6 Best Pellet Grill Reviews, Buying Guide, Tips and Videos Update

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What I like about this grill is its robust construction, and the amount of smoke it puts out compared to other pellet grills. There is a built in temperature swing that guarantees that every so often, a strong but not overpowering amount of smoke will enter the cook chamber. Note that there is no external exhaust with the Grilla model. There are exhausts built into their Silverbac and Kong models. You can see them both here. To recap, there are some basic things you should know about buying a pellet smoker.

First, you have to figure out what your budget looks like. Of the pellet smokers I cover here, the Rec Tec Grill Pellet Smoker is the most economical and best overall value — with solid construction and top end electronics controls.

I think you get the picture. In any case, you can see how pellet smoking really does have its own culture to it. If so, please consider sharing it with your BBQ friends! And for sure comment below and let me know about your favorite pellet grills, pellet blends, and methods! By definition they are not grills. Shame on me for not doing more thorough research first. Louisiana Pellet Smokers boast a direct fire feature for grilling, as do Yoder smokers.

That said, I do see folks happily using pellet smokers, and some win with them. Thanks for your comment, and for stopping by to read this blog post!

Hey I am looking at the rec tec and the smoke daddy Pellwt pro any suggestions that might help make up my mind. I liked the pellet pro I used a great deal, and the guys at Smoke Daddy Inc. Tell them I said hello if you talk with them. Their cold smoking attachment … the Magnum P. Very happy you are pleased with the purchase. You can easily sear the heck out of anything you wish.

I have owned a Memphis Elite built-in for 16 months now. The direct flame area is arguably a little small effectively a bit smaller than 1 sq ft , but it does a great job. A very happy owner here! Have heard good things. Thanks for the feedback here, man! Many of them can be found here. DS, I have a green mountain grill. I set my GMG to flip it after 8 mins pull it at crispy perfection. I was upset with my rubbery skin when i first used it as well but i got some good advice from the pros.

My chicken on my smoker grill we beat any chicken on you BBQ grill I will even put money on it!!! Rubbery skin has very little to do with the type of heat direct vs indirect.

Rubbery skin is a result of too low a cooking temperature. Take it off the grill and let is rest a full 30 minutes. If you will research Louisiana Pellet grills they have an option to slide back a plate to expose the heat source and use it as a grill! So does the Yoder. Mine worked good for only 3 years, then the circuit board in the unit failed. The dealer referred me to the manufacturer. I will not buy anything made by GMG again! Much thanks to Jason at GMG.

The support and customer service that Jason provided to fix my DB smoker was truly second to none and really was outstanding! Did you call GMG direct? Or did you talk with the dealer. Smoking happens below F most of the time. The New Timberline models are awesome. I have used a pellet smoker for about five years, and looked at, or used, many different brands.

When the vendors, or users, refer to subtle smoke they mean virtually no wood flavor. Do yourself a favor and try a simple test: There is no comparison. I wanted the pellet unit to produce good Q in the worst way because of the ease. It pains me to say it but it is true. I am currently using a Bradley Smoker, which is basically an electric oven with a smoke generator that makes tons of smoke, using special Bradley Smoker pucks of compressed saw dust.

Managing temps is not as difficult as a stick burner, but nothing like advertised with these pellet burners like the Rec Tec. I am thinking about upgrading to a pellet smoker for the set it and forget about it features, and to add some better consistency to my cooking. Anyone know how it would compare to the Bradley?

Does a pellet smoke box create a comparable amount of smoke? Another way to put it — is it the quality of smoke that is an issue with the pellet smokers, or the quantity?

The upgrade to a pellet smoker is a big investment — tough to do without testing. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Smoke profiles seem to depend largely on the quality of pellets used and then also on the burn consistency of the fire pot.

What I mean here is that many pellet smoker users tell me that they prefer models that cycle over faster with frequent temp checks rather than those with longer wait times between temp checks. Yoder smokers cycle very fast and are preferred by many due to this and their thicker metal construction. Hi Dan, I had a Bradley some years ago and the quality of the smoke is somewhat comparable to that of a pellet unit. As I said in my earlier post, compressed sawdust does not create the wood flavor that permeates the meat— no matter what pellet you use.

I recently bought a Lang reverse flow, and on my first cook the difference was spectacular. My nephew went to the trouble of adding a full size wood burning firebox to his pellet stove as an experiment. He piped the smoke from the firebox into the pellet unit while making some ribs and the results were obvious. The next day he was out looking for a new smoker.

