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Even as an adult, taking birthday photos can be a fun way to celebrate another year! When Congress passes a law—say, tax reform—if they want to undo that law, they have to pass a new statute. Though Zinke says he wants to make sure taxpayers get a fair deal on the sale of publicly owned resources, he personally led an effort at the request of the energy industry to do away with an Obama-era rule that boosted royalty revenues by eliminating loopholes that companies used to drastically reduce their obligations.


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It is not, however, the place to find cutthroat trout in late June. I wanted to see my former congressman, who has always billed himself as an outdoorsman—and who now oversees more than million acres of federal public land, million acres of subsurface mineral rights, and thousands of offshore energy leases—in his natural habitat. The secretary was wearing a tan fishing vest, slacks, and a pair of Keens. He already had his rod rigged.

As soon as I walked up, I checked out the fly hooked to one of his guides—a black foam-bodied number with a puffy white wing and rubber legs, segmented with purple dubbing.

Zinke looked at me, then down at the zipper on his pants. The National Rifle Association loves Zinke. As a state senator, freshly retired from the Navy, Zinke said that. Yes, a sudden election season conversion. At the helm of Interior, Zinke has also been a magnet for controversy in ways that have distracted from his goals as secretary. A preliminary look at what happened was closed after Murkowski and Zinke patched things up over a beer in Washington. Zinke swears he had nothing to do with the deal, which happened under local rather than federal supervision, but his ties to Whitefish raised suspicion.

Whitefish is emblematic of the rapid demographic changes that have swept the West for years. The town incorporated in , during the rise of the Rocky Mountain timber economy, serving as a rail station for softwood lumber streaming out of dense conifer forests.

A little over a century later, the timber and rail industries in Whitefish and the surrounding Flathead Valley are clinging to life—barely. Yet Whitefish, population 6,, is no ghost town. Born in , Zinke grew up in the old Whitefish, the second child of three.

His peers were timber and railroad kids during an era when wages in those industries could support middle-class families. By the time Ryan came along, the Harlows were fixtures in the Whitefish business community, which gave social clout to his mother, Jean. Zinke would have to stake out his own future, and his high school career was a testament to this ambition.

Pulling a good grade-point average, Zinke served as class president three times, excelled in the Boy Scouts, and starred on the football field. As a senior in , playing both sides of the ball for the Whitefish Bulldogs, he helped the team capture its first state championship and earned a full scholarship to the University of Oregon. The physical demands of playing outside linebacker on a Pac squad prepared Zinke for the ultimate endurance challenge: By the time the U.

During two tours to the country, where he served in staff positions, he helped plan more than 48 direct-action missions, earning two bronze stars for meritorious service. The trident appeared on his campaign bus when he ran for Congress in , he continues to wear a small trident on his lapel, and he rarely fails to mention his service in speaking engagements. In the late nineties, Zinke made several trips to Montana on official military orders to scout training locations for his SEAL team.

While there he also did restoration work on his childhood home. None of this stopped him from touting his leadership role in the SEAL teams. Zinke makes repeated reference in his book and in speeches to having been a commander with SEAL Team Six, and the wording is important: He was never in charge of the team. Thompson decided that it would be more valuable to have a green-leaning, pro-science senator in the overwhelmingly conservative Republican caucus than yet another green Democrat.

Mike Phillips, a Democrat who represented Bozeman in the Montana house at the time and now serves in the Montana senate, came to rely on Zinke as someone who understood the seriousness of climate change.

But I was so proud that two of the small number came out of Montana—and one was Ryan Zinke. But Zinke managed it with ease. He easily defeated a Tea Party opponent in the primary and his Democratic rival in the general election. As a freshman, Zinke served on the House Armed Services and Natural Resources Committees, where he caucused with Republicans in opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, in support of repealing the Affordable Care Act, and against environmental regulation aimed at preventing abuses by the oil and gas industry.

He supported bipartisan measures aimed at improving care for veterans in the wake of the VA scandals. One instance of this happened in spring , when Zinke voted against House measures to sell federal public land to the states, a thumb in the eye of the Utah delegation that includes Rob Bishop, chair of the Natural Resources Committee. Bishop is the driving force in Congress behind the land-transfer movement, which seeks to move as much federal land as possible into state and private hands; he is also leading the charge to repeal the Endangered Species Act.

