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How to Hook Up a Motorcycle Tachometer

motorcycle speedometer hook up

If you would rather not go through a dealership but you have a trusted mechanic, he or she will likely have access to the same parts information and can also ensure that you order an appropriate speedometer. Standard speed sensor Metric 7. You do this with a speedo healer: Here you can see the converted Smiths speedometer drive unit secured to the front wheel of our Royal Enfield.

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Do not place items in the Wall Organizer while adhesive is curing. Be sure to look closely and under the gasket under the cover. OK now you need to compensate for the fact that the Acewell cannot keep up with the 70 signals per wheel rotation put out by the Honda speed sensor. Fit the new gauge into the bore so that it fits snugly against the rubber gasket. Now it was time to bolt the wheel back up to our Bullet.

Once the housing is separated from the cable adapter, remove the cable drive gear from the housing. It should just fall out. The adapter and gear are not used in the conversion. Our donor drive unit was used on the rear wheel of a Norton. To use it on the front wheel of our Bullet, we had to swap the brass plug from one end to the other. This is easily done by driving it out using a punch, then gently pressing or hammering it back in the other side. Next, install the digital pickup in the speedometer drive body.

The digital pickup has a stepped plastic body. Gently press the digital pickup into the drive body until the small end of the digital pickup is fully visible in the drive body.

Next, we removed the front wheel from our Royal Enfield and then removed the stock speedometer drive unit from the wheel hub. As it spins past the pickup, magnets in the reluctor generate a signal for the digital speedo.

Next, apply a thin bead of RTV silicone to either the raised ridge on the hub or the flat inner surface of the reluctor. This is simply to help hold the reluctor in place. Line up the two indexing tangs on the reluctor with the two slots on the raised lip of the hub and set it in place. Now it was time to bolt the wheel back up to our Bullet.

Here you can see the converted Smiths speedometer drive unit secured to the front wheel of our Royal Enfield. Make sure to position the unit where you want it before tightening down the axle caps. As noted in the main story, if your original speedo drive is OK you can opt for a Hall-effect speedometer cable sensor that simply screws onto the original speedometer drive output.

Before removing the stock speedometer and speedometer cable, make sure the battery is disconnected. Run the relevant tachometer wire backward through the headlight housing along the left side of the bike, alongside preexisting stock wire when possible.

Attach a female, flat, crimp-type connector to the wire, then attach it to the remaining male connection port on the multi-stack connector. Reinstall the fuel tank and seat, being especially sure to fully insert and re-attach pressurized fuel lines. Turn the key and rev the engine to test the gauge readout, then re-install the instrument cluster and headlights. Jeff Cunningham has written on science and technology since He has co-authored volumes on science education and offered commentary on spaceflight on the Google Lunar X Prize blog.

Cunningham has a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering from the University of Central Florida. How to Hook Up a Motorcycle Tachometer. Things You'll Need After-market tachometer Allen wrenches Multi-stack connector Soldering gun and solder or clamp-style wiring connectors One female, flat, crimp-type wire connector Multimeter or volt test light Screwdriver Socket wrenches Flashlight. References Gadget's Fixit Page: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

How to hook up a tachometer. How to Diagnose Ignition on a Harley Davidson How to troubleshoot a fuel gauge. OK, just got a pm with a question about acewell speedometer hook-up, so I thought I'd post a general how-to as a reference for anyone who might happen to want to do this in the future It's a cheap alternative for anyone who damages their stock unit, or who is going for a more simplified look on the bike. Wiring an aftermarket speedometer is easy once you know a few things.

On an bike speedometer hook-up: The fuel sensor is a thermistor, which changes its resistance based on whether the fuel sensor is submerged in gas or not. The change in current is enough to trigger a relay. Go to radio shack and buy a single pose single throw SPST automotive relay. You cannot use the Acewell fuel meter as an actual fuel meter for technical reasons.

I put a 25 ohm resistor in-line in this connection but this may not be necessary.

Iamges: motorcycle speedometer hook up

motorcycle speedometer hook up

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motorcycle speedometer hook up

I put a 25 ohm resistor in-line in this connection but this may not be necessary.

motorcycle speedometer hook up

Make any position adjustments now. The company, run by Motorcycle speedometer hook up bike enthusiast Tom Kullen, has engineered a motorcycle speedometer hook up conversion for the Smiths speedo drive so it online dating site in bangladesh be used to house a digital pickup. Standard speed sensor English d. Position the Speedometer Cowl as done in step 1. Remove the instrument console acorn nut and mounting screw with a flat washer on some models. Use lock washers or nylock nuts and flat washers on the speedometer securing studs to ensure the strap stays tight. NOTES The hook and loop fastener strips and organizer must be installed below the edge of Tour-Pak base to avoid interference with top gasket and lock.