Wood burners are a lot of work compared to a pellet unit, as you say, so I understand your reluctance. Many like vertical units that burn charcoal with wood chunks. These units are much easier to manage than a stick burner and give good results. All I can say is that the first time you make BBQ in your backyard with a wood unit, you will know you made the right choice. There are many good BBQ forums that discuss these points.

Good Queing to you. It could slide in over the fire pot much like you mentioned for the mojobricks. Dampened sawdust still makes one of the best smudges. I know there are products on the market that can utilize sawdust as a sit on the grates in a metal container method. The Outlaw Smokers have an access door that lets you clean out the ash. Super easy and a simple solution.

I use Grillgrates when I want to cook steaks on my GMG, and would recommend them for any pellet grill… or grill period for that matter. Find Grillgrates on Amazon here. Start with steaks that are at least 1. Set your GMG to F and put the steaks on after it reaches this temp. Be sure to have a good probe thermometer. You can use the ChefAlarm by Thermoworks, a personal favorite. I also use their ThermaPen or ThermoPop for quick on the fly temp reads.

Find more about Thermoworks here. Flip steaks when the probed steak gets to F. Remove steaks and foil lightly to rest a bit while you crank up your GMG to F. Put a set of Grillgrates on the grill of your GMG.

When the temp reads on your digital GMG output, give it another few minutes. Sear off your steaks allowing for a minute per side doing the cross hatch quarter turn method to get the characteristic diamond sear pattern on each side. Probe with your digital thermometer again, see Thermoworks for desired temperature doneness…. Foil and let carry over heat get to If you try this, comment back and let me know using the contact form at the top of the blog page!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, small and compact! Buy a Brinkmann or a Meco electric if you can find one. Use a good dry rub. Hey Wayne — thanks for your comment. The Brinkmann and Meco models are good starter models. Sounds like you have one of these other models. Been doing this for 30 years and have fed up to people.

Thinking about trying pellet or stick. Rec Tec or Yoder Cheyenne? Like the smoke my brinkmann gives. Pellet poopers are way less work, but you can up your smoke or lower it with a great deal more variability with a stick burner. Am considering adding a pellet grill to my fleet, have champagne taste on a beer budget. Have a smoke hollow smoker lp that works awesome, a cheap charbroil gril, and a holland I picked up used.

Any reviews on the traeger grills? I like the looks of the traeger jr, has nice features, portable and enough room for most of the things I want. Also are these grills affected by wind and do they work in cold weather? I live in ND and like to use them in the winter as long as the temp is above 10 degrees or so.

Hey Jim, first — thank you for commenting on this post! That said, the smokers listed here are all going to hold temp very well — even in lower temperature or windy weather. I do see instances where temps and wind effects pellet grills, but solutions including a fireproof blanket over the top of the smoker seem to mitigate things well enough.

I know also that a few big hitters in the BBQ world are being contacted by Traeger to bring the brand back to its former prominence. So, I say go for the best pellet grill you can get within your budget. That said, I would like to see them put the unit on fold down legs with casters or some other option to make it easier to move around. I can tell my wife that unlike guitars, i will not need to keep buying smoker after smoker, like i do my Fenders and Gibsons.

Yeah, those Yoders are pretty sweet! Go go go for it! I also have a small army of guitars. After using it for a couple of months, I gave away my two year old gas-grill to my grandson. Our Easter Rib Roast turned out terrific as did the chunks of assorted sausages that we did for another family get-together. I was never a big fan of grilling until we got our Traeger. Both Traeger and the web-sites like yours are full of great recipes and ideas. I noticed a question on the use of pellet grills in cold weather… living in Minnesota we have an abundance of cold weather.

The warm up takes a bit longer but once the grill is going the upper temp ranges seem to hold true. In below zero temps. I throw an asbestos blanket over the grill to save on pellets. Maybe the folks at Traeger will send one over for me to look at.

Real happy you are enjoying the site! Share and share often! I purchased a Traeger Lil Tex 22 yesterday. I was up by 5 this morning to smoke a pork butt for pulled pork sandwiches. It snowed 12 inches last night so the next hour I was shoveling my walks. Imagine my surprise when I checked on the Traeger and it had shut itself off. The meat was colt to the touch. I read through the instructions to make sure I started it up correctly and I did. I removed the meat and restarted the smoker.

