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travel nursing dating

Your heart is like a child. Make the list Meanwhile, an exercise that can really make a difference is a list. A Travel Nursing Love Story. Keeping Things In Perspective While finding romance may not be the only reason to travel to a new state, it can definitely play a part in deciding. Let's face it nobody is perfect. What if you meet someone while you are on assignment? If you have put your heart into situations and then let them swim in an unsafe area knowing they would be hurt, stop it.

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I wasn't sure what I was looking for. Finding your match Finding your match is not easy, but I want to provide a few basic rules that must be in place to even have the hopes of finding the right person for you. You have the opportunity to find a dynamite person to share your life with or at least your assignment with. Again my world was turned upside down and I started a long struggle of analyzing relationships as well as myself. Your ad is viewed by thousands of people, which increases your odds of finding someone that wants to know you and like you for you just the way you are. Don't bother to question whether you read it wrong.

They may like the idea of a short-term, casual relationship with no commitments. From my own experience I have compiled a list of dating tips. First and foremost do NOT cancel your travel plans to stay with a person you just met. If you have always wanted to go to Oregon, then by all means go there.

You can get to know people at a distance. I have found that long distance relationships actually improve your communication and tend to be more exciting. If the person you are dating is local, then have them show you some local attractions or compile a list of things you want to do. Avoid dating people who are in the same housing complex as you.

Keep your work life separate: If you date a co-worker, it may be wise to obtain your next contract at a different hospital in the same city, to minimize any drama that may occur should you break up or whatever. Beware of serial daters unless you are one: Some hospitals who get a lot of travel nurses have some employees who like to take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

They are like predators. I have witnessed one guy date like five different travel nurses at a time. Do you think you will just know it when you see it? Let me ask you this Why did this happen? Perhaps you need to focus the lens on your image a little bit more to get a clearer picture of what you are looking for.

How do you do that? Dating is sort of like a science project in that sometimes you have to do alot of experiments and testing to find out what you are looking for. In other words, you may have to go on several dates with the "wrong ones" in order to gain the information you need to find the "right one". I know a girl named Ann who dates the same 2 unavailable men for years. Now that she is getting older, she is starting to think that perhaps she wants something more, but she didn't want to go out on any dates to find them.

After much coaching, she is starting to leave her safe place and go on a few dates. On the first date she learned how important their manners are. She wants to date a gentleman. On the second date, she learned how important it was that they be a good conversationalist talk about real things She is gradually collecting data.

Meanwhile, an exercise that can really make a difference is a list. Some people feel stupid making lists and those people are probably the ones who can benefit most from it because it forces them to think in a different way from what they are used to.

Let me explain a little further before I talk about the exercise. Let's face it nobody is perfect. There is no such thing. Of coarse, we all want perfect, but it doesn't exist. We must get real to get happily hitched. It all seems important until you are able to see the long list of things you want and where it fits in the whole scheme of things.

For example, most of us have looked for someone on looks alone at some time or another and discovered that there has to be more. Ok take time to sit down with a pen and paper and get over your feelings of stupidity and start writing. Write down all the character traits you are looking for in a long term mate. Don't use any judgements, just keep writing.

Try to fill up the entire page from the smallest items to the larger issues. After you can't come up with any more things, take a break and come back to the list. Cross out all the items you don't have to have. All the items that wouldn't necessarily make or break the relationship. Try to eliminate as many as possible. Then take the items left and make a new list. You are one step closer to finding your mate. This is the person you are looking for. If you are a visual person You may even want to use magazine cut outs or drawing etc.

For example, lets say you are looking for a confident, outgoing, intellectual person. You might end up with a picture of someone surrounded by many people, smiling and standing straight looking confident with a book in his hand or something symbolizing intellectual processing going on in that brain. Meanwhile, keep your list somewhere close to you. Either at your bedside, purse or wallet. The list also serves to put out good vibes into the universe.

I am sure you have read such philosophies. I think there is something to it. Recently, my hair dresser shared a story like this. She made her list and carried it in her purse and forgot about it. Later, she had a man come into her life. He was a great friend. She and her girlfriends were constantly trying to set him up with people, but it never worked out. Meanwhile, they would pass the time together going to the beach and hanging out. This went on for a least a year until one day she opened up her purse and discovered her list.

As she reviewed the list, she realized that her friend fit everything on the list. She just lights up when she talks about him. He is everything she was looking for. I know what you might be saying. In her case, she didn't know it when she saw it. Thank goodness she had the list. She may have let this one slide right through her fingers. Once you have decide someone is not for you It doesn't do either one of you any good to stay in the same holding pattern.

I know it is much easier said and done. I have cried the same or more each time I left a relationship that wasn't for me. No matter how bad it was Your heart and mind are not the same.

The heart has no logic so it can't relate to what your mind is telling it. It is as though two different people are inside of you. Imagine you are two people. The logical person and the heart. If you are more of a thinker than stay in the logical persona body.

If you are more of a feeler, get into the hearts body. While you have the dialogue imagine what the other one would say or is feeling.

For purposes of this article, I am going to talk as though you are taking the logical role. Let your heart know that you know what is best for it and you will always consider his or her feelings, yet ultimately make the final decision. Take time to develop a trusting relationship with your heart. If you have put your heart into situations and then let them swim in an unsafe area knowing they would be hurt, stop it.

Your heart is like a child. It doesn't know any better. It will be angry at first, but appreciate you later. The same goes for a good situation. Your mind is the parent in this relationship. Despite the challenge, it is important not to neglect current relationships, or avoid creating new relationships when on an assignment. One hypothesis to explain this result comes from a study conducted four years earlier.

It showed that people with strong relationships reported greater levels of happiness and personal satisfaction. In , a study was published that indicated that happiness levels can predict lower heart rate and blood pressure.

A study expounded on this, asking people to rate their happiness on a scale of one to five, and measuring their heart disease risk based upon a variety of factors. In short, relationships can help travel nurses take care of their health by reducing stress and providing greater satisfaction in their lives.

So, what can a travel nurse do to help make meeting people and forming relationships easier. A great way to form relationships as a travel nurse is at your new job. One advantage to meeting a potential partner at work is that they would be able to start working as a travel nurse with you, if that were something you both decided to do.

Imagine, getting to travel the country doing what you love, with the person you love. Workplace relationships actually have among the highest rates of success if measured by number of resulting marriages. Right, you may not have to look too far! Workplace relationships are also good bets because you have s certain amount of predetermined shared interests, a similar economic status, and education level.

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travel nursing dating

I have met some pretty amazing people along the way, I have friends across the country, and I have seen some awesome places that I never imagined going. Some people find travel nurses very exciting: Have a dialogue with your heart.

travel nursing dating

Travel nursing is an adventure. Don't use any judgements, just keep writing.

travel nursing dating

For example, most of world famous dating sites have looked for someone on looks alone at some time or another and discovered that there has to be more. Recently, my travel nursing dating dresser shared a story like this. When traveling around, many nurses contemplate the concept of dating while on the road. Knowledge and practicing that knowledge in every day life are two different things. Workplace relationships are also good bets because you have s certain amount travel nursing dating predetermined shared interests, a similar economic status, and education level. She has recently accepted a system wide float pool position with Exempla Healthcare System in her hometown of Denver, Ttavel and also has blog about prevention and education in healthcare.