probably they do not want to be kicked out of the PayPal system.

It took some time almost a month and it was worth it as their ignorance should be punished. I guess McaFee must know about these companies as they have repeatedly removed Just Cloud from my computer.

After several attempts by Just Cloud who I have to say were very helpful to reinstall remotely the application they admitted they had unresolved issues with Just Cloud and advised me to contact McAfee. I have cancelled my yearly subscription just in time but it seems left all my non-encrypted files behind on their server.

I had my suspicions about all the other companies since the logos seemed similar so very grateful to come upon this site and have them confirmed. I had no spam for the last 5 years. I made the mistake of trying zipcloud and they obviously sold my address info the same day.

I now have a ton of spam. This Company is a fraud. First I got debited from my credi card without authorisation. I had wabted to unscribe at the end of the contract but then they forced themselves on me. The last backup on my PC is February and all me complaints to them went unreplied. I cant even download their full exe file for a reinstallation. I get perpetual message JustCloud has stopped working. I thought ZipCloud was great at first. Uploaded all my work and data from my phone etc.

Had it about 6 months and suddenly noticed a few files missing online. In a nutshell it seems they are happy to suck up all your data and files for the first month, then daily backups? Oh no, you have to pay more for that. A video file I hear you say? Is that an extra hard drive attached to you computer we see? I hope they have room for that. Hospital Kota Tinggi, Johor Pendidikan: Model, pengacara, pelakon Drama: Darling Ngasri tu mak sdara mmy tu.. Dlm HMetro arini ada dnyatakan sdikit psl kes DN dgn mmy ni.

Lumrah hidup mmg pahit ditelan…tpi segalanye perlu tempuhi walaupn payah.. Mana mak bapak memey tu. Walaupun bertali arus panggilan telefon dan kiriman SMS daripada media, pelakon baru, Suhaiza Suhaimi atau Memey, 20, yang ditangkap khalwat dengan Norman Hakim, 32, terus berdiam diri. Ini menimbulkan tanda tanya Memey belum bersedia berhadapan dengan khalayak umum bagi menjelaskan kedudukan sebenar.

Malah, sikap mengunci mulut kemungkinan untuk mengelak terkeluarnya kenyataan bercanggah dengan Norman. Apapun, pelakon dan penerbit yang ada pertalian saudara dengan Memey, Nasreen Ngasri atau Darling yang dihubungi Harian Metro semalam, berkata dia dan Memey sudah tidak berhubungan selama setahun.

Bagaimanapun, saya pernah menasihatkan dia dulu supaya berhati-hati dan cuba jauhi benda seperti ini. Namun, dia Memey tidak mengendahkannya. Tepuk sbelah tangan takkan berbunyi. Dia org dua ni sama je,sorang buaya lapar sorang lagi jerung lapar.

Otak tu letak kat mana. Kera di hutan lebih bijak dr diorang dua ni. Aku menangis jugak pasal tengok kisah Abby dan Memey ni… aku menangis sebab tak cukup duit …. Farah Syakira setiap hari Ahad pukul 9. Aritu tgok crita FS ni pun nak tgok khebatan Me-yang ni brlakon. Klau trbukti depa brsalah, harap kmenterian dpt banned smua crita yg ada muka 2 ekor ni… pngajaran utk yg lain gak. Happyla sememeh dpt NH tu.. Nape normah asyik nk puji n backup c memey tu?? Sudah menjadi lumrah dunia..

Baiklah ahli nujum, kalau si jantan bertemu dengan si betina, apa yang dibuatnya??? Tengok si memey tu takdalah lawa mana pun…Berlakon pun biasa eje… Macam bukan artis je…Takda style langsung…Tak minatlah…. Norman tu, masa sekolah dulu pun memang sombong…. Tak bergaul dengan orang…Nak kata hensem, hensem lagi laki aku…Abby pulak, walaupun dulu belum kawin dia agak sosial, tapi semenjak kawin ni dah banyak perubahan…Aku rasa dia seorang ibu yang baik dan seorang isteri yang tabah…Semoga dia dapat menempuh dugaan ini dengan hati yang redha…Amin….

Cian Norman, mconteng arang ke muka sdri. Mggu lepas ckp x ade ape2, tup2 mggu ni kena tangkap khalwat lg nk beri komen. NH how could u cheat on ur lovely wife..?? Suhaimi yang membahasakan diri dengan panggilan abang, berkata dia sekeluarga sedia menerima pilihan hidup Memey asalkan anaknya gembira dan berbahagia bersama pasangannya.

Ditanya pandangan masyarakat kampungnya berkaitan kejadian terbabit, Suhaimi berkata, dia tidak menghadapi sebarang masalah kerana penduduk memahami situasi dialami Memey.