It smoked for awhile then quit. The temperature never got above I purchased the Traeger for the the set and walk away feature. It let me down!! It is 34 degrees outside today so I will wait until it warms up to try again. Should it fail me again I will sell it for scrap! So far I am not impressed. My wood smoker takes time but it is reliable. When I start after a long previous cook or any cook at all really, I vacuum out all the dust and vacuum out the burn pot.

Then, I put a handful of pellets into the burnt pot, insert the heat deflector, the drip tray, and grate. I find that this keeps things working well. Sometimes, the burn pot will get too full of ash and this can cause the problems that you had. Give it a try. If it works, please let me know. They are currently offering a Buy One get One half off and my brother and I are doing our research on them. Hey Corey — thanks for checking out the blog man! You can find the review here. Again, appreciate you leaving a comment!

Great site and great reviews Kevin! Sooo many grills and smokers on the market today. No mention was made of the electric smokers, the ones that look like a wine fridge. Are they not even a player? If so, why not? Thanks for your opinions and all the testing you do.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I try to do a good job here, and am pleased you are enjoying the site. Regarding electric smokers, I have friends who own them and love them. Folks seem to like Bradley smokers a good bit, so you might want to check them out. You can find a good selection of them on Amazon. SO I am thinking about getting a pellet smoker-grill. I am wondering one thing before I take this plunge.

Right now I use a bradley digital smoker. It is nice because it has a heat element for long brisket type smokes, but its briquette feeder never works correctly and wastes wood which gets expensive. SO thinking about going to a Pellet smoker.

With the traeger, rec-tec or cam chef smokers all seem to burn lbs per hour. But for a long 18hr brisket it seems like I will have to continue to use pellets the whole time to keep the heat in range over over which will mean I am using almost a lb bag depending on the time year per smoke.

This is even more expensive than the bradley seems even with the wasted briquette. IS this correct or is there something I am missing? So there is some experience in these comments. With Pellet Drive before you buy Read up on Er codes. You have to pull everything out and basically start over while your expensive prime brisket is trying to be saved in the oven. Finally, after so many calls over the past 6 months they are trying to make it right. I have replaced the controller the fan and now getting a new probe.

Do not waste your money. Hal — your points are well made, sir. If you decide to check one out, let me know how it works for you! Hi, Thanks for the great information and the research you did. I am a retail store owner in Boise, Idaho area and we sell a pellet grill smoker in our store. I would like to encourage to look at the Sawtooth Pellet Grill.

It is made local here and is American Made. It is an excellent grill for the price with an awesome company backing it. You can find their website at sawtoothpelletgrills. Will take a look at them if I see one here in the Central FL area. Thanks for the heads up! This was a great article and so glad I found it. I have been looking at pellet grills for a year now since I am not very happy with my electric smoker and want something that creates a more authentic smoke ring and taste.

I have narrowed it down to either a Rec Tec or a Yoder. I plan on spending around the dollar range and wanted your opinion on which one is better between those 2 units. It may take a little more time to get to temp than the Rec-Tec, but you will appreciate the build quality over the long term that comes with the Yoder brand. Heavier metal construction on the Yoder will serve you well on those longer cooks.

Having the same problem as the rest of the group. Have a friend who bought Rec Tec 3 years ago, he cannot say enough about the good customer service and the grill. If you could only buy one money not the issue among these 5 , which one, and why?

Hey Shannon — they all have their merits. Budget dictates a lot. Both have developed near cult followings, with GMG a little ahead of the curve on that front having been around a bit longer. I love the Yoders as far as moving up on the price range is concerned. Will last you forever and they offer a solid product with great support. MAK grills are just beautifully made. Love that MAK offers built in cold smoking as a capability.

Am I helping here or just making things worse? Getting a Green Mt. Thank you all for a great site and an informative discussion. I am a newbie to smoking and presently have a charcoal grill for when I have more time and a gas grill for a fast meal. Its time to replace my gas grill so I am looking at alternative options. Is a pellet grill overkill, or a timely expedition, if I want to grill a couple steaks or chicken breasts during week nights?

