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However, one soon learns that newspaper editors have always had only two main aims, to fill all the pages and then to sell as many copies of each issue as possible. Once the better off Victorians grasped the importance of good drainage, they became obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene. Dashwood Studios is a private student accommodation located on the boundary of Zones 1 and 2 in Southwark just minutes away from all that Central London has to offer. Local government in London , History of local government in London , and List of heads of London government. The repeal of the Corn Laws in was specifically aimed at weakening Dutch economic power [ citation needed ]. The grounds were less than 1,m from Tooting Bec Common. Retrieved 11 March


They were without exception at least members of the various middle strata of what are loosely called the middle-classes and some were even possibly from the upper middle-classes and upper-classes.. In those early years, tin-baths were used in what is now a cellar store. Unfortunately, it was completely demolished by WW II bombing. Other entertainments such as Boxing bouts, Tug-of-War contests, the ancient art of 'Indian Club Exercises' displays, and other sudorific exercises that cause sweating besides our traditional 'smoking concerts' were popular. Retrieved 3 March In the winter of , the West London Rowing Club held an athletics meeting at the West London Cricket Ground at Brompton, in west London, in the belief that their rowing men might enjoy some hard work and exercise to keep them in training during their off-season. Archived from the original PDF on 11 March

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By most of the jumps and other throws had been added to the programme. He was in the 2nd row with the famous R. Charles Reidy became an outstanding post-war hammer thrower.

The prestigious White City Stadium after refurbishment was difficult to resist in The London University track at Motspur Park had the finest facilities. We flirted with that venue before and after World War II, but it was always rather outside our normal area of summer home activities.

So in we turned to the new Tooting Bec track and staged the inaugural club match held there. It was to remain our main track base until He returned in and remained our main coach until July This was the 'heyday' of the Trophy Meetings. Our greatest post-war track achievement was finishing 2nd equal in the 'Kinnaird' Trophy meeting, in 'Bert' Liffen's eleventh and last season as our Track Captain.

Alexander Stadium , were other prestigious meetings to which we were regularly invited. Complementing the Trophy Meetings were inter-club matches, usually on mid-week evenings. In a summer season an elite athlete could easily compete in as many as 13 of the former and 16 of the latter, besides various Championships from club to national level and numerous representative matches, especially if one was also in the Armed Services on National Service.

For most of the immediate post-war period, Tooting Bec track was the only floodlit track in London. It was eerily lit by ex-army surplus hurricane-type lamps. They hissed loudly when alight and were sited at intervals on the infield grass by the track curb.

Tooting was so popular and it became so crowded all year round that many of our field event athletes were forced to use various Bank grounds for specialised training and coaching. Robertson, coached members at the Barclays Bank Ground in Norbury in The Tooting Bec Cinder-track had gradually deteriorated over the years and when needed to host Southern Men's League fixtures, it was found wanting on several points such as width and number of lanes, etc.

This explains our use of other venues for some meetings until the track was enlarged and an 'all-weather' surface was laid at Tooting in August We ran a Southern Men's League 'B' team for 12 years before dropping it due to insufficient technical officials and helpers to cover both teams.

Throughout our history, many of our active athletes have been unable to train at our track bases due to being away at university, in the Armed Forces on national service, or most often just living too far away. This was not a problem as, until comparatively recently, most of our active athletes were adults and the minority were shortly to leave school. They had all been coached in at least the basics of most sports at school.

The coaching most members required was more advisory and more in the nature of the 'Oxbridge-type' university tutorial with the emphasis on discussion, although it will always be necessary for very experienced on-lookers to check technique, including on film, and then draw attention to any apparent problems, etc. As sport in many state schools gradually became more marginalised or almost disappeared completely, youngsters looked to sports clubs to fill the vacuum.

However, we were less accustomed to providing basic coaching than some other athletics clubs, which had had a sizeable element of young teenagers for a longer time than SLH. Hercules AC which had plenty of athletes had been based at Tooting Bec track before merging with Wimbledon AC which had plenty of technical officials in Many members of the merged club still trained at Tooting, rather than Wimbledon Park.

By the late s, SLH was struggling rather unsuccessfully to hold our own in recruiting track members in the face of strong competition from the long-time resident Herne Hill Harriers and also Hercules Wimbledon AC, which had increased its presence at Tooting Bec, after its conversion to an 'all-weather' track in August Both of our rivals had stronger basic-coaching set-ups than SLH at that time. Also in , we were offered the opportunity to become the sole athletics club based at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

We seized the opportunity and our coaching organisation increased significantly thanks to the efforts of our Crystal Palace Coaching Co-ordinator, Phil Hartnett, and his able lieutenants. They had worked wonders in a comparatively short time so that we were strong enough to join the Young Athletes Female League in Excluding the prestigious Stamford Bridge Stadium the AAA Championships venue for many years , and our enforced sojourn at Southwark Park, and most recently, 'Track Coulsdon' at Woodcote, most of our regular main track venues, used for training and competitions, have been in the relatively small area bounded by our venues, listed below: This is an area that is much smaller than the London Borough of Croydon, which it partially adjoins.