Mereka dapat menerima kejadian menimpa anak abang kerana ia sebahagian asam garam kehidupan sebagai seorang artis. Selepas kejadian itu, Suhaimi berkata, Norman ada menghubungi ibu Memey untuk menjelaskan perkara sebenar dan meminta maaf dengan apa yang berlaku. Katanya, Norman memberi jaminan tidak akan mengaitkan insiden itu dengan keluarganya. Menurutnya, Memey yang juga anak ketiga daripada enam beradik selalu menghubungi keluarganya untuk bertanya khabar. Mengenai keretakan rumah tangga Norman bersama Abby Abadi, kata Suhaimi, dia tidak mahu campur tangan dalam urusan rumah tangga pasangan berkenaan.

Suhaimi turut menyerahkan kepada mahkamah menentukan kes khalwat Memey bersama Norman. Ini menyebabkan kemelut perkahwinan Norman dengan Abby atau Arbaeyah Abdul Manan, 30, yang sudah lama berlanjutan semakin parah.

Abby yang berang dengan tindakan Norman mempunyai hubungan dengan Memey kini menuntut suami menceraikannya. Kelmarin, Norman yang ditemui selepas menunaikan solat hajat dan istikarah di Masjid Nur Hidayah Kampung Pandan, berkata dia pasrah apa yang berlaku sama ada bersama semula atau berpisah dengan Abby.

Abby,kita serupa dan hanya yg mengalami sahaja yg tahu perasaan kita…. Bila aku bagi pluang kat dia balik koo org tau ape jd…. Terkedu sya mndgr ruangan abby d melodi…. Abby bukanya saja2 nak bwak wartawan. Sya x setuju dgn apa yg dia org tuduh abby tu dtg serang norman kat tmpt keje….

Ibunya, Norlela Abdul Rahman, 44, memberitahu Kosmo! Ahad, beliau benar-benar terkilan dan sedih dengan laporan sebuah akhbar semalam mengenai perkahwinan itu. Menurut akhbar tersebut, bapa Memey, Suhaimi Sarwani, 45, dilaporkan merestui perkahwinan tersebut asalkan Memey gembira dan bahagia bersama pasangannya. Norlela yang enggan gambarnya diambil bimbang laporan tersebut akan menyebabkan orang ramai termasuk orang kampung di Felda Tenggaruh 1, Kota Tinggi membuat tanggapan negatif terhadap Memey dan keluarganya.

Pada 30 Oktober lalu, Memey, 20 bersama pelakon, Mohamed Norhakim Zaidon atau lebih dikenali Norman Hakim, 32, dicekup pihak berkuasa atas tuduhan berkhalwat di sebuah premis perniagaan di Ukay Perdana, Hulu Klang menyebabkan rumah tangga pelakon siri Gerak Khas itu kini bergolak. Pada masa sama, kata Norlela, keluarganya menyerahkan kes tersebut kepada mahkamah untuk memutuskannya.

Menariknya, artis lain sibuk ambil anak angkat tetapi Norman pulak ambil adik angkat. Anak dara cantik pulak itu yang dipilih menjadi adik angkatnya.

Kononnya Memey terpaksa menginap di ofis itu kerana dia dalam proses mencari rumah baru. Untuk sementara waktu ini, terpaksalah dia tinggal di situ.

Yang masih dalam pembinaan pun tidak terbilang dengan jari. Hendak duduk kat kawasan mana, cakap aje. Rumah yang ada kolam, tak ada kolam, semua ada. Boleh pilih rumah pangsa, town house, kondo, rumah teres atau banglo, bila-bila masa boleh dapat. Takkan lama sangat hendak cari rumah sewa atau pun Memey ini memang cerewet sangat kot. Seperkara lagi, kalau benarlah Memey itu adik angkat Norman kenapa Norman tidak mempelawanya duduk di rumahnya saja.

Ada juga Abby kawan bila Norman sibuk di lokasi penggambaran. Memang pelik sebab selama ini mereka menafikan mempunyai hubungan istimewa. Oleh itu beberapa kenyataan dikeluarkan Norman selepas kes tangkap basah itu sangat diragui kerana bagi CAK bukan senang kita hendak membuat keputusan berkahwin jika tidak pernah kenal rapat sebelum ini.

Aku percaya wanita simpati abby bukannya bawakpun wartawan tuh dah memeng kes ni meletup wartawan sure kejar abby bantai je la abby da meradang mana dia tau lagik ada ke tak wartawan. Abby tu kira ada tahap ksabarn tggi gak tu coz klau Hb d stuasi Abby, Hb pun mgkin leh wat more than that.. Hb yakin kita ni brcakap emo?? Kalau ikutkan, CAK taklah terkejut sangat dengan maklumat terbaru ini kerana dari dulu lagi kisah pergolakan rumah tangga artis ini sudah CAK hidu.