How long does it take a pellet grill to get to temp e. With the indirect heat, can you get char marks on your meat? Thanks in advance for the info! You can get a pellet smoker up to degrees in about 10 or 15 minutes. The following article gives you a good idea of what you might do to reverse sear a nice thick steak using a pellet smoker. Obviously a pellet smoker will do low and slow for you as well! As a result we are looking for other options. We like the cast iron grills and grill heat but are considering other options, Webber, Pellet, gas.

Where do they fit into your article. Where do they fit into your list, are they worth considering? Plusses and minuses of this brand. Hey Pete, first thanks for your kind words. Traeger pellet grills fell off a bit quality wise over the past several years. I see them making moves to get back to their roots… aligning themselves with some of the more well known names in BBQ again. Right now, GMG is making great strides in claiming some of the entry level pellet smoker market share away from Traeger.

This is due to a superior PID controller, advances in built in Wi-Fi monitoring, and outstanding customer service. As a nube, this is confusing me. Can you explain this conflicting info? Really, steak is all we ever cook outside, though that would probably change with a nice grill. Thank you very much for your insight. Thank you so much for the kind words! The wording changes depending on how you are using the device.

One thing you could do for steaks is cook them at the higher range thus being able to get a sear much like you would on a direct heated Grill service, for instance on your Weber. Another option would be to cook the steak in the reverse see your method, by bringing it up to temperature at a lower smoker setting and adding some smoke flavoring that way, then removing it and bringing the smoker up to its higher settings so you can finish off the steak with some of the effect you would achieve on direct flame.

I normally do this by bringing the steaks up to about 15 degrees below where I want them to finish. Then, I finish them off at the higher temperature to where they are about 5 degrees below my target. This usually means a few minutes on each side but I use a Thermapen to be sure. I really like what Green Mountain grills has done with the Davy Crockett model, and that is the unit I have personally. That said,Rec-Tec makes a great product, and some people prefer the cart stand it comes with rather than the fold up legs that Green Mountain grills uses on the Davy Crockett modeling.

Either choice would be good for you if you are looking for a smaller unit. I am of course speaking about the mini version of the Rec-Tec. The larger version is excellent as well. If you require a stronger smoke profile, you can always use one of the tube smokers that sits inside of the cooking chamber.

You can find several versions of these Tube smokers by clicking here. Ceck back in with me to let me know what you decide and how it ends up working out for you! I had a Traeger and I can say with all seriousness, they are crap. Paint peelling, electronics replaced 4 times, no heat management. I sold is yesterday, and lost my ass. Like the set it and forget feature, taste was OK, but quality was just dismal.

Looking at either a cookshack or a fast eddy. Hey Dan, thank you for commenting. I know Traeger did dip in quality for a while. Thanks for providing it. Hey Jim, thanks for commenting! Hey Tom, first, thank you so much for reading the article and expressing your approval of it. It means a lot to me that the information posted on this site is useful for the people.

To your question about pellet grills, yes. You must always use BBQ grilling pellets with these cookers. You cannot use raw wood with them. However, should you find yourself with access too hard woods like Hickory or maple, or fruit woods like apple, cherry, or peach — this is something that could be readily used in a charcoal smoker.

I just sold my house and left the Traeger with it. Now in Mexico and thinking of buying a Green Mountain. I would like to get a little more smoke flavor than what I was able to with my Traeger which I loved. So how can you use other hard wood to enhance the smoke flavor? Also comment on how to use the tube smoker in one of these pellet fed grills. Hi Scott, the pellet tube smoker lyrics buy packing pellets into the tube and lighting one end with a butane torch or other heat source capable of setting the pellets on fire.

The length of the tube determines the burn rate. Excellent article, but I have an off beat question. What about cleanup and maintenance of the pellet smokers you have reviewed? Is anyone better or easier for ash cleanup? I have a friend who has Yoder and his only complaint is the amount of time and complexity of cleaning up the pellet ash.

Thank you in advance. Seriously, thank you for asking it. My Traeger is very easy to clean. Prior to each use, I use a brass brush to do the grate and let the heat do the rest.

About every fourth use I replace the aluminum foil on the angled heat plate. We use our Traeger about twice a week. Every month or so, I simply remove the grate and the angled plate and do the deed with my garage vac. The whole operation takes about five minutes from disassembly to finish. Thank you for the post. Your process is pretty much what I do with our GMG. I do hit it with Simple Green every other month or so. Just to get the grease and stuff mucked out and cleaned up.

