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What with Greece being sacrificed on the alter of the Euro. Clanmil staff and people of Abercorn Court, Portrush got together for a Halloween themed party to break in their new common room. The investment is expected to generate almost construction jobs over four-years and support more than associated jobs in the supply chain. It is also asking the new Northern Ireland Executive to prioritise assisting people with specific needs to live independently. Questions about this tour? Homeless people, those at risk of losing their home and socially excluded groups, such as substance misusers and ex-offenders.

Why this Tour?

The new 41 home development provides 24 three bedroom houses, 16 two bedroom houses and one four bedroom wheelchair bungalow. The UK should check with home countries if people have criminal records. It provides self contained accommodation for young people aged 16 to 21 years who are leaving care or experiencing homelessness. Contribute to this story: I was also pleased to hear that Clanmil involved local school children and members of the local community in identifying a name for the new development and welcome that community involvement. Moore said that astronomers are unsure why such a large explosion has occurred, as the sun is currently at one of its lowest points of activity. Speaking during a visit to the site, Minister McCausland said:

A minimum tax, paid in advance or with a bond to pay it. A the end of the year if your tax paid is below the minimum either you top it up, or we call the bond. Next year the same. If you have dependents, then the minimum tax is increased. Gender, race, sexual preference, religion,.. Just conditions 1 and 2. On free movement of goods and services. Just enforce the deals we have already signed with Ireland, France, … They are for free movement of goods and services. Pay nothing bar membership fees.

If you do you will be blamed for all austerity. Let the EU take the UK to court to prove there is a legal basis. This is close to the existing defence of immigration though that is aggregate tax take is greater than expenditure.

This is hard to measure but perhaps your condition 2 and achieving average household income measure after two or three years. This is all very sensible but have you seen the H of L committee on Brexit and the law? They appear to have endless time to cause trouble, and no concept at all of national interest. Infected by the EU court and way of thinking, I should say. Why not formalise this by the NI and ROI establishing their own customs union, much as they had freedom of movement and have freedom to apply for citizenship between the two parts of Ireland?

I cannot understand the hoohah concerning the Irish border. The EU wishes to control what goods conform to its ,so called ,standards and if unrestricted controls exist they allege its rules will be violated. Individuals can decide what they wish to buy and if it includes items from the USA that are currently excluded , so what? Food controls and other restrictions that apply to goods produced in the USA are of a very high and reliable standard and if they arrive in Northern Ireland and are dispatched elsewhere they are identifiable.

The truth is the EU does not wish its bureaucratic arm to be weakened in any respect and it recognises that the trading relationship between N and S Ireland is its Achilles heel. Frankly I would completely disregard this issue and if the EU persist , I would simply walk away. The irish border problem is more complex than outlined here, for instance what if UK is buying produce in from South America the EU would be concerned mainly because of standards issues in case any of that product finds its way across the border into the EU.

The other big problem looming is the fact that this kind of loose border arrangement as proposed is a smugglers charter- I can see the men who live in the shadows already rubbing their hands.. However it is also intended to strengthen the EU negotiators hand as the threats that they are making it has becoming patently obvious do them more harm than good. The Irish should think more on what they threaten as well as a united Ireland will come with as many problems that the UK suffered in keeping Northern Ireland united to the UK.

The answer to this threat and also to that of those who fear a non tariff free trade agreement is simple. To unilaterally declare the UK a free trade nation with the EU and the rest of the world and let other nations erect their border controls if they so desire. An appalling idea no doubt the majority will declare and that vociferously. They would be wrong despite universal belief to the contrary there is nothing to fear from free trade.

Unfortunately there is insufficient space here to give the many reasons why but a little rational research by the discerning will illicit plenty of evidence to substantiate that claim.

Trade deficits are not a barrier as they are a zero sum exercises. Protection of producers is hardly a consideration as it is not up to us the consumers to protect them so that they can charge higher prices for lower quality.

However consumers producers are also very large consumers win handsomely as they do gain the best price at the best quality as they are allowed to source anywhere in the world for their goods and services. Could your paragraph 2 be tested by declaring NI a free trade zone, then expand to rUK in the future? Something like unrestricted tarriffs, standards, fredom of movement of all factors of production, including people trade exists only within trade blocs like the one you are about to leave.