Pernah satu sumber memberitahu pelakon ini boleh tahan liar orangnya. Bahkan, ada teman sesama artis mendedahkan pelakon ini selalu bertukar pasangan lebih-lebih lagi apabila menjayakan penggambaran di luar Kuala Lumpur. Berbalik kepada kontroversi tadi, CAK difahamkan pelakon bertubuh kecil ini menceraikan isterinya melalui Sistem Pesanan Ringkas SMS dan penyebabnya tidak lain tidak bukan wujudnya orang ketiga.

Pelakon ini khabarnya tengah mabuk bercinta dengan seorang pelakon baru hingga tergamak meninggalkan si isteri dan anak mereka yang masih kecil. Sejauh mana hubungan itu tidak pula CAK pasti. Terus-terang CAK tumpang simpati dengan kaum hawa yang ditinggalkan suami kerana wanita lain. Apatah lagi mereka yang diceraikan melalui SMS. Bukan nak berpihak kepada sesiapa tapi tindakan lelaki yang menggunakan kemudahan SMS sebagai saluran melafazkan cerai boleh dikategorikan sebagai tidak matang.

Buat majlis perkahwinan penuh beradab tapi bila dah tak suka sewenang-wenangnya melempar wanita yang pernah dicintai umpama kain buruk! Setahu CAK artis itu hendak mengesahkan lafaz cerainya di mahkamah tetapi sehari suntuk kawan CAK pergi ke mahkamah yang dimaksudkan, tak nampak pun batang hidungnya.

CAK harap janganlah artis itu biarkan isterinya di gantung tak bertali. Isterinya pun muda lagi jadi biarlah dia mencari kebahagiaannya sendiri. Hb tringat kakak DN yg nama Nasliza Ngasri tu. Apa brita trkini ek? Bagaimanapun, Bell ketika ditemui di lokasi penggambaran drama bersiri Pepaya di Sungai Chincin, Gombak, baru-baru ini, menafikan dia bercerai dengan Syasya atau menjalin hubungan intim dengan Farah Putri. Walaupun pada awalnya Bell enggan mengulas lanjut dengan alasan dinasihatkan ibu bapanya supaya mendiamkan diri berhubung gosip itu, Bell akhirnya bersetuju untuk berkongsi cerita bagi menjernihkan keadaan.

Kadangkala nampak macam kasar, kadangkala orang tak faham saya main-main. Bukan saya nak ceraikan isteri saya. Jadi saya pergi pejabat agama nak dapatkan nasihat. Menurut Bell, selepas pergi ke pejabat agama untuk mendapatkan khidmat kaunseling itu, ada orang menelefon isterinya dan menceritakan kononnya dia kaki mabuk, kurus kerana hidu gam dan menghisap ganja.

Bell menerangkan, sesi kaunseling itu bukan pertama kali dihadirinya dan ketika pergi ke pejabat agama kira-kira 12 hari lalu, dia dan isteri dalam keadaan mesra dan baik, selain turut bergelak ketawa. Menurutnya, hubungan dengan isterinya sangat baik, apa lagi isterinya baru melahirkan anak yang disayanginya. Mengulas hubungannya dengan Farah Putri, Bell berkata, laporan sebuah majalah hiburan kononnya dia ada hubungan istimewa dengan pelakon itu turut mengeruhkan hubungannya dengan isteri, sedangkan mereka berdua cuma kawan biasa.

Bell berkata, selama ini dia tidak pernah mendedahkan masalahnya pada pengetahuan umum dan sentiasa cuba menyelesaikannya sendiri. Saya tak nak bercerita dengan wartawan sebab selama ini wartawan tak nak ambil tahu pasal saya. Abby,saya prnah alami lebih kurang sama dgn kisah sedih u nie. Nasihat sy jgn terburu2 mnta cerai, relax. Masa adalah ubat yg paling baik. U x de apa yg kurang, yg kurang ialah Norman-kurang iman utk melawan godaan syaitan.

U x hodoh, yg hodoh adalah Norman — hodoh perangainya. Diam adalah senjata yg paling baik utk membuat Norman rasa bersalah, kita jgn mula kan meminta cerai krn jika syg masih ada nnt u akan menyesal..

Yang paling penting tenangkan diri dulu dari sebarang kenyataan kpd wartawan. Hb cuma share da info yg Hb dpt msa baca paper kat online..

Hb diam je lah.. Klau u pnah wat keje2 camtu, x nk samakn smua org mcm u tu! Sepatutnya Abby kena bnyk2 bersabar, bukan menghebohkan cerita ni kt media massa… ambil la masa utk pulih, bertenang, kemudian fikirkan cara nak betulkan keadaan yg kucar kacir. Hal2 rumahtangga ni elok dibawa berbincang suami-istri tanpa prejudis dari org lain. Aku x pernah alami apa yg kamu alami, tapi aku tahu bagaimana rasanya bila dikhianati oleh org yg kita percaya. Sakitnya hanya kamu yg merasa. Tapi hakikatnya, Tuhan tidak lupa akan kamu abby, berdoalah, minta petunjuk dr-Nya.