Thanks so much for commenting, sir! Thanks for all the info! Hey Drew — thank you for your comment. All told, most pellet grills are going to average about 1. Ambient temperature and pellet composition play a role as well as grill temp. I am trying to compare the Rec Tec and the Green Mountain Jim Bowie; they seem to be of similar size and both priced well. Is there a reason to choose one over the other? Reports from users re: GMG offers a wifi option that now runs on your home network, and will eventually allow you to monitor via a cloud option, meaning monitoring your grill as you are out shopping etc.

The extra large hopper size on the Rec-Tec Pellet Grills could be a bonus for you if you plan on doing some really long cooks. Other than that I really think it comes down to things as simple as how the unit looks.

I know that sounds silly, but they are both great grills otherwise. Hey Kevin, Just found this and I thank you! I think between the units I might give them a run. Yoder makes quality stuff, and if made in the USA is important to you, they fit as do the Blazings. Good customer service and solid following. Thanks Kevin, although I will be using the pellet cooker as more of an oven to finish the meat, and not just as a cambro.

Hey Chris, sorry man… I misunderstood. Any experience or knowledge about them? Big fan of GMG as a company. Solid products and great customer service. Great customer service and support. You can find it on Facebook here. Since Traeger recommends only Traeger pellets in their grills, does anyone have experience using BBQ Delight pellets in Traeger grills?

Hey Reid — thanks you for your question. You can use any pellet brand you like in a Traeger grill. Have been very pleased with them. You can check out their stuff here. Thanks Kevin, I will check out your suggestion. I was worried that non-Traeger pellets might harm my grill.

Thank you so much for this very informative post!! The selling point for us with this particular Traeger grill was the ability to convert this to a built in unit by simply taking off the right side shelf. The sales rep at Costco had a picture of one that his parents had built into an attractive brick surround and we liked the option, however, after reading your post and several other sites, I am finding that Traeger may not be the best investment comparatively and with a purchase this expensive, long-term quality is extremely important to us.

Hi Jennifer, the Traeger grill you purchased should serve you well. You can see a picture of one of them installed here. I think this is the grill style you bought. If you are able to stretch your budget a little, you can also check out the Memphis Grill Pro Series models. I really enjoyed cooking on the one I tested out and featured in this post.

Hi Joe, I might if there will be great time between cooks. At minimum get a good grill cover. The pellets do expand a lot if exposed to liquid. Smoker is merciless against pirates and fights them with all his might.

However, he expects that pirates also show no mercy towards him; he was even more surprised when Zoro saved him from drowning on Luffy's instructions.

In return he had to move on and leave Luffy and his crew alone. On the other hand, Smoker is dedicated to the pursuit of global justice against criminals and pirates and will not forget those that forsake the law and manage to escape his grasp, though he appears to share Garp and Kuzan's "moral justice" and recognizes that not all marines are as noble as their image suggests, nor should all allies be trusted blindly.

He also tends to hold grudges toward pirates who have escaped him. For example, he prepares to capture Portgas D. Ace and is prepared for a difficult battle. However, after Luffy unexpectedly interrupts them and throws them through several walls, Smoker, as soon as he sees Luffy, barely acknowledges Ace.

He merely shoves him into the ground and prepares to go after Luffy, who is his primary target. Smoker treats his subordinates with the same respect as his peers and has never abused his position. He also is brusque towards his subordinate Tashigi. Smoker's disposition of being obstinate comes out when he decides he will abandon what he is doing and go after Luffy no matter the cost. Smoker has the tendency to not adhere to the standard idea of justice but rather lives up to his own code of justice.

The unique aspect about the encounter between him and Luffy is that this is the first time Luffy actively flees as opposed to fighting. Smoker is an extremely serious and gruff man and has very rarely been shown to smile, if at all. He is often sharp and caustic towards people who come off as nuisances to him, and gets irritated and angered at silly antics and stupidity which disturb his peace. However, he is profoundly dedicated and driven to protecting innocent people and his subordinates from harm, and will become immensely angry at anyone in a position of power who claims to protect people but is actually deceiving or manipulating them for their own selfish interests.

Smoker seems to have a hobby in rock balancing first shown in Loguetown, [3] as such he does not seem to like people who make too much noise around him, as he claims that it breaks his focus.