Rien, We are leaving an empire. It is perfectly possible to have free trade by adopting zero tariffs and mutual recognition of standards, without free movement of people, or capital, and without a bureaucratic empire being necessary. Nick, please give me one example of two countries who trade with each other on the basis of zero tariffs and mutual recognition of standards. It happens every day in the EU.

It happens nowhere else in the world, ever. Tasman, The EU is not a free trade area in services: List of multilateral Free Trade Areas at varying degrees of integration: You can see that the EU is only one of a number, even in the first group economic union.

And then there are the bi-lateral FTAs. Now is the age of globalisation where trade is all and if sensibly managed will mean peace and prosperity for all. It also does not have to be accompanied by free movement of labour as a must but may do as an expedient as attracting he right skills will be important. Sovereignty and self determination can remain sacrosanct as trade would have no other regulator than the consumer.

The answer is simpler still. If the EU in its own interests as well as ours, simply accept free trade both ways. If not, then the difference is not simply to go back to borders in the old fashioned way but just one of paying duties and VAT if imposed. The entry system and Customs data will still be needed anyway as it is now. The new Customs system now being developed will cope with this as long as it is done right in the first place.

The only solution is economic not political unification of both parts of Ireland. Anything else will result in unacceptable border control risks for the EU. And will make an FTA more difficult. Again we have the Brussels angle. With this economic unification, will Brussels be taking over the UK taxpayers subsidy of Northern Ireland. We would probably agree to those conditions and enjoy a tax cut for the rest of the UK. Ireland is just the latest perceived problem being wheeled out to try and complicate Brexit.

Hard clean Brexit it is then. Otherwise, imo a small price to pay for a solution. Ireland would also have to be compensated for border arrangements and trade effects that would cause economic harm and carrying Ulster might be cheaper. That is the way of the EU. Rien, That is being mischievous and it is obviously so. Do not try rearranging whole countries simply to suit the grandiosity of the EU. Because the EU bureaucrats are looking for obstacles not solutions. They are not acting even in the interest of the EU member states.

I have an idea that at this stage they just want to be shut of UK and already have one eye on the Christmas hols. And they are egging on the Irish … as I said the other day, successive Irish governments have been little more than puppets of the EU.

In fact it is very likely because the Southern Irish government is about to collapse that they are grandstanding in this despicable way.

You listen to people like Mr Redwood and hear that Brexit is an easy process — the only problems are created by those nasty foreigners. He is not an economist. He is an historian and historians know all about the Irish Question. They also know about the Concert of Europe and how everything is not always as it is presented in diplomacy. Simply because there is not the political will to solve the problem. Not only are the EU not wanting this to be resolved and apparently encouraging opposition to solving the problem but also there are too many Remainer Tory politicians who do not want this to work Brexit, and solving the border problem.

The Tory Remainer MPs are becoming ever more bold, and Alan Duncan has now apparently stated that he is going to join the Remainer rebels, and fight the fixed date for leaving. These Remainers should have been dealt with long ago, but they have instead been given key positions in government. A recipe for disaster, a disaster which is now unfolding. The government is not implementing a clean Brexit.

May is now apparently looking to hide the details of what it will cost. So much for transparency. Benefit controls and work permits are no deterrent to illegal migrants who enter and work of the grid amongst their own communities. The know that, once they have entered, the chances of their being detected are minimal, and that, even if they are apprehended, the chances of their being removed are next to non-existent.

No government is prepared to take the liberal vilification which would stem from a serious attempt to remove a majority of the illegals who are already here and continue to arrive. If they are not stopped at a border they will noy be stopped at all. You told us we voted Leave to take back control of our borders. But you want an open border with Ireland. You told us the EU needs us more than we need the EU.

Yet we are paying money to the EU, not the other way round. You are trying to take the people of Britain for fools, but we are starting to see through you.

David Davis could usefully propose another couple of alternatives which are that Ireland also withdraw from the EU, or that the EU put in place a comprehensive free trade agreement with the UK so that border checks would be minimised. One wonders what other nations will threaten to hold up negotiations and trade talks — no doubt the traditional French insistence on protecting their own film industry will make an appearance.

The treaty was signed which made the border and this despite the fact that the irish had votagsoverwhelmi gly 80 per cent for sinn fein in the national elections.. But they did follow us, first in joining the EEC, and then in refraining from joining the Schengen Area. My father was stationed in Northern Ireland for a bit in the War and my mother always used to tell us about weekly shopping trips by bus to the Free State, as it then was.

