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Пак Шин Хе / Park Shin Hye [Биография]

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No judging goes both ways. I like you very much. You have my support my gorgeous boy Plz visit our country. MPP Aug 24

random girl who loves random boys like him~

From de age of 4 years y am fan of Korean flims. Kstar Feb 28 He did own up to one of the claims and had counter sue her for the other lies she had told. I love all of them , they are really talented. And on top of that, he does this loud sniffling thing before he falls asleep. Wish you will learn more about life in military camp and be more mature in two years. For someone, she keeps giving him into trouble.

Bagi aku,krystal f x lebih sesuai menjadi face of the group daripada sulli.. Dan,ada kesilapan pada kumpulan jewelry.. Oyeah the official visual of AOA is Hyesung but maybe you can say that Seolhyun is the face of the group,but personally i think both of them are visual tho.. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Eventhough Kpop artist are always love to do selca,I was sure the Visual member is the one who has the most collection of selca than other member….. You are great actor and can see it with expression of your face and smile. Best of luck, and I'm sure you are great to carry on both of your acting, modeling and singing career. I loved your voice and all your songs esp. In such keep up the good work.

You speak bilingual fluently. I am your fan here in San Diego CA. TINY Apr 26 9: He was usually got the nice and sweet image. But in Inspiring Generation, he was so different, A rough man! I didn't expect it and it made me speechless and wow. I think this is very good. Gave him a variation of image. I like him more!!! Korkor Apr 16 2: Virginia Apr 09 6: I want you to allways know remember this, that all the joys, happiness and laughter you are giving millions of people all over the world God will secure your happiness so don't you worry dear cause you will triumph.

Trinity Apr 03 7: I absolutely love your singing too, I've been learning Korean after Japanese and I understand Ur songs bit by bit. But even before I wanted to learn the language I love listening to your songs. Ik your smart and nice, so my advice only to you as a fan is that you make every better decision with everything going on. Although I'm sad I won't see you in dramas for awhile. Sreysros Apr 03 You look really gorgeous there.

Please be happy; do not let personal life affect your career Your fans love your work, what had your personal life got to do with what you portrayed in drama? John lee Mar 27 8: Noble Mar 25 7: I must confess i wasnt rili ur fan frm d start but nw ur my best star Donny S Mar 23 Good acting with ur cool expression.

Good work, hope more film with u. Please take care u self, don't be same life style with many actress in this world. Clover Mar 19 2: You may think i am against OPPA, but i am not. The thing is do not say what you don't know because, you may never know the child could be his. Moreover, OPPA isn't saying anything to deny the accusation. So the unborn child could be his. Tanya Mar 15 Nkolika,Nigeria Mar 09 4: May The Lord's Glorious Light shine on you so that you will overcome.

Podami keishing Mar 04 8: HE will lift you as long as you believe in HIM Lately I have been going through the interviews and all the dirty laundry that you and your lawyer aired, I found some inconsistency in how old your pregnancy is.

Was he there with both of you or did he put a GPS on you? Secondly, how did your pregnancy jumped from 11weeks to 16weeks within 3 days? Even the text messages you provided the media is missing so much of your own responses. Giving interviews,publishing text messages between both of you to the public is just not humiliating only to Kim Hyun Joong, but to you too.

Most suitors will be afraid of dating you talk less of marrying you. Because they will be afraid of your sneaky ways and afraid of you black mailing them. I was wondering, when all this was happening, why is it that your parent did not stopped you from this entire media frenzy?

Do you even think of what all this will do to your own reputation? Choi, I think you made all this up just to get back at him, because if not, you would have followed the parents to the hospital instead of not keeping up with them.

You are afraid that the show of shame will come back to haunt you if they found out that you were lying, because all this was just a payback for him dumping you for another woman. My only advised to you is that you should stop now, so that you can rectify and repair your own life, move on with your life. Where is your dignity? But if you refrain from publishing or giving stupid interviews, then maybe we will overlook your atrocities.

Lastly,if you are really pregnant, please go to the hospital with them and proof it. Stop giving interviews and stop misleading the press and the public. I have never seen where a pregnancy that is 11 weeks jumped all of a sudden to 16 weeks within 3 days. Be careful of what you wish for, because it might back fired on you. Samanthan Mar 03 4: Just because you are a shining star, and loved by million fans..

Nadia Mar 01 8: Kstar Feb 28 No matter how hard the shop assistants tried, they cannot get it out so at the end of the day, one of the assistants brought it home. A neighbor of mine has a cat too and according to her, it strayed into her flat on the ground floor. Although it had since been in and out of her flat, she never lock it in With all the news about Hyun-Joong, I feel that he's like a stray cat who had been independent after leaving home and due to its good look and cool personality, it was able to survive well Then one day, something caused it to be downhearted.