Kamu seorg perempuan yg dikurniakan anugerah yg melebihi seorg lelaki itu sendiri, maka haruslah bertenang dalam apa2 situasi, itu cara orang yg bijak menyelesaikan masalah. Jangan kamu melatah sebab ujian ini datang pada kamu, ia bukan tiba2… kamu sendiri sudah mengetahui sejak lama dahulu..

Selesaikan perkara ni dengan cara orang dewasa, minta pendapat dari orang yg arif, tapi hanya kamu yg berhak menentukan keputusan nya. Lelaki akan memberi pelbagai alasan untuk untuk berkahwin lain. Tanda tanda yang diberikan harus difahami wanita.. Sebenarnya ini adalah tektik lelaki nak mengaburi pandangan dan menutup kesalahan untuk meraih simpati wanita yang lembut hati…Lelaki akan kata sayangkan keluarga dan anak ,demi masa depan anak anak..

Tektik lelaki berikutnya… Kemudian barulah dia buat hebahan nak nikah sebab hari hari kahwin kat office.. Dia akan kemasjid tonjolkan keimanan.. Selepas menikah nanti lelaki akan biar anak anak tanpa nafkah.. Inilah strategi dayus norman dan juga strategi bekas suami aku. Abby lihatlah aku yang bahagia kini..

Pedulikan apa orang nak kata yang penting apa yang kita nak. Carilah duit banyak banyak kerana doa isteri yang teraniaya lebih makbul dari si norman. Aku dulu buat solat hajat.. Ya Allah sekiranya penceraian itu pilihan Mu dan jalan terakhir buatku.. Kau permudahkan lah ia. Dan sekiranya suamiku benar benar menganiayai ku.. Berikan seramai anak yang mungkin atau tanpa anak langsung.

Dan dengan kekuasaanNya penceraian ku dipermudahkan tanpa halangan dimana talak dijatuhkan ketika aku masih mengandung 6 bulan anak pertama. Dan Allah tidak mengurniakan anak langsusng dalam perkahwinan keduanya akibat menzalimi anak sendiri dan aku sendiri. Aku setuju dengan kata solehah tu kerana pengalaman yang sama pernah aku alami. Dalam keadaan spt itu, hanya doa yang menjadi teman. Memang betul, doa seorang isteri yang teraniaya akan dimakbulkan Tuhan.

Jika telah ditakdirkan berpisah adalah jalan terbaik, terimalah dengan hati rela. Aku tak mahu bercakap tentang abby tapi tentang norman dan memey.

Aku rasa lah kan, jalan terbaik untuk dia orang tu, mengaku salah ajelah. Dah terang lagi bersuluh, nak selindung apa lagi! Tak yah la beri seribu alasan, memang dia orang berdua tu ada mental problem sbb dok kat pejabat pukul 3. Memandangkankan abby pun tak mau kat norman lagi, kahwin ajelah norman dengan memey tu. Kalau nak tahu langit tinggi rendah, kahwin lah kau memey dengan norman. Bangang betul si DASS tu! Dia faham ke apa cerita yang sedang berlaku???

Biul betul bagi kenyataan macam tu! Kalau lah aku ni diberi kuasa oleh Tuhan, nak aje aku cari si DASS tu dan bagi penampar serta penyepak.

Bengang tengok norman kat dalam melodi.. Aku di goda oleh rakan satu ofis dgn aku. Mulanye aku cube ignore tapi lama2 iman aku bergoncang gak…dia bkn jer lawa tapi sgt2 sexy. Aku dilamun cinta dan akhirnye kami salu kuar dating. Bukan tak syg bini atau anak tapi aku tak tahan berseronok bile bersama si dia.

Satu hari tu waktu nk anta dia balik umah tetibe dia ckp kepala dia pening. Aku pun pimpin dia masuk umah sewa dia. Kawan2 hsemate dia rupenye balik kpg dan pada malam itu buat pertama kali kami terlanjur. Selepas peristiwa itu kami mcm gian dan terlanjur berulang2 kali hingga dia mengandung. Dipendekkan citer kami bernikah.

Isteri pertama aku yg merupakan seorg suri rumah sepenuh mase sgt sabar dan melayan aku mcm biase. Lame2 aku mula dpt menilai…isteri pertamaku jauh lebih menyenangkn hati berbanding yg kedua.

Aku nyesal tapi ape dayaku kerana terpaksa bertahan demi anak yg lahir dgn isteri kedua. Hati aku tersiksa setiap kali di rumah isteri kedua. Isteri kedua suka membentak dan hati aku rimas bila di rumah isteri kedua dan akhirnye setelah cuba bersabar selama 2 tahun aku menceraikan isteri kedua.