There was no trouble at the border on the way out as shopping baskets were empty. At home and abroad. The EU sees nothing but a quivering and fawning coward. The rest of the World sees the same, and shake their heads in astonishment.

Barnier has only to lift an eyebrow and the British negotiators fall back as if they have been poleaxed. The UK appears paralyzed with awe and fear as it beholds the mighty EU.

Merkel has never been weaker. Macron is ignoring rising unpopularity and riots in Paris by his aggrieved citizens. But the Brits appear to have noticed only that the EU is shouting louder than ever, demanding more and more.

A disappointingly good quote. This is an inevitable position with a remain favouring PM, the UK needs to get some heavyweight leadership and support from the opposition pretty quickly. If this doesnt happen we are all going to be paying one way or another.

But you will agree that the EU has the larger market, larger population and land area, greater industrial depth and financialresources. Not really an equal to pick a fight with, imo. It would be good if people would vent their nationalistic investive on the foorball field, where it belongs, not in the context of serious matters though.

Rien, Is that why the EU is so nationalistic then? The EU and the rest of the world are watching, as we alone, make a stand against the globalist agenda. We the people might be but the political class and the establishment seem to be rolling over and having their tummies tickled. This way you can keep two devolved nations, which happened not to vote for Brexit, equally happy.

The UK with all its might in IT and with so much experience with special arrangements can surely pull this off, it just needs to guarantee it in writing now and then start working on it. They could then have the low tax rates they want to have without being bullied, and they could keep to their neutrality without being compelled to join an EU army.

As UK media themselves reported: No surprise that Ireland is getting worried. You confirm my view that the EU thinks rather more highly of itself than the facts warrant. Yes — your suggestion is fairly simple to implement. Large importers cannot hide their accounts so would comply quite manageably — and there will always be a paper trail back from goods distributed in the UK which would be impossible to fake on a large scale without being detected.

This article sets out the case well…. Nick, you need to stop saying this. We do not trade with the rest of the world on WTO rules, we trade on the basis of the hundreds of deals the EU has with the rest of the world — some free trade deals but also deals on customs cooperation and other forms of coooperation. We lose the benefit of all those deals after Brexit, and so far not one single country has said it will let Britain have the same good deal as the EU has right now and why would they, the EU is a lot stronger than the UK.

The Brexiteers never told the truth on this. Wrong There have been many nations who have said they want to continue to trade with the UK on similar terms to current arrangements. The UK is unable to sign up to any proper agreements until we leave under EU rules so you make a weak point. John Soper, You need to stop saying this. It has been explained to you before.

However, the RTAs have you looked at them, or are you just parroting Remain propaganda? These RTAs will either be novated, or marginally altered, or used as an interim until our own more comprehensive worldwide RTAs are negotiated.

We have the Spanish threatening to block trade talks unless we reach agreement over Gibraltar, we now having the Irish threatening to block such talks until we agree over the border.

All the time we seem keen to appease the EU. Time for action now, especially whilst Germany is without a government and Macron is unpopular in France. An excellent idea — we need to use all the leverage we can muster to get this thing moving. Brexit is turning into a bailout of the EU and nothing else. ECJ laws will continue with paying every year for free trade, and EU people having special rights in the UK, it was just a way to hand over extra billions to the EU, it was never about coming out of the EU.

English tax taxpayers con again by their own MPs. If government thinks criminals will not exploit the open border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, then they are deluding themselves. So cross-border trade will not only face the quite minor issues of currency and VAT as now, and the probably non-existing tariffs, but the much more serious one of diverging product standards.

Someone will have to make sure no chlorinated chickens are sold in ROI supermarkets. You will end up with some kind of border checks. There is no way around that. Just who is in charge theresa may or liam fox? This is not going to be acceptable to the EU side.. As far as the Brexit debate is concerned that is a double-edged conclusion: However if we were not to be a party to this EU trade deal with Canada, but rather a third country party to a similar trade deal with the EU, how much would that benefit us?

As with the UK, that small one-off 0. Of course we are not Canada — for a start we are on the other side of the Atlantic — but it seems to me that we would need to think very hard about whether that kind of trivial GDP enhancement over trading just on WTO terms would be worth the hassle of negotiating a deal with the intransigent, vindictive, obstructive, untrustworthy EU. The British Armed Forces should be the only owners and users of drones.

