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starcraft 2 matchmaking takes forever

Meaning my friends who own SC2 and play it experienced mostly that unranked takes much longer than ranked to evaluate your level of play. During the day it's not as bad, just a few mins. Good thing I don't have any of those. BSL4 Ladder Tournament 4. When I finally get into a game, I have no lag issues.

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Also added "rating inflation" analysis. I got smoked for the longest time, when I first started, but I kept trying to improve. Base mana regen it takes. This is why many people are experiencing huge gains for wins and small losses. Is it because of my low level?

I know I only use unranked queue to warm up. I don't think I've ever lost a game because they match me with much lower level players. I'm masters and I think the highest I've seen is plat in unranked. You have separate mmr in ranked and unranked.

You play fewer unranked meaing your mmr will naturally be lower. I agree, my point was just that you get a lot of higher rank players warming up or trying weird stuff in unranked against players who are much worse than them which can frustrate new players. If you play unranked before your placement matches then you will have the average MMR plat league MMR and play against the plat league player pool. You stay there for longer because unranked doesn't change your mmr very quickly. New players need to be encouraged inside the client to play ranked first.

There's a post to ask Blizz to change it every month, people always say that it's exactly the same as unranked, we always tell them they are wrong. Unranked changing mmr is anecdotal, but can't possibly be wrong because I've seen people with 50 losses straight still be matched with plat leaguers.

Unranked using the average mmr is here: My own experience and my friends' tells me a different story. Is there an official Blizzard statement about how unranked MMR works? Your friend had zero experience. So ranked or unranked he would probably get beaten until he got some experience. It happens to all of us. You should not expect to start winning right off the bat for any multiplayer game you play.

Unranked has a MMR as well you are just not placed in a league. Unranks usually goes off your ranked MMR and then adjusts separately. Since he did not have a ranked mmr, It just started pairing him up to try and find his MMR. Meaning my friends who own SC2 and play it experienced mostly that unranked takes much longer than ranked to evaluate your level of play.

I thought this was a known thing. Friends' isn't a thing. If it were possessive, it would be friend's. It only written s' if the word ends in s already such as James' Toy.

Check out point 2a please. Sorry, you randomly switched the number of friends we were talking about. Yeah, I'm in a queue that's ETA'd of 7 months at the moment. It's really weird how long this queue is taking, hope it finds some players soon. You're waiting for a train. A train that'll take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you.

But you can't know for sure. Yet it doesn't matter. Now, tell me why? Because you'll be together! I'm waiting for a train. A train that'll take me far away. I know where I hope this train will take me. But I can't know for sure. Dunno, but you're not getting beta access. Huh, I'm also on 7 months queue. And, look, we even have healthy team composition here. They should totally match us up!

I'm in a waiting queue since last Blizzcon and it will be even 6 month longer than that most likely. The other reason is pretty much everyone is playing Fallout 4. Notice how Fallout 4 has , people watching on twitch. Remembrance Day is when parents everywhere start their holiday shopping.

If you want your game to be under someone's tree you have to have it out by November 11th. To make us feel better about not being in Overwatch and to make us feel worse about our empty wallets. Is it weird that everyone's hyped for all these new games that release this month and all I can think about is trying to get into Overwatch? I couldn't care less about any other game right now.

I think I'm obsessed. Try to enjoy the new games too: D no reason to sit wait and be disappointed in the end. At least that's what I am doing. Only played like an hour of 3. I was gifted Bioshock Infinite and I have played maybe 30 min. I just can't play single player games anymore. Same happens to me, i just played 1 hour fallout 4 and was like meh, if only got acces to beta i will trash bin it so hard XD. I'm in the same boat as you.

I'm passing on Fallout for at least a year so I can grab it on sale, but all I can think about is Overwatch. The other reason is pretty much everyone all streamers is playing Fallout 4. Overwatch had over k at one point on twitch -,- and "everyone is playing Fallout 4" is just plain bullshit Looks like it came out in , and it looks boring as fuck-,-. Keep in mind that this is closed beta We all expect Overwatch numbers to be FAR more once it releases The que is either because there are not many people playing, or there are not enough servers for those who are playing.

Somehow given how early the beta is and how much im sure they review data of games, its less servers, more people. More people would likely make it worse. Speculation of course, I cant know anymore than anyone else here, just thought id point that out. I don't think it has anything to do with the amount of players in the game, blizzard just SUCKS really bad at doing matchmaking in the last few years.