As a congressman, Zinke repeatedly stated his firm opposition to the sale or giveaway of public land, and he and Bishop often butted heads. The committee vote split along party lines, and Zinke was the lone Republican in support. The land-transfer movement is a potent issue in western politics. In the same year that the Bundys seized a National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, under the guise of protesting federal overreach, land-transfer advocates managed to get their agenda written into the official GOP platform for Zinke resigned as a convention delegate in protest, boosting his image as a public-lands defender and further infuriating Bishop.

Voters were paying attention, and so were boosters in places not typically associated with Republican politics. That Zinke got the nod at all was the result of efforts on the part of a few people at high-profile conservation organizations to stiff-arm some of the names that had been floated, including Sarah Palin. To rectify what Zinke views as an imbalance skewed toward agency bureaucrats in D. JMAs would be based on ecosystems, not geographic regions, and would, in theory, eliminate redundancies in staffing and allow for more streamlined decision-making.

Zinke told me that the JMA idea was inspired by the U. With roughly 70, employees, the branches that make up Interior are nothing like the small and unorthodox outfits that make up JSOC.

Zinke told me that Teddy Roosevelt gave us the first hundred-odd years of public-land stewardship, and that he sees it as his duty to guarantee the next hundred. I ran the idea by Sarah Greenberger, director of conservation at the Audubon Society , who served as a senior adviser to interior secretary Sally Jewell during the Obama administration. The view from the front lines is often pessimistic. But in his speeches and in my interviews with him, he has acknowledged that his agencies are underfunded and overburdened.

Despite that belief, he has proposed more funding cuts and a workforce reduction of up to 4, people. Of course, it has a cherry on top! A lovely little birthday dress is the perfect photo prop. This photo shows what a cool background dozens of clear balloons can be. This is the perfect set up for any hockey fans out there. Holding Newborn Photo Christine M. Embrace that they are always on the move with cute and funny bloomers.

Even as an adult, taking fun birthday photos can make your birthday more exciting! We have collected birthday photo ideas that are fitting for older children as well as adults. With the little girl facing away, the sunlight gives this photo a beautiful dreamy vibe.

Luckily, this idea is great for all ages! Snap a photo with all of your party decor! They make for some pretty amazing birthday photos! A birthday party is a great place for a photo shoot! If you can capture all of the joy, decorations, and fun in one shot, it will be a photo you remember forever. Take a look at these fun ideas for capturing the party in action! Birthdays are meant to be exciting after all! Bring those party animals along!

Now that you have tons of ideas in your pocket and you have a general idea of what you want to photograph, use these photography tips to make sure your pictures are perfect. Each of these sites gives you a little something different that will vastly improve the birthday photos you take!

Hopefully, by now your mind is overflowing with ideas of your own after reading through all of this birthday photography inspiration! The great loves of my life are my boys, maple bars, and hand sanitizer.

We have a completely adored, silly, mischievous son. I think that there is nothing in the world that's better than laughing so hard you can barely breathe. In our family we have a policy of making that happen at least once a day! We LOVE hearing from our readers! Thanks for leaving us some love! If you want a picture to show up next to your comments, get set up with a gravatar! So glad it was useful, there are so many creative ideas!

I have a whole list ready now that I want to try for my sons next birthday! My creative juices are starting to flow! All I need now is to wait for a birthday!

The birthday photos will help to remember and create a long lasting memories. Great list of birthday photo ideas and these ideas are really cute, thanks for sharing. Inspiration for Birthday Photography Birthdays are such an exciting time!

Lauren The great loves of my life are my boys, maple bars, and hand sanitizer. These are such cute ideas! What a great round up of inspiration for birthday pics! I am so glad it was helpful to you!

So many cute faces to glean inspiration from!

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outdoorsman dating site

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outdoorsman dating site

Then these are a must! In October, Zinke announced the largest lease sale in U.

outdoorsman dating site

Need a few ideas for the man in charge? These Open Short guys dating models letters give your guy a little bit of love when he needs it most. So, usually you follow the exact same steps to reverse the earlier step. The National Rifle Association loves Zinke. Labour deselects Britain's longest-serving mayor in favour of candidate backed by Left-wing group Momentum Could three porn sating and a Playboy model bring down Trump? Mission Belt — These belts are incredible, made of genuine leather outdooreman outdoorsman dating site need for holes, every man needs one of these in their closet. The American people will get pennies on ooutdoorsman dollar compared with what they could earn if sales of certain outdoorsman dating site were delayed until the market outdoorsman dating site them lucrative for taxpayers rather than virtually free for developers.