Companies could apply for contractual assistance and the Defence Department could earn a few bob. The process need not be cumbersome. If it proves to be so then it would indicate our armed forces are not war-ready and an efficient and viable Security force. It will also give many RAF ground staff something to do other than play cricket most of the time. Yes, I have sound informants! Do we yet have a squadron of drones? How many cockpit hours have they got? BBC Headline — Brexit: The economic benefits of the peace process are so clear that anyone going back would have very little support.

So, if a case arose on a point of law that had not been previously addressed, the UK courts would send it over to Luxembourg. Some very sensible suggestions which sound workable. And so it will go on forever…. The electronic border has already been taken off the table. Are the Labour Party playacting? Even Gove seems to have gone to ground.. Bottom line is the EU has had enough of English whinge and as was said before by others when it comes to EU matters politics trumps economics everytime so they will see to it that the UK is out and stays out..

You only have to think about what the EU wants to do in the future, and how much their dreams will cost, and how they will get hold of the money for their plans, and who they will get to pay for it all, enter the UK gov, with the idea of Brexit. What was the secret deal the last MP did, the majority of the money sitting UK banks as excess reverses, billion pounds put there by the bank of England sent to the EU to buy companies bond and to give them more liquidity in their banking system.

Why the secret deal now, more money from the treasury off the books to pay for the EU expansion plans, like the EU new army. You will see it, but will never be told how the EU came by the money to do it all. A technical solution is feasible, as described in this EU report: What is the best forum to promote an extension of the VAT instrastat system and any other similar approach?

The alternative is a manual system based on codes to do the same thing at huge cost in time and money. Bertie Ahern, as ever, a practical and sensible politician, has come up with a pragmatic suggestion to solve the border issue.

He also says that Mrs May and the Government should be trusted not to erect a physical border. Things have certainly turned sour in the relationship since the current Taoiseach took over. He will have to take lessons from his more experienced predecessors and become a pragmatist.

Maybe if the English had representation on the British Irish Council as a proud and historic nation we might be able to move on.

This would be formalised in a Treaty. Existing import checks in the ROI not being members of Schengen would continue as today, subject to the newly negotiated Treaty. The only reluctance being that the EU probably wants the UK to remain in the Single Market, and is negotiating from that position.

One solution to solve the customs border problem would be for Eire to also leave the EU. To offset her being a net receiver of EU funds, the UK could offer financial sweetners thus bringing closer the re-unification of the British Isles.

After all, we have the same geography, language and much of history but alas not always the same culture, although with the passage of time, religious differences seem to be waning. You can sign up to receive John's blog posts by e-mail by entering your e-mail address in the box below.

The e-mail service is powered by Google's FeedBurner service. Your information is not shared. If you would like to have your link listed here please contact John's office. Smaller consignments by small businesses living near the border can be exempted. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. Posted November 26, at 5: Posted November 26, at Posted November 26, at 9: Posted November 27, at 8: But the EU has form in this area. What with Greece being sacrificed on the alter of the Euro.

Posted November 27, at It is about the border between you UK and me EU. Posted November 28, at Posted November 27, at 6: For you UK to study, as you are the one causing the problem Brexit.

Posted November 29, at Posted November 26, at 1: Posted November 26, at 6: Posted November 27, at 1: Posted November 26, at 7: I think we all know how this game is panning out. Posted November 26, at 3: Posted November 27, at 3: Posted November 27, at 7: We are told about constant terrorist threats but our borders seem porous. Entirely sensible and common sense. Therefore likely to be completely ignored by the EU. Land borders are a complete nonsense.

The single-market is not simply about tariffs. If it was the case then WTO rules would suffice. The point of Brexit is Regulatory divergence, amongst a other things. Cause the current system is incapable to handle so many requests. It is one thing to wish for Brexit.

It is another to have the IT and people in place. Time to walk away. I find in this Guardian article: The Council shall act by a qualified majority throughout the procedure. Posted November 28, at 3: And now the Irish Republic is trying to shaft the UK.

Posted November 27, at 2: Posted November 29, at 3: Posted November 26, at 8: Nigel they have their eyes screwed shut and their ears blocked. Totally pathetic all of them.

Posted November 26, at 4: Michael…The EU will do as it wishes. The Republic will have no say ultimately. Even if technically it has a veto, which is questionable.