In fact, he has been betrayed by Shichibukai four times so far in the series. Despite his somber manners, he does seem to have a benevolent personality. In Loguetown, when a little girl bumped into him and dropped her ice cream on his trousers, he takes it in good heart. He even gave her money to buy a new cone. Smoker is not afraid to openly challenge the higher ranking echelons within the Marines or the World Government , going as far as to use a brutal insult in an attempt to reject a promotion that he did not want.

He has close ties with Hina as she is a personal friend from their days of training. Because they have known each other for a long time, Hina calls him Smoker-kun a Japanese honorific used usually for younger peers while Smoker addresses Hina by her name alone which, in Japanese, shows either a sign of disrespect or closeness.

He has a close relationship with his subordinate Tashigi. However, he appears to act very harshly to her mistakes, such as confusing another soldier for Smoker due to her not wearing her glasses. Despite this, he has shown that he trusts her judgement, as seen when he tells her to follow her own sense of justice when she goes to Alabasta. In turn, she calls him Smoker-san a simple Japanese honorific as opposed to by his rank that other soldiers call him i.

Recently, she has demonstrated some defiance towards her superior, Smoker. When Smoker berated her for begging for her life, she retorted at Smoker because it was the only way they could save their subordinates and the abducted children from Vergo. She later glares at him angrily for wearing her shirt unbuttoned, when he was in her body. Smoker also seems to be on good terms with Kuzan , as he requested Aokiji to pass a message to Monkey D. Luffy, [13] and later negotiate with Sengoku for a transfer to the more dangerous G-5 station in the New World.

Even after Kuzan's departure, he would later save Smoker from being killed by Donquixote Doflamingo on the basis they are still friends. Smoker appears to have become well acquainted with Fujitora , as he, like Kuzan, believes the Shichibukai system should be dissolved. He later expressed both his shock and gratitude to have learned that Fujitora did not let the government cover up the ordeal in Dressrosa like they did in Alabasta to which Smoker was grateful for and even admitted that if Smoker were in Fujitora's position admiral , would not be able to do what Fujitora did.

Currently, as the commanding officer in charge of G-5 Unit 01, Smoker had command of the personnel stationed there. The soldiers were sadistic and cruel, ignoring regulations, but obeyed Smoker. Smoker, in turn, shows contempt for them due to their blatant disregard for laws. Smoker was shocked when some of his men were blown up because of Smiley's power and he orders Tashigi to make sure they are kept safe and escorted to safety after reuniting with them in the research facility.

Vergo seemed to be concerned about Smoker's transfer to G-5, as he mentions that from the day Smoker was transferred, he had to put up the largest possible guard to prevent Smoker from finding out his true affiliation. Vergo also expressed the desire to murder both Smoker and Tashigi "by accident", since they now know his secret identity. Even though the Shichibukai have allied with the World Government, Smoker, like Kizaru , Sengoku , Fujitora and Kuzan , thinks they are nothing but pirates and cannot be trusted.

He has a strong desire to arrest Luffy dating back to when Luffy was about to be executed by Buggy in Loguetown. Smoker saw the smile Luffy gave off to mirror that of Gol D. Roger's twenty-two years ago, and considered Luffy to be a potential danger to the world. Smoker has always wondered why Dragon would rescue Luffy in Loguetown, until Sengoku made it public that Dragon is Luffy's father, which intensified Smoker's thought about Luffy's dangerous potential.

Ever since witnessing Luffy's smile during his aborted execution, Smoker has been relentless in trying to pursue Luffy and arrest him. Despite Luffy ordering Zoro to save Smoker from drowning after escaping the Rainbase Casino, Smoker still had the ambition to someday capture Luffy, only recouping him by letting him go that one time. Smoker is even willing to go as far as to the New World to capture Luffy, and has waited two years for Luffy to finally arrive.

Smoker is Luffy's longest running Marine adversary to date. Due to Smoker's desire to apprehend Luffy for such an extended period of time, he seems to have learned of Luffy's habits based on the various encounters with him as well as information from news reports. Smoker was able to correctly predict Luffy's desire to go to Raijin Island due to the Log Pose pointing at the island being the most turbulent and would fit Luffy's reckless nature.

Smoker was also willing to enter Punk Hazard to pursue Luffy, despite the Government placing the island off limits. He was also very embarrassed when Luffy laughed at him, because of his peculiar situation, and became infuriated when Luffy refused to battle him based on Smoker's and Tashigi's "handicap".