Aku terus taubat dan tak mungkin akan melayan mana2 pompuan selain isteriku ini. Aku syukur sgt2 aku masih ade kesempatan meneruskn hidup dgnnye dan sesungguhnye dia adelah permata yg terlalu tinggi nilainye dlm hidupku.. HELOO everybody yg cakap memey tu cute.. Memey tu masa muda blom beranak cantik lah! Urat kendur sana sini.. Bodo punye Norman, bini dah bersalin sampai 3 org anak tu pun still cun, dia tolak tepi.. Budak hingusan jugak yg kau nak.. Ko Norman tak tahu menilai mata emas celup dengan berlian Karat..

Ko skrg tgh ingat dunia bro, ko tak ingat akhirat…. Ape yg dah terjadi kat abby betol2 buat aku bingit kat si jantan tak sedar diri dan pompuan mentah tu orang spore panggil budak taik. Br sethn jagung perangai da mcm belagak diva. Buat malu jer kaum Jawa…Pulak tu…Jawa Johor.

Murka Sultan Johor… Da ler tak habis2 kontrovesi artis2 dari Johor. Memang dasar anak Felda mcm tu ker… Nasib2. Salam,buat insan bernama Abby. Semoga dirimu tabah setabah-tabahnya. Sebagai seorang perempuan yang mengalami perkara yang sama saya harap Abby tabah dan sentiasa redha dengan apa yang terjadi.

Allh SWT itu maha adil. Jikalau DIA tidak adil tentu segala2nya tidak akan terbongkar. Ingatlah Anak2 masih perlu kasih sayang mu Abby.

Semoga segalanya berjalan seperti biasa jangan di hiraukan segala-gala yang tidak berkaitan dengan dirimu….. Allah sentiasa berada di samping umat2nya yang bertawakal. Minggu lalu juga saya menerima surat panjang lebar daripada seorang pembaca dari Simpang Empat, Perlis mengenai kemelut rumahtangga Abby-Norman. Katanya, dia menulis untuk semua individu meluaskan minda betapa agungnya sebuah perkahwinan.

Semua yang dikatakan itu tidak akan dikongsi bersama jika hanya saya seorang yang membacanya. Jadi, lebih baik saya paparkan sebahagian isi kandungan surat ini melalui ruangan ini. Kalau mahu dipaparkan semua, tidak cukup ruang untuk surat 10 halaman itu. Katanya, perkahwinan adalah tanggungjawab yang sentiasa berjalan dari saat ke saat dari jam ke jam dari hari ke hari sehinggalah seterusnya. Ia haruslah diteruskan walaupun isinya lebih pahit dari manisnya.

Perkahwinan akan terasa sempurna ketika gembira tetapi tiba-tiba terasa kejam di esok hari. Kesilapan yang berlaku harus dipelajari, harus diperbaiki. Perkahwinan amat indah jika kita luaskan hati untuk lebih memberi dan menerima kesilapan, lalu memperbaikinya.

Abaikan segala kekusutan, carilah penawar untuk mengikat kembali tali yang semakin terungkai. Katanya, jangan menuding jari kepada orang lain kerana jari-jari yang lain tertuding kepada diri sendiri.

Buat ABBY, katanya, bebaskanlah segala kehitaman dendam, cemburu keterlaluan dan emosi bercampur. Renungkanlah rumah anda setiap sudut, setiap benda. Kepada NORMAN, katanya, anda ada tiga anak yang amat menyayangi dan lemah untuk menilai semua yang berlaku ketika ini. Jangan biarkan mereka berfikir ini semua salah papa, kasihan mama dan bencinya dengan perempuan itu.

Kenanglah kembali kepayahan isteri bersabung nyawa memberi zuriat dari benih anda. Berkorbanlan sedikit perasaan untuk menikmati kebahagiaan pada masa hadapan. Buat MEMEY, katanya, lepaskanlah Norman kerana kalau terus berada di sisinya, anda akan dihukum sepanjang hayat kerana merobohkan masjid dan mengambil hak orang lain.

NH ni mcm da kena jampi ngan c memey.. Kesian kak abby tu. Mak memey pun satu, dok bela memey paksa norman tanggungjawab tu kenapa? Kalau mak aku, alamat kene terajang ler… Wahai orang2 diluar sana….. Nyh r dye bdk kG dtg bAndAR!!! Aku rasa mak mimi buat knyataan mcmtu sebab dah telanjur kot dgn Norman. Jap lg bila jais dakwa dia kata plak dia dah nikah mcm kes sorang artis dulu yg mtk surat nikah pelesu bila dah kena tangkap.

Yeelah norman kau nak idup sorang pun x mampu nak kawin lg konon. Jantan X tau malu tul kau ni. Blk kpg cr hani leh kerja kat ss masai. NH tu jer yg nafsu kuda belang.. Tipu sunat mmg x da.. Bagaimanapun tegas beliau, kedatangan keluarga Norman langsung tidak menyentuh mengenai lamaran terhadap anaknya itu. Pada hari tersebut, keluarga Norman berkunjung ke rumah Memey Suhaiza dan ia telah menimbulkan spekulasi bahawa Norman telah menghantar rombongan meminang bagi menutup malu.