At that very moment, it came across a girl who was super nice to it can anyone be not nice to such a gorgeous looking fellow? It had been some time since leaving home, and a homely feeling makes it feels good and so it stay a little while and went away maybe and then came back again.

However, a stray cat will always be a stray cat, it might one day decide to stay for good but the opposite might also happen unless she shuts it in. Then like a bird born free, it will never be happy when shut it. We don't want this star to fall. Together with all who loves you, I'll pray. Isis Suazo Feb 26 7: He is just at the begining on his rode with very nice principles from his family. A great personality follow by people around the world. I wish the best of the best for him with a very healthy and lovely life.

God stay with you always Kim Hyun Joong!!! You have my support my gorgeous boy CNM Feb 24 9: Verification of Paternity can also be done with a simple blood test!!! If she released a pregnancy report in a magazine, then she should also confirm the paternity of the baby!? Why is that so hard? These reports really make her look like she is trying to snag you and destroy your popularity!

Feb 20 5: Rumi kerala Feb 19 1: It's been so long. Rey Feb 16 1: I don't know how to express my excitement. Keep up ur best work. I do not believe in luck. Are they really that easy? Be like this always Lots of wishes from an idiot fan.. Are you still with KeyEast? Why people called actors and actresses, stars? I guess I know now May God change you inside out. Imheard your awesome songs. I love you my cute!

Rumi kerala Feb 04 7: I'm gonna crazy for your smile. I wanna your another awesome drama pleszzz. I love you sooo much!!!! I am a big fan of you: Shenelleramjas Jan 27 7: I think this is a best drama that I had seen in my life..

I miss you a lot. I like your awesome voice. Bency Jan 18 Megumi Jan 17 2: Please show in dramas in future. Hyundarella Jan 14 4: I'm so proud to be his fanand ss fan, TripleS henecia forever.

ANN Jan 13 3: Saw news here about you going to Japan. All the best for Please take care wherever you are and don't forget us, your fans all over the world. How about one drama this year and some slow numbers for a new CD, yah?

My favourite handsome guy I had ever seen. I love you soooooo. I like you in playful kiss. I'm your huje fan from sri Lanka.

I love yoy soo much oppa! Smantha Jan 02 9: I liked how you put your whole emotions and feeling in scences. U made the fight and action enjoyable and fun I wish you a happy new year my dear kim hyun joong.

We know that we are not idiots For me if I don't like someone I just ignore 'him' or 'her' , not insulting Amanda N Jan 01 6: Good luck for and take care. Kim i dont know how to express i much i love you,i am sadia from niger please act more dramas so we could continue to watch your awsome preformance. Today is the last day of I really like your hairstyle in boys over flowers and your anger in playful kiss.

I wanna watch your new drama. I'm your biggest fan from sri lanka. I like the way you get angry. Dumy Dec 29 3: My name is Dumitrita. From de age of 4 years y am fan of Korean flims. Especially Kim Hyun Joong. Len Dec 29 3: I love u so much. You are the best man in the world. I like your song kiss kiss.

I wanna see you again in a drama like playful kiss. Kaffy Dec 28 3: Maggie Dec 26 6: I am a big fan from the little island of Barbados in the Caribbean. I liked your role in boys over flowers. Your hair style and smile are just awesome. I know only English don't understand korean language but listen to your ss songs and just love listening to them.

I would like contact you number or email id and meet you. Do come over to India. Take care of your health. I have seen Playful kiss which is first Korean series in my life. It is just amazing.

Both of you e were awesome together: Thank you for this wonderful series. I like you soooo much. Beseu Dec 15 6: We already miss you so much. I don't care about the rumor about you what is important is for you to be visible again. We are always here for you. We miss you so much. Hyun joong sooo much. Marla Ann Lopez Dec 13 I watched Playful Kiss a lot of time because of you. You're indeed a great actor and of course a great singer.

I was actuallly bursting my heart out because of your awkwardness but it was totally cute. I love how you show the real you. I even cried a river when you already had to bid goodbyes because of BOF.

The Lettuce Couple will only be the ship that I will sail all my life! And please, stay strong. People make mistakes because we're human. We are bound to commit mistakes and correct them. I'm always rooting for you til my last breath. We're missing you so much!!!

