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This binge is over, failing miserably, and profit margins are falling. Also covers patient demographics, status of the pain drugs market, status of the chiropractic profession, and a directory of CARF-accredited clinics. After all, dating is a very private pastime.

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Do you need an objective and unbiased opinion about the outlook for the weight loss market or a specific diet company? Operates a referral network and more. Choose any 5 complete industry or market studies from our existing roster. Our website store is always open. Coach Federation, Electronic Retailing Assn.

Once it's shipped or emailed, it's easily copied. If we were to accept returns because people claimed it wasn't what they expected, well, there goes two months of our hard labor producing the study. Therefore, absolutely NO returns are permitted. We are certain you will be satisfied with the scope and quality of our reports, but before finalizing your order, please make sure the item is what you want, and Just order from our online store, as you would normally.

Then email or call us right away and let us know which reports you'd like, and we'll email them to you. If the price is above your credit card limit, you may pay by check and issue a purchase order companies only , or via wire payment.

Call us for details. If you are a private equity firm or consulting firm and you want a variety of Service Sector reports, this may be your package. Over the past 12 months or so, we issued or updated these studies:.

Choose any 5 complete industry or market studies from our existing roster. Choose any 10 market or industry studies from our existing roster. If you are a diet company, weight loss entrepreneur or analyst and you want to keep up with everything related to the U. Do you need an objective and unbiased opinion about the outlook for the weight loss market or a specific diet company?

Looking to invest in a diet company stock? Putting a business plan or new weight loss program or product? John LaRosa, the nation's leading business analyst of the weight loss market for 23 years, will help guide you through the pitfalls, exploit an untapped niche, determine if your suspicions or feelings about trends are valid, or explore and debunk industry rumors. Call us at to arrange a mutually convenient time, then email us your topics or questions marketdataent yahoo.

Have your whole team listen in! Conferences are also provided for the self-improvement market. Anyone who wants to build a self-improvement product or business, entrepreneurs especially. They had a plan, a blueprint, and they learned from others already in the business.

They were newbies in the beginning. Now there is a blueprint for success. The Guide talks about the nature of the business and outlooks for each market segment. Major topic categories covered: View Table of Contents. Simply the most comprehensive business analysis that exists of the self-improvement market. Discusses the market for: Nature of the business and outlooks for each market segment.

Results of latest surveys from: The Audio Publishers Assn. Coach Federation, Electronic Retailing Assn. The incidence of autism among American children has soared from 1 in in to 1 in 45 today, and 2. Yet, few therapies exist to treat this disease—just a few medications and ABA applied behavioral analysis programs.

Contains 11 in-depth competitor profiles and revenues of the largest players in the field: Practicing meditation to reduce stress is becoming mainstream in America.

Like the yoga market, which has seen a major increase in the past decade, meditation is experiencing strong growth. This is a completely new Marketdata report. The following topics are covered: Plus size demographics, market trends, market structure, and plus-size demographics CDC data included. Market segments covered in depth: Includes competitor profiles of 14 plus size clothing retailers, 3 modeling agencies, 3 medical equipment producers, and bios of 22 plus size models.

This is an emerging high-growth niche market backed by huge venture capital investments since The diet food delivery market and mail order premium meats and gift baskets markets are much older and well established markets, vs. The meal kits market, led by firms such as Blue Apron and Plated, has yet to face the challenge of a recession, and could be a short-lived fad fueled by affluent Milennials.

Already, some companies have closed shop and a major consolidation is probably coming in the next few years—as VC firms become more picky, companies burn through their cash, and profitability is elusive. Roughly companies compete in the meal kits market, 30 in diet foods and another 30 or so in premium meats. Some ship food nationwide while others provide fresh daily delivery to local markets such as New York City and Los Angeles. Includes These Competitor Profiles: With more than 72 million Americans being obese and another 24 million having severe obesity, one would expect weight loss bariatric surgery to be a huge and growing market.

Well, yes and no. This is a completely updated analysis of the U. However, many independent non-franchise companies and solo operators also compete. Maid services have enjoyed fairly steady growth, as an aging population, time-pressed consumers and Millennials boost demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects continued growth for this occupation, although recessions do affect the business. Off-the-books solo maids, many foreign, constitute a significant share of the workforce legal and illegal.

Companies by sales volume. Investment costs to buy franchises by company. The number of coaches in the U. Profiles of six top coaches provided, along with a reference directory of self-improvement market sources. View table of Contents. This Marketdata study examines the market for motivational speakers and products they have that seek to improve us physically, mentally, financially or spiritually. There are only 16 Holistic Institutes in the United States.