Compared with some other London Clubs, SLH has always had a wide membership catchment area with active athletes living not only in south London but also north of the Thames and in all parts of London towards what is now the M25 motorway and beyond.

Until relatively recently, most of our active athletes worked in Central London, in the City and the West End. Many would often do track training or mid-week Evening meetings at our tracks on the way home. Despite our cross country courses and HQs having been in the Croydon postal areas since October , most of our middle and long distance runners lived in such areas as Clapham, Balham, Tooting, Streatham, and Crystal Palace in what may be termed 'Inner-South London' and many of our sprinters and field events athletes lived in or near areas in the northerly Croydon postal areas.

Both groups would also train in each other's areas. A 'never the twain shall meet', on the training ground, situation has gradually developed to some extent.

For various reasons, many of our adult active members have not always trained at our summer and winter bases. This is the norm for most clubs throughout the country, especially in the more distant provinces, although not exclusively so. Six tracks have been used only once for a home fixture: In September , a match between two professional sprinters had been arranged. Both rival gangs of supporters wanted their man to lose for betting purposes.

In the event, neither sprinter turned up, so a riot ensued with the angry crowd setting the stadium ablaze. Unfortunately, it burnt down never to rise again. All-weather, 6-lane with an 8-lane straight Used for our home Southern Men's Lge match This 'all-weather' track venue was used to 'co-host' a Southern Men's League fixture in thes.

Prior to that conversion, this venue was known as the 'Norbiton' track, as it is much nearer Norbiton Railway Station than it is to Kingston Station. The previous 'cinder' track was called 'Carshalton' Track but when the current 'all-weather' track was laid, it was turned through degrees and renamed Sutton Arena, as the Borough of Sutton provided the finance involved.

The inexorable spread of London's suburbs due to the Capital's rapid expansion between and , with three main building booms: In , although the railway network of main- and suburban-lines was widespread, there were no petrol- or diesel-driven motor-vehicles or deep-tube-lines.

However, it was an exciting time, when our sport was in its formalised infancy. There was also little housing in the vicinity to the south of Peckham Rye, when our races started and finished on 'The Rye'. During most of our Club's earliest odd years, we usually only paid 'wet-rent', for our changing facilities, etc.

In those days after eating, members and friends would gather round the log-fire and each person would sing a song, recite a poem or tell a story. The Saturday evenings were long and merry ones, usually closing with the Publican's words: Over 60 years later, W. Brooker SLH President — 10 who had two spells in SLH July — November and from to October , when he died aged 90 , described the facilities, which SLH used for washing after races or training on cold winter Saturday afternoons in the early days.

At Peckham Rye, runners took off the worst of the mud in a pail or footbath of warm water before using a sponge or sit-bath to finish off. However, it was little more than 10 minutes by train from London Bridge station and 'The City' where most of our members probably worked. Also, the fact that several of our early members, including our first Hon. In those days, many athletes belonged to two clubs.

Clubs with close connections usually arranged their CC races or training runs on a fortnightly basis so that members of the two clubs could run with the two clubs on alternate Saturdays. Philip Road still exists although it is now called Philip Walk. Unfortunately, it was recently demolished to allow the building of some flats. Unfortunately, it was completely demolished by WW II bombing. After the war, the present hotel was built on the site. Both buildings seem to have survived to this day.

The present hotel, although set back a little, stands opposite the common where we staged our CC races on the corner of Streatham High Road and the north-side of Greyhound Lane. When there was a train crash very close to that station, The Times' newspaper reported that the incident occurred close to the 'Streatham Common Station'.

By , the station had become officially known by that name, which is its current name. It is now a modern metalled road until it crosses Fernlea Road, after which it is reduced to a narrow pedestrian path on Tooting Bec Common. The half-way point was on the corner of Sandy Lane, Mitcham.

The course returned home via what are now Streatham Lane and Mitcham Lane, before passing down Green Lane which has been replaced by two modern metalled roads: After this our courses returned across Tooting Bec Common to the finish, which was between two tall trees some 10 to 11 ft c. From December , permission was withdrawn for running through the 'Furzedown Estate.

This meant that we had to make changes to our CC courses to avoid that Estate. After this the changed course bore right to run over several ploughed fields including some uphill to the top of Green Lane now two roads: This hotel was developed in the s and has been recently renamed 'The Bedford'.