Sebelum ini, kedua-dua pelakon itu dikatakan telah bernikah secara rahsia di Thailand. Bagaimanapun, ia dinafikan pelakon tersebut. Ni ape hal lak c NH tu wat kat felda.. Mana dapat cerita ni? Menurut Norman, buat masa sekarang dia tidak pernah terfikir soal berkahwin lagi memandangkan kes khalwat yang dihadapinya belum dibicarakan.

Selain itu, Norman atau nama sebenarnya Mohamed Nurhakim Zaidon tidak mahu cerita kurang berasas menambah masalah kepada rumah tangganya bersama Abby Abadi. Pada 30 Oktober lalu, kira-kira pukul 3 pagi, Norman dan Memey ditangkap atas tuduhan berkhalwat di sebuah pejabat di Ukay Perdana.

Pasangan itu akan dibicarakan awal Januari depan. Menyentuh mengenai kehadiran keluarganya ke rumah keluarga Memey di Mersing, pada 22 November lalu, Norman memberitahu, ia hanya untuk merapatkan tali silaturrahim. Kebetulan pula keluarga Memey di Tenggaroh ada membuat sedikit majlis, jadi mereka menjemput.

Kat 1 blog ni ada gmbar NH kt 1 rumah- depa kata umah Meyang.. Even ada gmbr NH pkai kain plikat brbaju ek.. Tgok brapa anak yg meyang tu smpat dpt dgn NH sblum NH wat prangai lgi dan lgi.. Antara kandungan SMS itu, katanya, dia mendoakan kebahagiaan isterinya semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, cantik dan ceria selalu serta gembira di samping anak-anak. Biar Abby menenangkan fikirannya.

Norman atau nama sebenarnya Mohamed Nurhakim Zaidon bagaimanapun mahu menyelesaikan kes tangkapan khalwatnya dengan Memey terlebih dahulu sebelum memikirkan hala tuju hubungan dengan Abby. Dia juga menafikan sebelum kejadian tangkap khalwat , dia tidak balik ke rumah mereka di Ukay Perdana, Ampang, hampir lapan bulan. Saya ada balik ke rumah, tetapi kenapa saya jarang balik, sebabnya terlalu peribadi. Biar masyarakat pandang negatif pada saya, tetapi jangan pandang buruk pada isteri saya.

Nmpak sgt NH cba psiko pmbaca dgn ayat ala2 knon prihatin kt AA tu. Masyarakat dh lama leh mnilai la NH oiii…. Klau NH n Meyang x gerun lgi dgn ancaman ni … ish.. Mmg x brkenan eh.. Biar ramai yg kutuk..

Cmna la pnerimaan fanatik2 NH n Meyang ni ek.. UC nk sponsor gak x? ROSE … bkan kutuk aisehhhh.. Uc nk sponsor cabai idup satu lori buat pesediaan mlm yg ntah keberapa.. Badut lain jgn susah hati.

Hanya Norman Hakim jer kami kerjakan.. Khas tuk,Honeybee n Umiecute.. ROSE… x mawar brduri.. Jerakung wat persiapan perkawenan momok gataii.. Waduh… x leh nk tahan gelak bca komen ROSE sjak akhir2 ni.. Hee… Drdentum dentam mcm tnh runtuh sjak shari dua ni…. X de ke pminat fanatik NH n Meyang ni yg nk defend depa marah2 lik org yg komen 2 org ni..

Sis Rose…trim bulu bawah tu pun ttp hitam gak.. Betoi tu sis Rose.. Dalam fmily Uc pon pnah jdik gak bende camni…ikut ckp laki,laki suh bertudung.. Itu bukan tahap gataii,,LAKI penyakit gilerr tak tak sedar dri namenyee.. Tak patut orang2 pompuan hentam Memey tu teruk2 …… aku tengok Memey tu cantik dan gebu gak.

Mesti ada sesuatu yang spesial kat Memey tu ….. Kalu ko kawin orang bujang … silap2 dapat jenis patah … lagi naya. Mmg la ada yg special kat memey tu..

Uc pun takutttt nk carut marut kat sini.. Tp sis Rose…suka ati kita la kan…nk mencarut ke nak menggunakan kata2 kesat ke yg penting segala komen kita ni akan buat betina2 yg teringin nk ambik laki org.. Keluarga ngan jerangkung norman hakim tuh sememeh pula adik dia tu sebab baking durjana dua ekor tu keluarga dorang ni memeng spesis gini jerangkungpun perangai camtuh buat sama ngan norman hakim ngan sememeh tu sebab dia baking habis dorang tuh.

Bukan suami kita-kita yang kawen 2 jerangkung Tapi da memeng manusia dua eko tu salah ko tak rasa dorang salah pasal ko kuarga dia ko pun sama ngan dorang tuh buta mata buta hati buta agama ade ke tangkap basah tak salah bengap ke apa jerangkung nih. BRAVO yusuf haslam bagi pengajaran ngan norman tu cam gitu le baru betul tindakan singkirkan norman tu dlm produksi datuk tak bole nak tego dia cara gitu le nak ajar dia bila da susah tadak job baru le sedo tuh.