So much love from the Philippines! C MrsFurukawa - Twitter. Binipi debbarma Dec 12 9: I like your cute and awesome acting in playful kiss. I love youuuu ever. Tdbh Dec 10 9: I jst love ur acting ur smile ur style and everything love u lots You 're my favourite idol ever. I like your songs and voice sooo much. I 'm one of your fan from sri lanka. P Nov 28 Can you please act one more love serial as soon as possible?

Then I have one doubt that are you really going to join in army for 2 years? You are the handsome guy ever. I love youuuuu sooo much. Nov 26 3: Natasha Nov 23 9: You 're the handsome and cuttes,. I love youuuu soooo much. I love you sooo much. Viktoria Nov 15 2: Where ist women solidarity disappeared? I always had the feeling, that he ist total different from the lovely characters he was playing, but I never thought, that he is really that bad.

This is just just a proof for me, that my intuition was right. I like your acting in boys over flowers and playful kiss. I like your acting sooooo much. I'm gonna crazy when I watch your dramas , when I listen to your voice.

Isis Nov 07 7: God bless him long and healthy life. I like your killing smile. I love yooooou sooooo much. After 'Boys over flower' I think I need something to laugh and ' Mischievous Kiss' seems like a comedy I hope will bring down the emotion I feel for Ji-Hoo. You are good I must say And God really took his time to create a child like you Wish you lots of happiness Wouldn't doubt the fact that you are having fun But please don't forget where you started from and eventually where you going Wishing you the best of it all I like your dramas and your amazing voice.

I gonna crazy when I watch your dramas. I want another drama. I like your songs soooo much. You are soooo handsome and soo cute. You have a amazing voice. I can't forget your eyes and your cute smile. Maureen Mizuno Oct 29 8: I don't care what anyone says I know he is a good person and I am praying for him to be successful, and he a good life.

I gonna crazy after watching boys over flower. Today I watched this drama. I can't tell you how many times i cried and laughed while i watching. I can't understand your language. But i am fall in love with u.

I love uuu so so so much. I think you're doing fine. You soooo handsome and cuuuute. You are very handsome. Switlv16 Oct 24 I pray that you get to see this message. As a fan, I was really disapointed in you when I read about your scandal with your ex. At first, I never belived but when you accpted your crimes, I felt really sad.

You are one of my most respected Idols. Though, you let me down as a fan, but, I still respect you even more than before because, aspecting your fault and apologising wouldn't have been easy, considering your status in the society.

You did well Mr Kim Hyun Joong. I have forgiven you as a fan. I'll be your fan forever. Just be good and stay healthy. Don't give up remeber, when the going gets tuff, the tuff gets going. You are making me crazy every time. You are very cute in playful kiss and boys over flowers and great acting.

I want a another drama. I think you're fine. I like your songs as well I like your awesome voice and songs. Love you very much! Girls, do not need to love the actor - spend silly life!

He did not read your messages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, this is so! I like your cute smile and handsome body. I want see youbas a leader. I love you soooooo much. I like you cute smile and your awesome voice. Nithya Oct 13 I'watching your drama playful kiss these days. I'm fom sri lanka. I love you soooooooooo much. I like you very much. Plz visit our country. You are very handsome and sexy. Noona Oct 06 8: Biaskimhyunjoong Oct 04 8: Women who think he is so cute--really?

Do not make excuses for this guy or blame his victim. He is a monster. Abishikana jacob Oct 04 1: I want to see you with ss members again. I wan't your another drama. I like your songs voice and your acting. You are awesome in that drama. Please visit our country. I like to see you another drama. Tashika Fernando Sep 22 I love your song n movies.

I love that calm, quite and gentle jihoo! I was in touch with your website from the first day of this assault case. Its great the way you apologized in public and personally to her. A quality of a gentleman! In life Bad things happen as well as Good things. But take courage and face everything comes your way in future. Wish you all the very best to perform in singing and acting! Varshamit Sep 19 Deocariza Sep 18 2: Handsome and sexy i like your drama series. Just stay strong and pray.

Eun Jung Sep 17 7: I admire your courage. From the moment I first heard the bad news until now, I have felt so strongly that you are a good man. You said that you did something you should not have done.

I believe you are capable of never repeating the wrong you did. I have hope that your future will be better. I will always love your music. I will always love seeing you act. You have brightened my life with your talent.

I hope your career will continue to be successful. I look forward to hearing more of your music and seeing you act in more dramas. I care a lot about you and wish the best for you every day. No wonder we henecia call 4d alien.

Wish you the best wish we can see you in other dramas, wish people won't hate you because of ur private life! Wish u all the best and keep it up till the end! Always hard work people can make it till the end.