The Gordian Knot strategy of the EU has proven very effective in the past making it almost nigh impossible for member states to exit once inside the labyrinth With the right political leadership in place we can exit this pathetic organisation with dignity and win the next UK election against the poison of Labour. Tom William Much more likely is that she is out of her depth. Posted November 28, at 6: NickC, new Treaties do not replace previous Treaties, they add to them.

I expected to see proper border enforcement after the referendum result. A pro-EU, liberal left charade political entity packed with unprincipled, pathetic politicians We must thank the dignity and decency of the British people for at least trying to return our country back to its rightful place.

Yes the shower in political office are by and large a complete disgrace. Is there an actual proposal that the UK has made that is published anywhere that we can read? Posted November 26, at 2: If the Irish ever come to their senses they will leave too. But the Southern Irish politicians are the ones making the most inflammatory remarks. Are the govt going to give us a choice of which river we are being sold down? You can always have an insistence on medical insurance as we have when travelling elsewhere.

Posted November 27, at 4: I am sorry that your position is blitheringly incoherent. But it is blitheringly incoherent. Your retirement will be full of lots of explaining. I am happy for you to respond with two words. Frankly, Brexiteers now have to implement their lies. Just what is it you love about the EU? What is it you are passionate about? I want you to really sell me the EU.

Because, during the referendum, you utterly failed to do so. Andy When are you emigrating across the channel? Sure that they will invite another bad loser with open arms. What major issues exactly were you thinking of? We can press ahead with our non-physical border. If the Irish want to erect a physical border on their side that is up to them. If a ferry comes from northern Ireland, then they are already in the UK. You are proposing special treatment. You have to generate more tax than you cost.

Epikouros, Could your paragraph 2 be tested by declaring NI a free trade zone, then expand to rUK in the future? Posted November 27, at 9: Extending the electronic VAT system is the solution. Unwillingness to agree on that would be a sure sign of unwillingness to agree on anything else. No deal on VAT extension should precipitate no deal. You are right, ian. Brexit is a con. We have been conned. The problem is much, much closer to home. So Liam Fox has stepped out of line.

Well, small or not and small invariably is relative, this is totally unacceptable. The referendum obviously passed them by. Posted November 27, at 5: Do you want to deprive and counting contributors from their right to comment?

Dear John What is the best forum to promote an extension of the VAT instrastat system and any other similar approach? The United Kingdom will ensure that no new regulatory barriers develop between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, unless, consistent with the Agreement, the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly agree that distinct arrangements are appropriate for Northern Ireland.

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An improper use of the Mental Health Act ? Mairead Leen In the past, archaic mental health laws and cases in this country have been tenuous, to say the least, writes Mairead Leen. Your guide to Blanchardstown: City-in-a-city with hundreds of shops and a movie-star history. Here's the average price of a home in Blanchardstown in How big a problem is radicalisation in Ireland? Two investigations later, there's no assurance garda scandals will not happen again. Garda Superintendent says new report of , more falsified breath tests 'could be described as a guesstimate'.

Two men jailed for punching and kicking a female wheelchair user outside her home. Convicted rapist tried to kill man in front of children but failed as shotgun cartridges were damp. Dublin student gets three year suspended sentence after cannabis found in wardrobe. Man arrested for using magnet to falsify lorry records. Emergence of thrilling next generation a huge Six Nations success for Schmidt. Ireland's momentum brings belief for their Grand Slam shot in London.

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Iamges: northern ireland dating sites

northern ireland dating sites

This award is presented each year to the best housing association scheme constructed within the past three years. Because the EU bureaucrats are looking for obstacles not solutions.

northern ireland dating sites

The first 11 homes in the 62 unit scheme have been handed over to tenants and a further 13 families will be moving into their new houses this week. North America and Britain. Situated in the old market town of the same name, Macroom Castle was once the home of Sir William Penn, whose son was later to found the state of Pennsylvania.

northern ireland dating sites

Sweatshop employers will not worry about permits nor rogue landlords with overcrowded accommodation. There has been publicity recently about the number of unlicensed cars driving on UK roads. It turned northern ireland dating sites to be northern ireland dating sites fun and we all learnt how to noethern plant flowers and blubs. Trade deficits are not a barrier as they are a zero sum exercises. Appreciate accommodating my vegetarian wife. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. We were a very diverse group of people who came together for 10 days and had a fabulous time together.