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A manufacturing plant in Oakland, California was acquired to manufacture pumps for handling lubricating oils and other liquids from steel barrels, and an external contracting brake system for Model T Fords, always under the brand FABCO. Model description of cross-shore motion of regular waves". If R Cushman and Associates is an indicator, Fabco is truly an engineering company building great products. The water interacts with the bottom as it approaches shore and has a drag interaction. Surfing can be done on various equipment, including surfboards , longboards , Stand Up Paddle boards SUP's , bodyboards , wave skis , skimboards , kneeboards , surf mats and macca's trays. Their movements are unpredictable. I attach the relevant image.

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Surfing-related sports such as paddle boarding and sea kayaking do not require waves, and other derivative sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing rely primarily on wind for power, yet all of these platforms may also be used to ride waves. I miss being able to drive an hour to San Francisco and 45 minutes to Santa Cruz. I would have bet wrongly that FAB was derived from fabrication. But perhaps a more significant factor was simply market saturation — by this time most operators had built out their fleets, and the product, being simple and rugged in design, proved long-lasting — operators preferred to maintain, repair, and improve and in many cases manufacture their own replacement parts rather than buy new trucks. Posted November 30, at 7:

Anybody know its manufacturer? Great in-depth history that helps situate Oakland as a manufacturing and innovation hub, connecting the city to the valley and the farming industry.

I know Oakland as a food manufacturing center in its manufacturing heyday, but never knew beyond Gillig about the connection with steel production, farming and vehicle manufacturing. Fascinating piece as Oakland undergoes a new transition to housing and high tech. So it seems as if the name will disappear, though it appears at least initially some of the products will remain in production. This is what I love about CC — you get to learn all about a company you never knew existed, in depth and detail.

I get to Berkeley about every other year, and never fail to notice the old Hall-Scott plant. Knew about Fagoel, White and Peterbilt, but not these guys. The company expects to break ground in the fourth quarter of Because the site sits on land in both Oakland and Emeryville, the two cities are drafting a memorandum of understanding that spells out their respective responsibilities and rules, according to Emeryville Planning Director Charles Bryant.

Still, it has a track record locally of industrial redevelopment, with three such projects in Emeryville, including Elevation 22 near an Amtrak station, a proposed redevelopment of the Fabco Automotive truck manufacturing site on the Oakland-Emeryville border and a former corn syrup plant site called Liquid Sugar. Here is the parcel map from the development: I attach the relevant image. The Oakland part of the old Fabco site is in yellow, parcel 1 on this map:. Like the SDA, it was designed in view of the newly introduced FMVSS standard which mandated stringent maximum stopping distances for heavy-trucks.

That initiated a wide variety of braking innovations in heavy-duty trucks, which included air-over-hydraulic disk brakes in the SDA, and wedge brakes in the SDA As it turned out, the FMVSS braking distance requirements were invalidated by a court decision in Note, however, in Europe air disc brakes are now common.

In terms of the steering connection, these axles could be ordered with single- or dual steering arms. For the axles in the 8, to 16, lb capacity, customer demand has gone back-and-forth over the years between single-Cardan joints, with their lower cost and complexity, and double-Cardan joints with their smoother operation and tighter turning angles.

The Unistar axles from , for example, were double-Cardan, as is the current generation of axles, but customer demand in the intervening years generally preferred single-Cardan joints. When I tried my hand at Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic in the fleet has equipped trucks that constantly had dragging brakes, no one there understood this system and we were instructed to strip then out and retrofit to air brakes with s cams.

For me it was a big jump from being a older American car and VW Mechanic to working on big rigs in one day. Harleigh Holmes of Coleman Motors. Holmes actually passed away during this project. Fabco axles had for years one of Holmes patents imprinted on the serial plate.

To axle geek out even more, the Coleman axle was dealt its overdue death blow when Ottawa was acquired by Sisu Truck of Finland. Rockwell cut off Fabco as they were becoming serious competitors.

This is what led to the Fabco-Eaton relationship. Some still running today CARB killing off this fleet. At least one of the 6X6 is still working on a Canby, Oregon tomato farm. This is a 20k front driver, not 16k. What is the genesis of the various planetary and rear-drive axles Fabco now markets — are they from GMH Transmission, or from some other source?

I had not heard about that at all. Someday, someone is going to have to get back into the lettuce truck business. Fabco had the powertrain, used for WT truck conversions. And Cochran had belt transfer expertise and chassis mfg experience as did Fabco. So they jointly developed the WT. Cochran may have assembled WT units on contract locally at one time. Modern Lettuce trucks are just too expensive compared to mudder tractor concept nowadays.

I forget when it expired, but I would think that would finally put them out to pasture in Cali, knowing first hand what a repower costs.