The grounds had a narrow 3- or 4-lane cinder running 'path' track , yards round i. The grounds were less than 1,m from Tooting Bec Common. The courts were open for play from Monday May 4th, although the regular season did not appear to start until June 1st. We used 'The Grove' pub for changing, etc.

After our large new Clubhouse was completed, it allowed entertainment activities such as the first SLH Concert Evening on Wednesday December 16th , from 6pm, at which ladies were present, to take place in our own premises.

Other entertainments such as Boxing bouts, Tug-of-War contests, the ancient art of 'Indian Club Exercises' displays, and other sudorific exercises that cause sweating besides our traditional 'smoking concerts' were popular. Unfortunately, despite some obvious limitations of the site, our hope for a long period of stability at one main venue for all of our activities disappeared after our short lease ran out and could not be renewed due to impending officially approved building development plans.

The site is now a small dead-end 'T-shaped' side street named 'Lochinvar Street. This very well-known hotel was on the east-side of the A23 Brighton Road at the junction with Selsdon Road. Unfortunately, this building now houses a Tesco Express Store, which opened in November The site had had a 'Public House' there for almost years. The present building was opened in , when it replaced a much less prepossessing one-storey 'pub'.

Houses now cover this site. Unfortunately, this Inn was demolished in , and has mostly been used for car-parking since then. Andrews Hall', comprising the present badminton court area and the old main entrance lobby, which was demolished in the mids major alterations, and where the ground-floor 'disabled toilet' is now located. In those early years, tin-baths were used in what is now a cellar store. In , the Church decided to sell their Hall. At that time, the Comrades' Club owned and occupied a wooden hut on the land in front of the Hall and were also in the market for the whole site.

The original SLH Ltd directors included the key members: We then renamed the Hall: For many years, 'sit-down' high-teas were the order of the day, after Saturday training runs and races. The plunge-baths disappeared in late , when that area on the east-side was refurbished and the dynamic Asst. Secretary, David Smith, arranged for an 'Ascot' gas-heater to be installed to make mid-week evening showering possible. Before late , hot water for baths and later 'gravity-fed' showers was only possible on Saturdays when the hall was open, when the coke-fired boiler was tended by the old 'geordie' ex-coal miner who looked after it for many years.

Roehampton Village, for Saturday training over Wimbledon Common. In , temporary accommodation was obtained in the Cricket Pavilion on Banstead Downs. Unfortunately, it was burnt down before the next CC season started. It rained all afternoon and when James Gibb SLH was leading well ahead of the field, and with Charles Larrette and other SLH men in good positions, the paper-trail marking the course ran out of paper three miles from the finish.

The whole field went off course, with the runners losing their way in the forest, so the race was declared 'void'. If the trail had not given out, SLH would surely have won both individual and team Championships.

He managed to re-join the race but lost so much time that he could only finish 8th, whilst Charles Larrette led SLH home when finishing 4th individual. From the CC season, the 'age-limits' were altered to the current "as at 1st September". Close relations with Blackheath Harriers were soon established with unofficial 'joint' training runs, with a meal afterwards.

SLH 56 wins to Blackheath's 48 wins. The demise of the 'Vets Mob Match' was mainly due to most of the runners in the regular 'mob matches' being overwhelmingly 'Vets' for some years, so that a separate 'Vets mob match' had become redundant.

The first match was held at Tooting Bec on Wednesday evening August 16th In , the yards field of 28 a-side starting off a straight line was interesting and required a speedy start to get to the first bend. Gordon Pirie recorded World Records at 4 distances on 5 different occasions: Derek Ibbotson established 2 World Records: In the European Championships, Derek Pugh b.

The record September meeting attendance was 20, spectators in Alfred Shrubb's farewell season of The record April meeting attendance was 18, spectators also in The Belgian club was founded in as an athletics club before a football section was added in In , we competed in a match versus the multi-sports club: That club is now better known as the Czech Republic Soccer club: Later, races were added for younger secondary school scholars, and more recently girls' races have been added.

Also in recent years, Inter-Primary Schools races have been added, which are usually held on the same day although in the Saturday morning, for logistical reasons to cope with the increased overall numbers taking part.

It was not until that the first AAA Indoor Championships were held at the Wembley Indoor Arena and continued to and were revived in , though some unrelated post-war meetings were held before then. Tom' Richards was the individual winner in He mainly competed as a walker at distances from one mile to miles in the colours of the Surrey Walking Club, which Ernest Neville and other SLH members: It is said that Ernest Neville informally walked from London to Brighton as a year old in He was the leading figure in the formation of the Road Walking Association in , the Centurians in , and the RRC Road Runners Club in , which was inspired by the very successful inaugural London to Brighton Ultra Running Race on August 11th , organised by Ernest Neville, who was very experienced in organising ultra-distance walking races, including such races over that course.