Abbypun dah lepas dpd belenggu dia ingat abby jangan sibuk nak cari hubby baru besarkan anak tu dulu kalau idak ko pun sama ngan norman tapi zul arifin tu hensem jugak utk abby. Sekali lagi jerangkung baking sedara dia norman Memang norman tu pikir panjang jerangkung tu sebab berbulan tak balik umah dia sedang berfikir le tuhhhhh lama bebeno dia berfikir ye jerangkung panjangnye pikiran dia sampai tak jenguk anak bini ye bagus-bagus. Bagus le bercerai daripada kawen tadak tanggungjawab bagus le janda dari ada laki menyakitkan hati elok le solo dari ade laki keja dia menggatal tu bukti pikiran panjang le tu pikiran panjang norman tuh dia guna untuk menggatal pikiran singkat abby dia guna untuk jaga anak-anak dia.

KO spesis ape hah!!! NH tu yg salah.. Semoga diberi hidayah dan kebahagian hidup.. Kalau ko da kena tinggal berbulan-bulan takkan nak tunggu lagi Kisah abby ngan zul tu baru je berminggu tu pun sasaja nak kasi koner kisah norman, nak kaver norman je sume tu tadak maknenyerr sekadar bergambar nak cecinta da hotak ko bodo tak reti pk norman da dekat setahun le jerangkung bengap oiiii da tak balik da ade bukti pun kena tangkap basah buat maksiat ko pe tahu?

LilzOuk ni sendiri yang bercakap dan berperangai MUNGKAR papandai nak nasihat orang, nak tego orang Orang lain ingat diri tak payah nak suruh2 Awak tu cermin-cermin le diri dulu baru nak buat kenyataan nasihat. DULU2 x belajor agama ker? Dasar pompuan tak tahu malu! Dikerjakannya rumahtangga org sampai bercerai berai dia nak mintak maaf ngan abby pulak, puiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhh jual diri je tau norman le yg beli bodooooo. Norman da brani bawak da betine tu kuar, makan pi undangan kawen dasar tadak maruah pompuan pulak jalang memang padan saangan le tu.

Dasar jalang ttp jalang.. Allah SWT dah kata buat jahat tetap di balas jahat dan baik tetap di balas baik. Mase akan tiba kita tgk sendiri pembalasan Allh swt nnt. Lambat atau cepat tetap akan dapat balasan walaupun skrg lemah lembut ker, ikhlas ker berpura pura baik ker. Kita tgk ajerla nnt.

Jgn jd mcm arni nazira dulu rampas awie dari erra masih ingat? Pasal jerangkung nie korang sume anggap tak ader jer sbb orng yg membenarkan sama perbuatan jahat akan dapat balasan yg samer rata itu janji Allah SWT.

Kita suma sama2 tnggu dan lihat pembalasan dari Allah SWT kelak. Kalau memey nie btl tak bersalah, balasan baiklah dan kalau benar2 bersalah, balasan buruklah pd dia.

Memey, skrg ko kacau rumah tangga org…. Norman bukannye macho pun…biase2 je.. Mungkin Abby ni jenis perempuan cerewet n mengongkong…tu yang Norman tak balik rumah tu…just my pendapatlah…. Jangan hukum sesiapa dalam kes mereka..

Cuma bila kita jumpa org yang kita sayang.. InsyaAllah dia tidak akan menjauhi kita. Malah akan merosak dan menekan kehidupan mereka.. Kak AA jg dr, n anak2 jer.. Jangan buat dosa Lg yerrrrr…. Askum memang sahih2 dua2 jenis bagik alasan mengarut… malas nak komen sume org blh pk. Memey tarik lah diri. Tuhan maha kaya dik tak kena kita, anak beranak saudara mara kita nanti yang kena. Carilah yang betul2 baik. Tak kesian Abby,kesiankan lah anak2 mereka.

ON lah… salah sape?? Pompuan ni ex aku la.. Napelah korang dengki sgt kat memey…Dh Abg. Ape korang baik sangat kerr.. Abbay tu baik Kerr.. Hari ni mungkin memey rasa bertuah, rasa menang, rasa disayangi. Tapi one day, memey pun akan kena sama. Tuhan sentiasa membuka mata hamba2nya… ingatla ko memey..

I had tons of things to say but decided not to waste my time and energy for someone like u… make sure u ask for forgiveness whenever u go to bed…same thing would happen to u some day…soon…. Perempuan zaman sekarang kene open laa sikit. MEMEY bukanye peduli pon!!!!!!! Assalammualaikum… semua…jangn lh kite salhkn sesiape pun… teliti betul2 tentg msalh ini..