They are non-profits that offer an interesting variety of seminars, workshops and retreats covering a wide variety of spiritual, personal development and financial topics. Many of the top motivational speakers, book authors and gurus have affiliations with these institutes and make appearances there. The other, larger, and more rapidly growing segment of this market consists of training organizations that serve mostly corporate clients but also individuals.

In-depth company profiles for: Start your own program from scratch? How much will it cost, and which ventures will be most likely to succeed?

How can you avoid the mistakes others in this business have made? Do you have the qualities and background to make it in weight loss? This groundbreaking new guide by Marketdata covers it all, from soup to nuts. Comes complete with administrative forms, contracts, sample meal plans, sample ads and brochures, referrals to ad agencies and consultants with extensive weight loss company experience, and more.

This is the most comprehensive investigation of the U. In addition, they face more competition from retailers and medical programs.

This report includes… An overview and summary of the total weight loss market all 10 segments , with forecasts, performance, the Oprah Winfrey effect, historical market size, latest market and company developments. Contains in-depth competitor profiles for: This is the ONLY in-depth business analysis that covers ALL segments of this industry, since the market has no trade association performing market research. This newly updated 7th edition Marketdata study is a fascinating analysis of one of the oldest professions—matchmaking.

The Internet has revolutionized this business and has brought affordable and convenient matchmaking to America's million singles, via Match. Mobile dating apps are exploding in number. Dating website revenues are expected to grow moderately this year as the U. Most dating sites don't make a profit.

Venture capital funding continues, as new start-ups still believe they can make it big. The nation's 1, Matchmakers and Dating Coaches are posting moderate growth, but off-line chains and radio datelines continue to slide.

Speed dating continues to be popular but it's a tiny market. Phone chat lines are still around, with two large competitors dominating. Online firms are still struggling to bridge the divide with lucrative off-line services, but it continues to be challenging.

Industry consolidation continues and Match. Separate in-depth chapters cover: Includes detailed profiles of the top 10 matchmakers and 11 dating coaches in the U. Operates a referral network and more. Yet, some market segments are doing well. Meal replacements is one such segment. Meal replacements are popular, among both medical and commercial diet programs, because they ae inexpensive, portable, and have no side effects.

They are easily private labeled, making for easy branding, and are not regulated. Covered… An overview and summary of the total weight loss market all 10 segments , with forecasts, performance, the Oprah Winfrey effect, historical market size, latest market and company developments. Tattoos and body art in the U.

This is a fragmented market of local artists, but it can be quite lucrative, especially with multiple artists renting space and working for a studio. Yet, some competitors are doing well, and many untapped niches exist. The Affordable Care Act has strengthened the value proposition of medically supervised diet programs and small-mid-sized chains are growing rapidly via franchising. The market is moving in two directions: Franchising of medical programs, costs, avg.

Contains 17 in-depth competitor profiles for: While medical foods are gaining more widespread acceptance, they remain poorly understood by patients, pharmacists and physicians. Most doctors in the U. These products are obtained via pharmacies, by prescription—not retail.

They are not regulated like drugs but must meet GRAS standards. The market has huge potential but is hampered by a lack of a trade association, a lack of exposure, and domination by a few large players. This is a complete analysis of: Includes 29 in-depth competitor profiles and market outlooks by competitors. Includes 16 tables and charts. There are many untapped niche markets that exist, especially in the service and healthcare sectors.

Yet, they can be very profitable and may have huge potential for growth. Steady sales gains came to a halt in with the Great Recession, real estate bust, rising office building construction and vacancy rates, and cutbacks in the frequency of cleaning by clients. Some customers even shifted to in-house cleaning. The industry has rebounded since but has been undergoing significant change. However, cleaning contractors that are adept at specialized niches can still do well.

Includes highlights of latest surveys by trade journals, as well as comments and outlooks by top competitors, trade groups and industry consultants.

Includes in-depth profiles and rankings of all the top franchises and non-franchise competitors. This new Marketdata report presents a wrap-up of performance for the U. The value of the market actually declined by 1. The market is forecast to grow by 1. There are bright spots, however, including medical weight loss programs by MDs, and the meal replacements market. The report covers discussions of: A total of 2.

However, insurance coverage for rehab is limited. High end niches have emerged for the well-heeled think Hollywood celebrities and new niches are emerging in areas such as: Facilities are also diversifying into treating people with anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress by veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The business was hurt by the Great Recession and hundreds of private mail centers either closed or were acquired by FedEx or UPS and were re-branded. In-store copy shops at Office Depot and Staples have also hurt independents. Individual Company Profiles provided for: Meal replacements sold by MLMs are a good fit for do-it-yourself dieters. The study covers… dollar value and growth rate of the U. Contains 25 in-depth competitor profiles for: This new Marketdata study is the definitive analysis of the little researched strip clubs or "gentlemen's clubs" industry.