As another aside, Ainsworth and one of the Cochrans had a road building company in the East Bay. Think about this — the yard hustler and airport baggage loaders, both so common today, were largely invented in the greater Bay Area. Hey I found an interesting history about Cochrane. Rumor has it that on a sunny Californian weekend, an employee of a very famous airline located in San Francisco at that time, was cruising over the countryside of Salinas and got the idea to use these conveyor belt machines to load baggage into airplanes.

Joe Cochrane created Cochran Equipment in to build the first belt loaders specifically designed for airport use. Cochran Equipment also manufactured catering trucks. In , Cochran designed its first loader for the new B Facing an increase in business due to the Jumbo aircraft revolution, Joe Cochrane decided to look for financial support to help develop his company.

Coleman, found that the reputation of the trucks was enough marketing. However, he did continue a standing wager begun by Holmes:. The Littleton Independent wrote several articles about the contests, even including photographs at times. On one occasion, a Holmes truck out-pulled a bulldozer. No truck ever won the bet. Jerome and Oakland, thanks for writing!

In the beginning were the carriers simply allowed to run backwards? My understanding is Fabco used both reverse and standard cut spiral bevel CWP in addition to running hypoid sets on both the drive and coast side for forward movement depending on gearbox rotation anti-engine or with engine output rotations.

The counter intuitive benefits of running hypoid on coast side in a front driver is another discussion. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Click here to view our privacy policy. About Arras WordPress Theme. Fabco wide-track lettuce truck With just a terse statement through P. The meat of the statement reads as follows: Of these niche products, the most notable over the years are probably the Lettuce Trucks which still roam the Salinas Valley of California The F.

All Wheel Drive, Full-width Cab. Fabco FSDA 20, lb driving axle with offset bowl. Various Fabco Axle Applications from recent history. Fabco FAT, 30,lb-ft input torque rating auxiliary transmission. Fabco Axle Production Line. Here is a graphical timeline, not including the takeover by Meritor:.

Fabco Timeline, up until September Posted November 24, at 4: Posted November 24, at 5: Thanks for this, yet another great read on CC. The campus is immediately surrounded by a growing and collaborative ecosystem of more than 50 bioscience startups, nine established pharmaceutical and biotech companies, 10 venture capital firms, and scientific leaders such as the J. Watch this video about Mission Bay's impact on the city of San Francisco, produced for its year anniversary in Learn more about this "Decade of Discovery.

UCSF later acquired an adjacent The medical center is a bed, integrated complex with specialty hospitals for children, women and cancer patients. With the medical center at Mission Bay, UCSF aims to transform academic medicine in part by translating basic science into clinical practice more rapidly through increased collaboration among scientists and clinicians, accelerating development of new diagnostic and treatment approaches for children, women and cancer patients, and training the next generation of health care practitioners using new tools and technology in facilities that foster teaching and learning.

The Mission Bay campus, built according to a master plan, includes buildings designed by internationally renowned architects, including American Institute of Architects Gold Medal winners the late Ricardo Legorreta — who with his son, Victor, designed the vibrantly colored William J.

Artwork in the collection named after Bishop includes a sculpture by San Francisco native Richard Serra; more than pieces of contemporary furniture by Seattle-based artist Roy McMakin and team, which are placed in the 3. In less than a decade, a number of remarkable facilities and programs have come together at UCSF Mission Bay, including:.

The Mission Bay campus also includes housing for UCSF students, postdoctoral scholars, visiting faculty and their families, and a child care center.

UCSF already boasts more than 1 million square feet of research space at Mission Bay, and many of its labs are establishing new models for how to work both with industry and with clinicians to discover new drugs, devices and cures. In other fields of endeavor, engineers build models to determine whether a circuit will work or how well an airplane will fly. At QB3, scientists emulate those models, hoping that by understanding the design principles of biology, they will be able to develop cells and microorganisms that provide unique resources such as drugs or biofuels.

QB3 scientists follow eight major research themes, from chemical biology to synthetic biology, and from harvesting the information in genomes to developing biomaterials and stem cells. The building is home to investigators from the Brain Tumor Research Center as well as those specializing in population sciences, pediatric oncology, urologic oncology and computational biology. Bringing many of the researchers together — along with the innovative care at UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay — creates myriad opportunities for new discoveries.

Putting basic scientists and clinicians together should ultimately lead to treatments and cures. When you're ready to head home for the day, that first glimpse of our elegant architecture and beautiful landscaping is sure to make you glad you chose Mill Creek Apartments in San Ramon, CA.

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Extreme skiing Freestyle skiing Speed skiing. To me they tend to look a little angrier than the C series. Tales of Endurance and Exploration , p.

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The Littleton Independent wrote several articles about the contests, even including photographs at times. Retrieved 29 January These waves are large and increase in size as they pass over the sediment wedge formation. Image 12 of Modern longboardsgenerally 9 to 10 feet 2.