Tp syg perangai cm cibai… Cube perangai ok kn bagus… Bru la kene…. Assalamualaikum semua, Di sini saya tidak berapa setuju dengan komen anda tentang memey dan norman, mengapa anda pula yang merasa marah dengan perkara yang mereka lakukan, adakah anda lihat apa yang mereka buat? Hanya Allah sahaja yang mengetahui perkara yang sebenar….. Hai norman dan memey, anda x usah perduli apa yg sesetengah mereka katakan, buat je macam lembu kenyang, bagi saya yg salah tetap salah, yang benar tetap benar.

Soal kehidupan ni memanglah bergitu ada kala tidak buat salah jadi haruslah kita senantiasa berhati-hati. Buat Abby harap tabah meninti kehidupan mendatang, cerah tidak selalunya, pasti hujan dan mendung akan menjelma.

Mungkin semua itu ada hikmatnya. Tengok ler cara diorang tangkap, sampai kena pecah sana-pecah sini baru leh buktikan diorang duduk berdua. Walhal diorang duduk dalam dua premis yang berbeza tau. Tak der bukti kukuh untuk sabitkan diorang ni berkhalawat sebenarnya.

Gang pencegah yan g tersangat desprate untuk kantoikan diorang. Sure lepas punya la si Memey yg cun nie. Abby dont despair, cheer up, you are way better than that felda girl. Kalau digandingkan abyy dan memey, i think i pilih abby 10 kali.

Abby matured, body bagus, sexy dan pandai jaga anak. All of you cuba tengok betul2, memey lom nampak lagi kerana dia masih muda. Abby you deserve a better man than norman yang tak jujur dan setia. Memey watch, its already happen to abby it can happen to you later, norman kan suka pucuk muda.

T sahaja yg dpt mblas segala perbuatan yg terkutuk yg d lakukan oleh mereka. Da mereka bdua yg gtal. Norman pon pe kurangnya taw nak sakitkan hati perempuan je. Salam Ape dah jadi la ngan korang ni??? Kenape la nak kutuk2 orang lain. Korang tau ke ape yang berlaku sebenarnyer?? Kita semua x tau melainkan mereka yang terlibat. Hari ini diaorng kena, esok2 klu kita yang kena mcm maner?? X baik kutuk mengutuk.. Yang kita kutuk tu mahluk yang Allah telah jadikan dimuka bumi ini..

X kan kita nak kutuk kejadian yang Allah berikan??? Your email address will not be published. Untuk hadir ke acara ini, sila klik SINI. Sunday, November 2, at 9: Sunday, November 2, at Sunday, November 2, at 1: Sunday, November 2, at 2: Sunday, November 2, at 3: Sunday, November 2, at 4: Sunday, November 2, at 7: Sunday, November 2, at 8: Monday, November 3, at Monday, November 3, at 5: Monday, November 3, at 6: Monday, November 3, at 9: Monday, November 3, at 1: Monday, November 3, at 2: Monday, November 3, at 3: Monday, November 3, at 7: Monday, November 3, at 8: Tuesday, November 4, at Tuesday, November 4, at 7: Tuesday, November 4, at 9: Tuesday, November 4, at 2: Tuesday, November 4, at 4: Tuesday, November 4, at 5: Tuesday, November 4, at 6: Tuesday, November 4, at 8: Wednesday, November 5, at 1: Wednesday, November 5, at 5: Wednesday, November 5, at 8: Wednesday, November 5, at 9: Wednesday, November 5, at Jejaka jati melayu says: Wednesday, November 5, at 3: Wednesday, November 5, at 4: Wednesday, November 5, at 6: Wednesday, November 5, at 7: Thursday, November 6, at 1: Thursday, November 6, at 4: Thursday, November 6, at 5: Thursday, November 6, at 7: Thursday, November 6, at 9: Thursday, November 6, at Thursday, November 6, at 2: Thursday, November 6, at 6: Hero Huru Hara says: Friday, November 7, at 7: Friday, November 7, at 8: Friday, November 7, at 9: Friday, November 7, at Friday, November 7, at 1: Friday, November 7, at 2: Friday, November 7, at 3: Friday, November 7, at 4: Friday, November 7, at 5: Ida And Zira says: Saturday, November 8, at Saturday, November 8, at 1: Saturday, November 8, at 2: Saturday, November 8, at 6: Saturday, November 8, at 4: Saturday, November 8, at 5: Saturday, November 8, at 7: Saturday, November 8, at 9: Sunday, November 9, at Sunday, November 9, at 9: Sunday, November 9, at 1: Sunday, November 9, at 3: Sunday, November 9, at 4:

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jdi dating daily mail

T sahaja yg dpt mblas segala perbuatan yg terkutuk yg d lakukan oleh mereka. Friday, January 16, at 6: Earn a full-time income with a part-time effort.

jdi dating daily mail

I sent them 5 emails and never got the answer. Lakonan Memey biasa-biasa saje.

jdi dating daily mail

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