Don't think I have ever had min ques in heroes since like.. Thoughts about Remastered l…. My thoughts on the new Smas…. This post will attempt to explain the core of the system and its capabilities.

Be warned that this post may contain unsubstantiated hypotheses and may not be completely accurate, but in my view this is the most logical and comprehensive analysis of SC2's overall system. The number of placement matches is set to 5. This means that although the system will seat you in a league more quickly, it may do so less accurately.

Being placed in a league doesn't cement you within that league, and if you are able to prove that you can hang with players more skilled than Battle. Conversely, the system will relegate you to a lower-level league if the opponents you are initially grouped with prove to be too difficult. It is not possible to be placed into the highest league, only promoted into the highest league.

Matchmaking Ratings The prevailing theory behind the matchmaking system is that each player is assigned a hidden "matchmaking rating", or MMR. MMR determines who your opponents are, as well as whether you are promoted or demoted. When you win or lose a game, your actual rating is compared with the MMR of your opponent and points are awarded or deducted as necessary.

MMR is only affected by the end result of a match, not the means used to achieve those results. In-game details such as APM, unit composition, and tech path of either player are irrelevant.

This becomes easier to estimate when using WoW Arena as a reference because your MMR is what your team's rating is expected to become if you continue playing at your current level, and there are no hard separations between players.

It's generally accepted that the hierarchy of WoW Arena participants looks like this: In WoW Arena, your MMR - which is persistent across arena seasons - starts at an average level while your team rating starts at 0. If you go for your first 10 games, your MMR would probably skyrocket to The reason for this is that the system is unable to accurately determine your skill level, so your MMR rises more rapidly called "volatility" in the hopes that it finds an upper bound.

Even though your team rating will only be about after going , you at that point would be playing against the most skilled players because your MMR is so high. Once you start losing more games than you're winning at a certain level, your MMR starts falling until it can comfortably seat you.

The system acknowledges that just because your MMR is a certain level, you may not always perform at that level. There is some allowance involved. Search Functionality The Battle. The degree of accuracy had yet to be determined by Rob Pardo according to this interview http: This means the system is searching for opponents that may be higher or lower than your intended level.

What is not clear is whether the system eventually and continually expands the search until any opponent is found, or whether it merely widens the allowable MMR variance. The inactivity period has not been announced by Blizzard. Note that it is not possible to be placed directly into Diamond league, and that players can only be promoted into Diamond league. Once your MMR reaches a certain threshold you may be eligible for promotion. The system takes a moving average of your past X games and uses that to determine your eligibility for promotion.

If the moving average crosses a certain league threshold, you can be promoted to that league. Dropping down to a lower league works the same way, only by losing. You do not need to reach 1 or any particular rank in your division to get promoted. Divisions Leagues comprise a number of divisions that are not ranked equally. Divisions cap out at players.

Divisions are loosely grouped by skill at the time of placement. Note that you cannot move laterally within your league, so in order to move to a new division you must get promoted or demoted out of your league. Want to learn more about division tiers? And even then, only indirectly, because you are playing against opponents beyond your division's player pool. Team Ratings Your team wins or loses as a whole. If your partners left the game early and you stuck around to defeat your opponents, your entire team will be credited with a win.

The Bonus Pool also accrues over time. Whenever a game is won, an amount equal to the rating earned is deducted from the Bonus Pool and added to the player's rating. This has the effect of increasing player ratings over time. On the surface, this appears to be a negative thing.

However, War3's Ladder system had XP decay beyond a certain level. Rather than forcing players to play games in the fashion War3 used, SC2 encourages players to play by generating a Bonus Pool.

Iamges: starcraft 2 matchmaking takes forever

starcraft 2 matchmaking takes forever

Overwatch submitted 2 years ago by HoneyBadger We all know the first reason, Blizzard hasn't invited enough people. It's generally accepted that the hierarchy of WoW Arena participants looks like this:

starcraft 2 matchmaking takes forever

I watched some streams tonight and queues seemed to be all over the place.

starcraft 2 matchmaking takes forever

Whoops looks like something broke, give it another shot. I don't seem starvraft get that excited by major new releases in general. They'll take that into consideration and send an invite my way, right? Do you mind providing a source? BSL4 Ladder Tournament 4.