The London to Brighton ultra-distance running race was an annual event from until , when organisational difficulties prevented its continuation on public roads. In , John Christopher Jewell b. John became friends with the US Ultra Distance runner, Ted Corbet, who in published a monograph surveying measurement methods around the World: Ted's work helped establish World-wide acceptance of the calibrated bicycle method as the road race standard.

Ted's work inspired Alan Jones to invent the "Jones Counter" in , which removed the need for 'spoke counting' described in John's paper. SLH has played a leading role in the administration of our sport since the earliest years of organised sport in the 19th Century.

They became friends, and worked together to stabilise and permanently establish the Summer Olympic Games after the chaotically organised earliest Summer Games staged quadrennially, from in Athens, Paris and St. Louis USA , had put the future of the Olympics in doubt. Secretary-Treasurer from to , that office being held by E. Hathway, the "father of modern timekeeping". He was a timekeeper at the London Olympics and over the next 30 years, he worked unremittingly to perfect UK timekeeping.

Walter 'Wally' Tripp b. In his youth, he was a keen hurdler in the s. Dunlop, he founded the Inter-Banks Athletics Association. However, it was as a Starter that he was best known. He was the Starter at the London Olympics and it took a very sharp man to beat 'Wally' and his gun.

Frank was also the SLH Starter Frank Norris's great friend and fellow sprinter, 'Jack' Lemon was a distinguished Field Referee for many years. Our most distinguished coaches have been responsible for the achievements of many International athletes, of both sexes. In the late Victorian and Edwardian eras, and beyond Harry Andrews b. June was considered to be Britain's leading coach then usually referred to as 'trainer' , who wrote five books from to including his book 'Training for Track, Field and Road' edited by E.

Butler a 50 mile World running record holder. Harry Andrews also coached Montague A. Holbein, the famous Channel Swimmer and the cyclist, T.

Fisher, a 1, mile World Cycle record holder, and W. Bailey, a World Sprint Cycle record holder. Andrews also coached A. Frederick Annesley Michael Webster b. He coached SLH in the 'inter-war' years and was the most outstanding British thinker in the 'inter-war' Athletics coaching world. He wrote more than 30 books on athletics. The great New Zealand coach, Arthur Lydiard, considered that Webster knew more about athletics than anyone else he had read, although he did consider that Webster didn't push his athletes hard enough.

Webster coached his son, Frederick Richard Webster b. He was also an SLH coach in the 'inter-war' period. Franz Stampfl, MBE, b. He was a modern 'Renaissance Man', believing everyone should strive to reach their full potential. Although he was an early advocate of interval training, he had a holistic approach to coaching: His technical knowledge of field events was immense and his grasp of the psychological aspects of sports has been equalled by very few, if any.

His influence on the trio: Bannister, Chataway and especially, the 'carthorse', Brasher, who became an Olympic Champion, was typical of his amazing powers to enhance an athlete's confidence. He always admired the British because of their love of amateur sport. He was our top SLH coach for two periods: In , he was interned as a supposed 'enemy alien' and on July 2nd was on the SS Arandora Star, when torpedoed in the Atlantic.

To survive he forced a steel plate aside to get up to the deck and jump into the freezing cold, oil-slicked, Atlantic water. He was then sent to an Internment Camp in Australia. Fred was a mathematician who retired in , when he was the 2nd Master Deputy Head at Harrow School.

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Iamges: south east london speed dating

south east london speed dating

Ted's work helped establish World-wide acceptance of the calibrated bicycle method as the road race standard. These contests usually only involved just one or two contestants, who were drawn from almost every class of society, including - army officers, country gentlemen, farmers, labourers, shepherds, butchers and those who were purely professional pedestrians. Through the 18th century and earlier part of the 19th century there were two distinct streams of athletics:

south east london speed dating

These are either informal designations, reflect the names of villages that have been absorbed by sprawl, or are superseded administrative units such as parishes or former boroughs.

south east london speed dating

Since at least the 19th century, "London" has also referred to the metropolis around this core, historically split between MiddlesexEssexSurreyKent and Hertfordshire[10] [11] [12] which today largely makes up Greater London[13] south east london speed dating [note 1] a region governed by the Mayor of London and the London Assembly. They easy largely responsible for the formal codification of the rules and the south east london speed dating of many national governing bodies to administer the many forms of modern sport which followed. Cardi B is 'set to welcome her first child in July Events were in the form of level relay and team races in the hope of discouraging 'open' handicaps, which unfortunately lingered on until the s. The disused — but soon to be rejuvenated — Battersea Power Station by the river in the south-west is a local sating, while some railway termini are excellent examples of Jewish senior dating sites architecturemost notably St. Family 'lose everything' after 'mobile phone charger' sparks an inferno that tore through their home