Mohammed Sep 15 3: DDB Sep 15 I would also like to see Kim Hyun Joong in more movies, I love his voice, his music and his videos. He is truly an sexy guy and a money maker.

I like your acting and your voice. Eun Jung Sep 15 It is a tough time right now for you. I hope you will be strong. It is good that you talked to the police. I believe you will do the right things in the days ahead. I love your music. I love seeing you act in dramas. I don't know you personally, but I believe strongly that you are a good person. I believe in rainbows after storms. Sometimes difficult experiences, even though it is very painful, end up changing us into better people.

But, that is hard to recognize until a lot later. I have hope for your future. I hope you have good support from friends and family near you. It is never okay to hit a woman, especially when you are so much stronger.

I love your singing and acting, I want to love the "person" you are. Jen Ng Sep 13 Therefore, I want to suggest him not do it if he did not hit her many times. All of u r handsome! Myanmar Exotics are waiting for u!

EXO is the best of the best singer group. Kai oppa,you r so so handsome! I like your voice and dancing skill. I will be always your fan. I wanna be ur fan 4ever. I love you Ex0 I wish I see you in personal Specially d. I love all of exo members. I love exo,,,all things about them their songs,their cuteness and many other things especially kyungsoo and baekhyun love both of them we are one we are exo,FIGHTING! Fighting EXO you are the best. My name is Rose and I am from Myanmar.

I am 14year old. I love you very much Do Kyung Soo Oppa. I really idolized them since I was 14 yrs. Luhan Oppa Happy Birthday. I pray that the almigthy bless u with Good health ,give u a long life along with the other member Saranghae exo i will always love u ALL;-.

Actually you got a lot of facts wrong. O are all around D. O is probably the shortest. They got to know each other and decided to wished the other luck if the other was chosen and they were not. In the end, SM accepted both due to their singing skills. Kai only auditioned once, was accepted immediately. O and suho in exo k and i love kris,luhan and chen in exo m belated happy bday to tao oppa and advance happy bday to baekhyun oppa!!

O oppa EXO hwaiting!! I am actully a boy. I think EXo will be successful in their new album too. I love EXO esp. But I still believe in them and hoping that their problems has an end.

I wish you all the best EXO and Please! Have a concert again here in Philippines. Hello, we are one. I really love you, Because you were 12 boys who were like family, or more than that, but not anymore.

Because you abandon the wu yi fan, therefore I do not like you more. Luhan … And xiumin and baekhyun …. O the most in EXO…. And also i want to say that D. I love you tagalog: They are such amazing and wonderful group. They are been inspirations to others. I just love exo…. I will love EXO forever. I hope I can see exo in person n I really want to hug them.

I will support EXO forever,until I die. I love them so much! I just know them 2 years ago, when my friends and I searched for new boy bands that have debut in BTW, I miss Kris.

I hope he will come back and shedding tears together with EXO. Or… My real name is Nor Adilla Adriana. I just came from Malaysia. My message here is: Sehun, I love you.

I f you do that, You should share with the other members! Baekhyun, I love you too. Kris, I miss you so much. Chen, I love your voice. It was clear and everyone who heard it will fall in love to you. Luhan, your face just as a girl. But, I like it.

But, you look skinny. Take care of your body, okay? Kai, you were the best dancer. You were very talented in dancing. I just love your moving.

Be careful while dancing, okay? I wanna you to be my cooking teacher. BTW, you have a cute face too. Tao, you looked matured than before. Chanyeol, please keep happy. I wanna see your smile everyday as I could. Please come to Jeli, Kelantan, Malaysia. I always dream about that. Nevermind… I just wanna meet you. I hope it will become true. Seriously I love the show! MY love for you, will never ends.: I love all of u hehehe i didnt get absent to ur concert dont ever touch them! I super duper love them so much!

O and Xiumin …. I get the presents from my friend today. I always support EXO.. Bogoshippoe … And others oppa.. O oppa, Lay oppa, Tao oppa and Xiumin oppa … Stay- Exo ShowTime … Saranghanda..

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taemin di dating agency

He is one of the king CF before.

taemin di dating agency

Eun Jung Jun 21 9: For me if I don't like someone I just ignore 'him' or 'her' , not insulting

taemin di dating agency

I'm your biggest fan from dating weird lanka. Maryanne Feb 08 All of your songs are so so good! Therefore, I datig to suggest him not do it if he did not hit her many times. But, since I am older than you, I taemin di dating agency it will be alright. I pray that you get to see this message. From the pervading sense of vulnerability surrounding Ebola to the visibility into acts of crime or misconduct that ignited critical conversations about race, gender, and violence, various taemin di dating agency of exposure were out in the open this year.