Smoker simply states that he could not let a pirate such as Ace go so easily. However, after Ace assists Luffy's escape from him, it is possible that he may have held a grudge against Ace. Hancock considers Smoker a personal enemy after he pinned down and attempted to kill Luffy. Hancock swore to rip him to shreds and feed him to beasts. During the Battle of Marineford, Smoker warned Hancock that her actions might lead to her Shichibukai status being revoked.

He demanded Smoker to tell him where the pirates went, which he refused. Doflamingo then attacked him, and nearly killed him. After the intervention of Aokiji, [15] Doflamingo spared Smoker's life. When Smoker encountered Trafalgar Law at Punk Hazard , he demanded answers from Law, some regarding on who Law was working for, indicating a hidden agenda. While Smoker yielded in defeat, Law commented that he does not have to tell him anything.

Smoker is a formidable combatant, as on top of his sheer strength, his Logia Devil Fruit abilities set him apart from most marines. In Loguetown , he was on the verge of arresting Luffy during their first encounter, and would have succeeded had it not been for Luffy's father, Monkey D. After the Enies Lobby events, he was shown unsatisfied in capturing a pirate with a bounty of 50,, When Luffy confronts him again in Marineford, he comments that Smoker has gotten far stronger before being pinned to the ground.

It is said that the marines of this branch are insane, cruel, and merciless who stick needles into pirates, feed them to sharks, or use them for kindling. They are known for not following orders, but Smoker managed to earn their obedience.

He is one of the few marines that has ever beaten Luffy, the others being the two high-ranking Admirals Aokiji and Kizaru as well as Sentomaru although Luffy was injured at the time. As a result, Luffy resorts to running away from Smoker if he ever sees him, however Luffy could not use Busoshoku Haki at this time.

After the timeskip, Smoker was able to easily cross the New World entrance and to arrive at Punk Hazard. He was also able to battle Vergo on relatively equal terms despite Vergo's superior mastery of Haki, and Smoker's actual goal being to retrieve Law's heart from the rogue Marine.

He has also shown great strategic capabilities, as he was able to plan in mere minutes the efficient assault on the pirates in the plaza during Buggy's attempt to execute Luffy, and utilize his abilities in what seemed to be erratic methods in order to divert Vergo's attention and retrieve Law's heart. As evident of his strong built, Smoker possesses incredible physical strength: He also has great endurance and resistance, as he was able to stand back up with no visible damage and without effort after receiving a Haki-enhanced kick from Boa Hancock, whose attacks are strong enough to shatter stone and Pacifistas armor though Hancock's kick was primarily to get him off Luffy.

He can manipulate the smoke's density to make it thick or thin, allowing him to hold and constrict others within it. Like most Logia users, he can fly by turning his lower body into smoke and propelling himself like a rocket. At this point, he does not appear to have any exploitable weakness aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses , due to his ability to be intangible. Using his smoke powers, Smoker can power up the engines of his motorbike, the Billower Bike , for on-land transportation.

Smoker's main weapon is a large jitte that is quite long and is tipped with Seastone , a material that affects Devil Fruit users in a similar way to the sea a person who consumes a Devil Fruit becomes weak and unable to move his or her body in the water, and Seastone is, in Smoker's own words, "a solidified form of the sea" , which he uses to subdue criminal Devil Fruit users.

Since only the tip is Seastone, it does not affect Smoker himself. He keeps the tip hanging in the air at all times, and his thick clothing provides further protection. When he turns into smoke, the weapon does not turn into smoke with him because of the Seastone.

Instead, he carries it with him while in smoke form. Smoker seems to be very proficient in wielding the jitte, taking enemies by surprise and using the weapon to deliver strong blunt attacks. The jitte was broken in half when Boa Hancock kicked it, which led it to crumble. After the timeskip, the jitte has shown to have been repaired. Its hilt is white in the manga, but red in the anime. Also, in the manga and in its related merchandise and products, it seems to be much longer than in the anime, almost reaching down to Smoker's feet.

The Billower Bike is used for in-land transportation. It is a wide bike with three wheels two big ones in the rear, and a smaller one in front and its engines are powered by his Moku Moku no Mi powers. Additionally, Smoker can traverse water with the bike. Before the timeskip, Smoker was not able to use Haki , although he had some knowledge of it. During the timeskip, he was promoted to vice admiral, so confirming that Smoker can use the ability.