Yes, the business can be a cash cow, but not all clubs are profitable and many hassles accompany the business-from hostile community opposition, zoning boards, local ordinances, long hours, and unpredictable dancers working as independent contractors. Covers customer demographics, operating ratios, the evolution of upscale gentlemen's clubs, top city markets, effects of recessions, dancers' fight for minimum wages, industry consolidation, industry legitimization, sales rankings of top clubs in the U.

S, plus competitor profiles of chains such as: The market is forecast to grow only 1. This niche segment is one of the few bright spots in a flat overall weight loss market, as employers get more serious about reducing health insurance claims related to obesity. The Affordable Care Act is likely to spur more demand for these programs as well. Obesity-related absenteeism, lost productivity and medical conditions such as diabetes is a huge and expensive issue for employers.

Study includes 24 in-depth profiles for: There are the about 1,, medical marijuana retail dispensaries now operating in the United States, operating in a very uncertain but improving environment. There are 28 million Americans that potentially could benefit from using medical marijuana, mostly for chronic pain, chemotherapy-related nausea, and other conditions.

The industry is fragmented, populated by small competitors and development stage companies hoping to strike it rich, including 11 public penny stock companies. Shifting public opinion and tax revenue-hungry states are fueling optimism about the medical marijuana cannabis market, but significant hurdles remain.

Until recently, since pot is still considered illegal, marijuana retail dispensaries were subjected to raids, fines, closures and imprisonment. This has all changed with recent statements by the U. Justice Department in August and September that indicate that the Feds are loosening restrictions and will be more accommodating, provided that certain guidelines are implemented.

The study contains 15 company profiles of the leading players. This report is also sold by single chapters. ART now produces more than 50, babies per year in the U. There are U. Average costs and number of specific diagnostic procedures.

Examines the sperm banks, egg donors, and fertility drugs markets, and surrogacy programs. Competitor Profiles and revenues for: This study is believed to be one of the few in-depth publicly available business analyses that exists of this market. Payday loan stores and pawn shops also discussed. There are 11, check cashing outlets and nearly 1 million money transfer agents competing for this business today.

The study explores why growth at check cashers have had to diversify to survive, and the effects of the last recession, competition, and new technologies negatively affecting their business. Findings of research studies by: Consumers are shunning processed foods and artificial ingredients, but frozen food makers have adjusted and sales are showing signs of growth.

Commercial diet chains are posting strong growth. Many untapped niches still exist. The Affordable Care Act has strengthened the value proposition of medically supervised diet programs and small-mid-sized franchises are growing. Findings of the latest surveys by: This is a niche segment of the overall weight loss market appealing to the most affluent dieters, that had grown rapidly until the recession hit.

Research for this study was based mainly on primary research involving custom Marketdata telephone surveys of company management. Roughly 40 companies compete. Perhaps a dating app that takes the opposite approach wouldn't go amiss; something that only allows people to base their decision on a snippet of profile text, and only reveals pictures in the event of a match.

It probably wouldn't work, but it would certainly be interesting. There are some really unconventional dating applications out there: We're starting to see more website and applications focused around particular sub-cultures and orientations, providing yet another method of filtration. As more people focus on the niche applications, the appeal of Tinder could start to fade.

Maybe we'll see singles move back to the more traditional platforms instead. Perhaps websites such as Flirt. Dating websites have been combating issues with authenticity since the beginning.

At first, the idea of Facebook integration was extremely unappealing. After all, dating is a very private pastime. However, nowadays it has become more accepted, and people trust dating services to be more discreet.

Maybe in the future social network integration won't be so transparent. Whatever you think about online dating, one thing's for sure, as the older generation embraces it, the business will only get bigger! Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Extremely Niche Applications and Websites. Greater Social Network Integration.

Iamges: matchmaking industry analysis

matchmaking industry analysis

Includes detailed profiles of the top 10 matchmakers and 11 dating coaches in the U. This type of unbiased and objective 3rd-party report can be invaluable when incorporated into a business plan or a request for a business loan.

matchmaking industry analysis

Over the past 12 months or so, we issued or updated these studies:. Matchmaking is one of the world's oldest professions. Art Bistro Connect with other members of the visual arts community and showcase your portfolio.

matchmaking industry analysis

The industry has resumed growth as the diagnostic imaging market rebounded. Matchmaking industry analysis us Monday to Friday at: We made matfhmaking hotel selection for you with special rates: Now there is a blueprint for success. The late s saw a wave of consolidation as large chains bought up hundreds of independents, piling on huge debt in the process.