This is further proven during the fight with Trafalgar Law , when Smoker comments to Tashigi that her Haki is not on a level that would allow her to stand against Law's powers. During his battle with Vergo , he landed a punch where his hand and part of his arm were completely black, demonstrating the use of Busoshoku Haki.

Very little has been said about Smoker's past; what is known is that he joined the Marines at the same time as Hina. However, it appears that Hina had to help Smoker before in situations where he was almost expelled from the marines.

Z" is was stated, that he was trained by the former Admiral "Black Arm" Zephyr. Some time prior to the current storyline, Smoker managed to acquire the rank of Marine Captain, and was charged with the protection of Loguetown, the city in which the Pirate King was born and executed. Many citizens and subordinates fear Smoker, most likely because of his smoke powers , his imposing appearance and his sharp manners.

The captain, however, cares deeply for the inhabitants of the city. He did not become angry when a little girl accidentally bumped into him, spilling her ice cream on one of his pant legs.

He instead gave the girl money to buy a bigger ice cream. Ippon-Matsu , the weapons store owner where Zoro bought his new swords, complained to Tashigi on how her new Marine captain Smoker has ruined his business with pirates. In the Marine base, Captain Smoker was informed about the chaos caused by the pirates at the plaza. Soon, Tashigi sergeant of the Marines, met up with Smoker and they went to the execution platform.

The marines reported three wanted pirates on the execution platform, one being Alvida the Iron Mace, the other being Buggy the Clown and finally Straw Hat Luffy. Smoker stated he had never heard of Luffy but he thought that it could be a tough job. After realizing Luffy is escaping, he ordered the first unit to take care of them, however, their gun powder was wet due to the sudden storm, leaving the port free for them to escape.

Smoker decided to capture Luffy even if it was the last thing he'd do. However, they were caught by Smoker before they could get too far. Alvida commented on how her Devil Fruit powers did not work on the net. Buggy replied that the net was made out of a special material made specifically to capture devil fruit users.

Smoker caught up to Luffy and Sanji and blocked the way to the harbor. Smoker grabbed Luffy, causing Sanji to leap into action, but with no effect to Smoker due of his Devil Fruit.

Smoker used his White Blow and blew Sanji to a building, Luffy tried to fight back, but he ultimately failed. As Smoker was about to deliver the finishing blow, a mysterious man called Dragon suddenly appeared. Smoker stated that the whole world government was looking for him, to which he replied "waiting for our answer". After that, a gust of wind suddenly blew everyone away, giving Luffy and his crew a chance to escape. As the crew escaped, Smoker demanded to know why he helped them escape; Dragon stated he saw no reason to stop a man's destiny.

Nevertheless, Smoker set out after Luffy, along with his subordinate, Tashigi, abandoning his post in Loguetown. A marine tried to stop him and tried to remind him of his duties to the higher-ups.

He replied with saying he could tell them to not order him around. Smoker had managed to intercept the conversation between Mr. Princess Vivi , Straw-Hat, Mr. Tashigi asked him if Mr.

Smoker says that this is possible and that it might even point to a secret criminal organization. Smoker then asked him what the note in his pocket meant. He tried to explain the note, but before he went further Smoker said that they never found any note in his pocket, which shocked Mr. Smoker then remembers that Vivi was the princess of the kingdom named Alabasta , he also noted that she is currently missing.

He replied that he did not know yet, saying that this was their only lead on the Straw Hat pirates. Smoker then orders a marine to request an Eternal Pose from Marine Headquarters and made his way to Alabasta. He is later seen on Alabasta in the town called Nanohana. Smoker notes that the restaurant called Spice Bean is especially noisy today.

Tashigi notes that a customer had apparently died there, then a marine came running towards then, saying that they would not believe who is in town. Smoker later entered the restaurant asking what the commander of the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates , Portgas D. Ace , was doing in this country. Ace then said he was looking for his younger brother.

Ace then asks Smoker what he should do, Smoker tells him to let him arrest Ace. He rejected that offer by saying he could not let him do that. Smoker then said that he was looking for a different pirate and had no interest in him; Ace asks if he just could let him go in that case. Smoker replied by saying that he could not do that, as long as he is a marine and as long as he is a pirate. Ace said that it was a dumb reason and prepared to fight with Smoker.

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